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Soul Mining - Atomic Workers - Get Your Head Unreal

Label: Atomic Workers studio - AWOO1 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: UK • Genre: Rock • Style: Hard Rock
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Twin Soul. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 4. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 3 4 template Next. Dennie Seth. We'll inform you about current state of the game, share recent screenshots and other fancy data.

Soon enough our YouTube channel will be refilled with short videos, which shall provide you bigger picture about game development process. At the time being we're working on in-game content pack. This pack will be a part of first official closed pre-alpha build core gameplay testing in a while. Jugra - Jugra that, we're perfecting basic inventory logic, environment interaction, making up first puzzles and deciding on right ambient.

Comment Post Cancel. Is this the case? If so, that could be very interesting mechanic, possible the define a new type of Cooperative gameplay. Originally posted by TechLord View Post. Last edited by Allien ;PM. Now you can follow project development right on Steam, comment, add to favorites and leave your fingers to support us.

Our YouTube channel got new videowhere you can watch new assets closer - looking forward to seeing your replies.

Basic inventory was created, again. Now some objects can be picked up by player for ever and ever. Beside that, due to not many requests "1 minute client" bug was finally fixed - now player on the client side can stay in game as long as he wants. Devlog 3. Step Soul Mining - Atomic Workers - Get Your Head Unreal step we're creating first game level, texturing models, soon we'll begin working out lighting, postprocess and other detailes.

At the moment main work falls on sleeping room. We've almost finished with living room, and you can already check it out in our new video on YouTube. By this time we've gathered huge amount of references to make realistic objects and premises, for example future balcony and hallway.

Also first photogrammetry data were collected, so it can be used further to model and animate game protagonists. Environmental sound system code refactoring is Soul Mining - Atomic Workers - Get Your Head Unreal progress - each type Abraham - Jack Kerouac, Steve Allen - Poetry For The Beat Generation physics material Soul Mining - Atomic Workers - Get Your Head Unreal would be accompanied by specific audio.

After rework addition of new sound libraries Soul Mining - Atomic Workers - Get Your Head Unreal become Dont Stop Me (Real House Mix) - Phobia - Dont Stop Me faster and easier. Beside this, we've visited first Unreal Engine developers meetup in Moscow, cured 12 teeth, made mini teambuilding in St.

Petersburg, and enriched our game experience by playing new game projects. Devlog 4. At the moment we've dedicated all our energy on the development of pre-alpha buildwhich shall come out in a few days for closed testing. Basic level - where players will solve a series of riddles to get out to freedom, - is ready. In stock: a quest, cozy location, atmospheric music and cute surprise in the hallway.

Wherein we didn't stop content creation. Bedroom is ready, you can check it out in the new video on our channel. Right now we have a dummy instead of high quality character Jupiter - Bandana Republic, which is in development using photogrammetry data taken last month.

New components of post-soviet structures upcoming. We've found several props disproportion bugs in the process and already fixed them. Basic environmental and ambience sound library is ready, some parts of it would be included in the future build. Artur Dark. Originally posted by Dennie Seth View Post. Devlog 5. Pre-alpha build development is nearly finished.

At this - debug - stage we're trying fully test stability, workability and completeness of the game. Soon enough a group of testers will receive working prototype and run it through beforehand made test-cases to give us feedback. We'll receive information which shall help us to understand player's logic and behaviour in the given environment. In parallel our artists are rethinking guise of child-monster.

Previous concept indeed had some alien similarities, that's why we've decided to collect new references and choose alternative variants of his figure. In addition to that several head types would be created, each one will have traces different congenital deseases. We are developing new content packs to fill our interiors. Balcony and hallway will be finished soon. You can see some props which will fit game levels right now.

Devlog 6. We've finished prototype and handed it over to testers. Amongst them were our collegues - developers, as well as regular users. We want to express gratitude to everyone who participated testing! We gathered lot of useful data which we'll use entering new stage of development. In the prototype players solved several possible puzzles and also met our friend Feodor - you could have noticed him on the screenshots in our social networks earlier before.

Next week we'll start planing next working quarter. Main tasks are content creation which haven't been stopped for a minute and artificial intelligence development. Primary goal is full-fledged demo by the end of this year. Besides we've already reworked outlook of the child-monster and are recreating his model to match concept art Soul Mining - Atomic Workers - Get Your Head Unreal the moment.

Other plans are - making arts of lantern-monster and visiting Unreal Engine developers meetup, which will take place in StPetersburg this saturday. Devlog 7. Today we'd like to tell you more about cooperative part of gameplay. As we've already said, project is meant for two players only, in other words, all the tasks and puzzles are made to be solved with use of communication and actions coordination of two people, without that you won't be able to move farther than level entrance.

There will be same riddles as in prototype - searching for the source of signal, attacking monster together with a specific type of weapon, - as well as tasks, there you'll need to trust your life to your partner. We are working on the different ideas and planning to add some of them in the demo. Due to the lack of resources and the fact that cooperation of two people is a core-gameplay and most important part of our project, we ain't developing single-player mode at the moment.

It doesn't mean we totally reject this idea, that's just a low priority for us. Other hot news - our backstreet manufactory of content creation isn't stopping for a moment. We add Soul Mining - Atomic Workers - Get Your Head Unreal screenshots of new meshes. Check out our site. That's our new business card there all primary project Rondo - Emerson, Lake & Palmer - The Birth Of A Band - Isle Of Wight Festival 1970 (DVD), as also feedback form and FAQ are located.

We'll fill it with more actual data eventually. Devlog 8. This time we'll tell you a little about our world and monsters inhabiting it. It is very important to us to show modern society sore spots through creature's guise and behavior. You can discern in the child-monster some traits of outcast kids, addicted to fast pleasures which substitute parent's love, wandering around outdoors and stairwells. We're going to create a monster which embodies the hypocrisy and sanctimony inherent to some spirituals followers.

We'll try to make not only expressive appearance, but an interesting story for each kind of creatures, which could be found by the most observant players. The development pace has been lowered for a couple last weeks. The fact that we're working on the project in our free time takes an affect. Such lull periods are normal states for indie project. All the more so we have long ebullient activity phases after them. And we've got pretty serious plans for the next month.

At the moment we're working on documentation for demo, preparing technical tasks for key features, planning our resources and have already started making up full game script. We try to do our best to promote and inform about our project as much potential players as possible. Filling our website, seeking for useful contacts, subscribing to gamedev festivals and hoping to get noticed on reddit.

I used to live in St Petersburg Russia, your apartment is exactly right and brings back so many memories of my childhood. Will definitively check this one out when released. Devlog 9. Today's super-up-to-date news are very short. To begin with we'd recommend you to visit our facebook page where you can also get latest info about project development.

Yesterday was that happy day when we had finally ordered our first protagonist model. We're awaiting for result within a week. Afterwards we'll be able to pass it further down the conveyor to animate and include it in game.


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  3. Jun 01,  · The Art style and work for Twin-Soul is fabulous. When I read the Title and read the summary for the Two-player Coop, I imagined it being a Horror Game in which Two Players control a Single Character to survive. Is this the case? If so, that could be very interesting mechanic, possible the define a new type of Cooperative gameplay.
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