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Hill Billy Music - Country Pie - Country Pie

Label: Avenue - AVE 062 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: UK • Genre: Rock, Folk, World, & Country • Style: Country, Folk, Rock & Roll
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They each had their own career prior to meeting up one year. Pie Plant Pete took a liking to music at a very early age, learning not only the guitar, but also the harmonica and would wear a shoulder brace so he could play both at the same time.

When he was just about 20 years old, he left the family farm to try his luck in Chicago. He auditioned for WLS on May 4, and he must have did well, for his musical career had started. WLS was a popular station in those days and other stations would sometimes raid the station's roster for talent. The National Broadcasting Company put him on its nationwide network for fans coast to coast to hear and he began to receive fan mail by the thousands.

Their M. Cole Song Folio from pointed out that Pie Plant Pete had received overpieces of fan mail in the ten Hill Billy Music - Country Pie - Country Pie he had been on the air up to that point.

The booklet indicates some insight as to how he got that name. We had one fan of theirs tell us that "pie plant" referred to rhubarb pie. Pie Plant himself used Shakespeare to explain it. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet," but there's no other name like Pie Plant Pete!

If you don't believe it, just try to say it quickly. More than likely you'll say Pie Plant Plete, and the laugh one gets from trying to say that tongue twisting name certainly makes one remember it.

And that's an excellent reason for choosing such a name; a name that is hard to say but easy to remember. Yeah Yeah Yeah (Pimpin Club Mix) - Down South Players - Yeah Yeah Yeah, Mary Jean Shurtz wrote a feature article about the duo for the old Mountain Broadcast and Prairie Recorder magazine in June of and we hear a bit more of the origins of his name.

When Claude was at WLS in Chicago, it was a bit of a custom for folks such as program director, Harold Safford and musical director, Glenn Rowell, to provide a name for the station's acts. In this instance, the two of them were browsing a catalog and saw a picture of a pie plant and they knew that Claude already had the nickname Pete, so, they combined everything and he became "Pie Plant Pete".

During his work in Cleveland, his popularity was such that other stations sought to air his work. What is interesting is the prose the writer injects into this short article introducing the New York listening audience to Pie Plant Pete but the radio station listing lists him as Claud W.

Moye and perhaps shows its regional bias and the way it viewed the musical styling. For instance, describing his musical tunes: "His songs are the type that originated in the hill country of Scotland when the traveler's tales were set to music and told in ballad form. As the travels widened, the ballads lengthened. Many of them came to America and are still sung in the cabins of the south. Others more commonly heard by the present generation came into being because Slow Motion Picture - Kloot Per W - Music For Girls mere happenings.

That article then goes on to describe Pie Plant Pete's style: " The article does point out that Glenn Rowell of the duo, Gene and Glenn and station manager at WLS was the one that heard his audition that day in The two guys got to know each other and started doing personal appearances together. They found that after doing a series of appearances together while Joe was on vacation that they decided to become a permanent team. So, let's learn a bit about Joe. It was said he could imitate just about any type of animal found on a farm and fool the animals themselves.

He also took a liking to music and when he got his first 25 cents, he got himself a harmonica. When Joe was sixteen years old, mom moved the family seven boys and one girl to Cleveland. Joe entered an amateur contest one day and his harmonica playing earned him the first place prize. He also did his barnyard sounds as well as imitating the stars of the day such as Ed Wynn, Steppin' Fetchit and Herny Armetta. Joe auditioned for a Cleveland radio station and earned a spot on the air.

After three months on the air, Rudy Vallee came Dub Shot - E.M.I.L. - Rom, Fum Și Vanilie town on a talent search and Joe ended up being one of the seven winners Rudy picked and encouraged.

Bashful Harmonica Joe hooked up with Lum and Abner when they decided they needed a harmonica player for their backup orchestra for their Friday Night Sociable. Joe's package of talent and energy got him the offer on the spot. Another popular country music entertainer of that era came through Cleveland during that time and heard of Joe's talents - Bradley Kincaid. He offered him a spot in his touring group and Joe went along on a tour of the south and middle west for Stay - SG 워너비 - The Sentimental Chord a month in a series of one night stands.

It was around the summer of when Joe took time off for a vacation that Pie Plant Pete asked his friend to make a few personal appearances with him. The instantly clicked Hill Billy Music - Country Pie - Country Pie decided to make it a permanent arrangement. That led to a month stint on WBZ in Boston. How did he get the nickname, "Bashful Harmonica Joe"?

His early personal appearances gave him a lot of stage fright. He swallowed so much that his little black bow tie would bob a bit absurdly up and down, he would cling to the drapes and act like a shy kid appearing in public for the first time. The audience laughed at this sight and Joe decided to make it a permanent part of his act, even after he learned to deal with his stage fright. Bashful Harmonica Joe related in a interview by the Plain Dealer in Cleveland that he remembered the first time he ever saw his name 'in lights' as an entertainer.

He was doing a show in Huntington, West Virginia and many fans of country music will recognize the name of that town and the roots it has to many a performer. The article also brought to light the fact that Joe was invited to perform at one of the first public television broadcasts in Cleveland on May 9, at the May Company department store. One interesting tidbit the song folio notes - he was an avid photographer and was said to have made a photograph of every major league baseball player in the American and National Leagues.

That would be one heck of a baseball photo collection! Bashful Harmonica Joe always kept his mom in his thoughts as he traveled in his career. He would faithfully send her a picture postcard from every town that he worked in. His mom saved all those cards in albums.

That would be an interesting way to follow his career if one could turn the pages of those albums his mother kept. Art Hill Billy Music - Country Pie - Country Pie featured the " They featured Rock And Roll Lullaby - Various - Rock 72 Vol.

III (8-Track Cartridge) and hillbilly songs, harmonica solos, duets and novelties; gay humor and amusing imitations. In Hill Billy Music - Country Pie - Country Piethe two of them registered Hill Billy Music - Country Pie - Country Pie the draft. Warren in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Provocame = Get Off - Foxy - Provocame a law was passed that meant men over the age of 28 were discharged from serving.

Pete went back to Cleveland and the boys continued to entertain the fans. But init was Joe's turn to serve and he left to join the United States Army air forces. He entertained the troops throughout the western and southwestern United States at the time and traveled thousands of miles from his home base in Las Vegas, Nevada.

However, upon returning from one trip, he hurt his knee and had to rest a while; shortly after he was discharged. He returned to Cleveland.

Pete Hill Billy Music - Country Pie - Country Pie started working at a war Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden - Death On The Road. They joined forces on the radio again over WJW. Around that time, they introduced a new character to their act called "Guppy"; it was a part played by Joe.

While Joe was on the west coast, he appeared in a movie called "On The Beam", but is apparently not in the credits. The movie is O Sole Mio - The Red Army Ensemble, Moscow Military District* - Russian Army Cavalcade known as "It Comes Up Love" according to one national movie site.

The movie was released in In a bit of irony, "Pete" noted that he had left the family farm because he didn't exactly like getting up early in the morning. But when he got his first job on the radio, he had to be there at am!

If you think back to the time of and the country perhaps edging its way out of a great depression, it makes you wonder of the cost of musical instruments back then. The article notes that Bashful Harmonica Joe had spent over six hundred dollars on harmonicas in the previous six years.

But Cajeta Redonda - Polyphase - Scissors Are Better Than Knives to remind himself of his humble beginnings, he always carried the first silver dollar he earned.

There popularity was such that they were featured on the cover of Rural Radio magazine in the January issue. In the summer ofthe boys started doing personal appearances with several other acts. Al Hendershot was the emcee for the troupe. Salt and Peanuts, a famous husband wife act at the time and Slim Carter were the other performers. Then on Saturday, they also did a am show, sponsored by Lee's "Save the Baby".

Around Christmas time that year, Joe went back home to visit with family. Pete stayed behind and did the two morning shows. We learned in a December article that the duo had just left Ohio at the end of They toured a bit around the east coast, met with a former sponsor for a few days, talked with recording companies and thought they'd have a few records out before too long, then headed south for a time, visiting various radio stations.

No mention was made of whether they appeared on the show, but she did mention that Bradley Kincaid had them on his radio show. When they got back home to Ohio, they found that they had a couple of offers from other radio stations. When they first went back on the air Hill Billy Music - Country Pie - Country Pie WHAM again in latethe show was at am to am. And as for that vacation at the end ofwell, they wrote Mary Jean and told her that they had put over 7, miles on the car.

Mary Jean also wrote for National Hillbilly News around that time with a column entitled "One Hillbilly Fan to Another" and here we learned other details in such as the boys were recording for the Process Records company. In another of her columns, she notes that Process Records was based in Franklin, Pennsylvania.

She said she liked the records, especially ". She did mention in that when fans would hear their recording of "Rooster Serenade", they might think they're listening at 'least' to a quintet. Changes also came to the format Feel It E.P. - DJ Dshamiljan & Mart Attkinson - Future Grooves National Hillbilly News - a reduced size, but still containing a lot of details.

She wrote again in the summer of that Joe had written again and told her that they had been featured in the July issue of Radio Mirror magazine. They were also doing personal appearances all around Michigan and there was a possibility of appearing in Angola, Indiana in the summer at the outdoor country music venue probably Buck Lake Ranch.

One of the benefits of doing our site is hearing from the fans who grew up listening to the folks whose history we are trying to document.


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  4. Fans knew this popular duo as Pie Plant Pete and Bashful Harmonica Joe. They each had their own career prior to meeting up one year. Pie Plant Pete was really a fellow named Claude Moye, born in Shawneetown, Illinois. Bashful Harmonica Joe was born Joseph Troyan in Pleasant City, Ohio.
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