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Youre The Top - Grant Chilcott - You Sing The Hits Of Bing Crosby At The Movies (Microcassette)

Label: Pocket Songs - PS 2089 • Format: Microcassette • Country: New Zealand • Genre: Jazz •
Download Youre The Top - Grant Chilcott - You Sing The Hits Of Bing Crosby At The Movies (Microcassette)

Harry Lillis " Bing " Crosby Jr. Yank magazine said that he was "the person who had done the most for the morale of overseas servicemen" during World War II. Mary's opposite Ingrid Bergman the next year, becoming the first of six actors to be nominated twice for playing the same character. Crosby influenced the development of the postwar recording industry. After seeing a demonstration of a German broadcast quality reel-to-reel tape recorder brought to America by John T.

He then convinced ABC to allow him to tape his shows. He became the first performer to pre-record his radio shows and master his commercial recordings onto magnetic tape. Through the medium of recording, he constructed his radio programs with the same directorial tools and craftsmanship editing, retaking, rehearsal, time shifting used in motion picture production, a practice that became an industry standard.

Sharp Avenue. It functions today as a museum housing over artifacts from his life and career, including his Oscar. His mother was a second generation Irish-American.

Crosby: "Well, I'll tell you, back in the knee-britches day, when I was a wee little tyke, a mere broth of a lad, as we say in Spokane, I used to totter around the streets, with a gun on each hip, my favorite after school pastime was a game known as " Cops and Robbers ", I didn't care which side I was on, when a cop or robber came into view, I would haul out my trusty six-shooters, made of wood, and loudly exclaim bing!

Now tell me another story, Wonderous Stories - Yes - Classic Yes Crosby: "No, so help me, it's the truth, ask Mister De Mille. That story was pure whimsy for dramatic effect and the truth is that a neighbor — Valentine Hobart — named him "Bingo from Bingville" after a comic feature in the local paper called "The Bingville Bugle" which the young Harry liked.

In time, Bingo got shortened to Bing. InCrosby took a summer job as property boy at Spokane's "Auditorium," where he witnessed some of the finest acts of the day, including Al Jolsonwho held him spellbound with ad libbing and parodies of Hawaiian songs. He later described Jolson's delivery as "electric.

He attended Gonzaga for three years but did not earn a degree. InCrosby was invited to join a new band composed of high-school students a few years younger than himself. Al RinkerMiles Rinker, James Heaton, Claire Pritchard and Robert Pritchard, along with drummer Crosby, formed the Musicaladers, [3] who performed at dances both for high-school students and club-goers.

The group performed on Spokane radio station KHQbut disbanded after two years. Crosby was initially a member of a vocal trio called 'The Three Harmony Aces' with Al Rinker accompanying on piano from the pit, to entertain between the films. They traveled to Los Angeles where they met Bailey.

She introduced them to her show business contacts. They had a lively style that was popular with college students. They honed their skills with Morrissey. When they got a chance to present an independent act, they were spotted by the Paul Whiteman organization.

Whiteman needed something different to break up his musical selections, and Crosby and Rinker filled this requirement. After less than a year in show business, they were attached to one of the biggest names.

Throughout his career, Crosby often credited Bailey for getting him his first important job in the entertainment business. Success with Whiteman was followed by disaster when they reached New York. Whiteman considered letting them go. However, the addition of pianist and aspiring songwriter Harry Barris made the difference, and " The Rhythm Boys " were born. The additional voice meant they could be heard more easily in large New York theaters.

He matured as a performer and was in demand as a solo singer. Crosby became the star attraction of the Rhythm Boys. In he had his first number one hit, a jazz-influenced rendition of " Ol' Man River ". Inthe Rhythm Boys appeared in the film King of Jazz with Whiteman, but Crosby's growing dissatisfaction with Whiteman led to the Rhythm Boys leaving his organization. Singing with the Arnheim Orchestra, Crosby's solos began to steal the show while the Rhythm Boys act gradually became redundant.

When Mack Sennett signed Crosby to a solo recording contract ina break with the Rhythm Boys became almost inevitable. Crosby married Dixie In Search Of - Cause For Alarm - Cause For Alarm in September After a threat of divorce in Marchhe applied himself to his career. On September 2,Crosby made his nationwide solo radio debut.

Doing a weekly minute radio broadcast, Crosby became a hit. Ten of the top 50 songs of included Crosby with others or as a solo act. Crosby played the lead in a series of musical comedy short films for Mack Sennett, signed with Paramount, and starred in his first full-length film 's The Big Broadcastthe first of Say Goodbye In Space - Softwerk - Sound Before Time films in which he received top billing.

He would appear in 79 pictures. He signed a contract with Jack Kapp 's new record company, Deccain late His first commercial sponsor on radio was Cremo Cigars and his fame spread nationwide. His appearances, records, and radio work substantially increased his impact.

The success of his first film brought him a contract with Paramount, and he began a pattern of making three films a year. He led his radio show for Woodbury Soap for two seasons while his live appearances dwindled. His records produced hits during the Depression when sales were down. Audio engineer Steve Hoffman stated, "By the way, Bing actually saved the record business in when he agreed to support Decca founder Jack Kapp's crazy idea of lowering the price of singles from a dollar to 35 cents and getting a royalty for records sold instead of a flat fee.

Bing's name and his artistry saved the recording industry. All the other artists signed to Decca after Bing did. Without him, Jack Kapp wouldn't have had a chance in hell of making Decca work and the Great Depression would have wiped out phonograph records for good. His social life was frantic. His first son Gary was born in with twin boys following in Byhe replaced his former boss, Paul Whiteman, as host of the weekly NBC radio program Kraft Music Hallwhere he remained for the next ten years.

Crosby's vocal style helped take popular singing beyond the " belting " associated with Al Jolson and Billy Murraywho had been obligated to reach the back seats in New York theaters without the aid of the microphone.

As music critic Henry Pleasants noted in The Great American Popular Singerssomething new had entered American music, a style that might be called "singing in American" with conversational ease.

This new sound led to the popular epithet " crooner ". Crosby admired Louis Armstrong for his musical ability, and the Youre The Top - Grant Chilcott - You Sing The Hits Of Bing Crosby At The Movies (Microcassette) maestro was a formative influence on Crosby's singing style. When the two met, they immediately became friends. InCrosby exercised an option in his Dont Drink The Water (Acoustic) - Stone Gods - Start Of Something contract to regularly star in an out-of-house film.

Signing an agreement with Columbia for a single motion picture, Crosby wanted Armstrong to appear in a screen adaptation of The Peacock Feather that eventually became Pennies from Heaven. Crosby asked Harry Cohnbut Cohn had no desire to pay for the flight or to meet Armstrong's "crude, mob-linked but devoted manager, Joe Glaser. Cohn gave in; Armstrong's musical scenes and comic dialogue extended his influence to the silver screen, creating more Youre The Top - Grant Chilcott - You Sing The Hits Of Bing Crosby At The Movies (Microcassette) for him and other African Americans to appear in future films.

Crosby also ensured behind the scenes that Armstrong received equal billing with his white co-stars. Armstrong appreciated Crosby's progressive attitudes on race, and often expressed gratitude for the role in later years.

He learned how to pronounce German Believe In Me - :wumpscut: - Music For A Slaughtering Tribe written scripts and read propaganda broadcasts intended for German forces. The nickname "Der Bingle" was common among Crosby's German listeners and came to be used by his English-speaking fans. In a poll Youre The Top - Grant Chilcott - You Sing The Hits Of Bing Crosby At The Movies (Microcassette) U.

The June 18,issue of Life magazine stated, "America's number one star, Bing Crosby, has won more fans, made more money than any entertainer in history. Today he is a kind of national institution.

His biggest best seller is 'White Christmas', 2, impressions of which have been sold in the U. The day after he sings a song over the air — any song — some 50, copies of it are sold throughout the U. Time and again Crosby has taken some new or unknown ballad, has given it what is known in trade circles as the 'big goose' and made it a hit single-handed and overnight Precisely what the future holds for Crosby neither his family nor his friends can conjecture.

He has achieved greater popularity, made more money, attracted vaster audiences than any other entertainer in history. And his star is still in the ascendant. His contract with Decca runs until His contract with Paramount runs until Records which he made ten years ago are selling better than ever before.

The nation's appetite for Crosby's voice and personality appears insatiable. To soldiers overseas and to foreigners he has become a kind of symbol of America, of the amiable, humorous citizen of a free land. Crosby, however, Youre The Top - Grant Chilcott - You Sing The Hits Of Bing Crosby At The Movies (Microcassette) bothers to contemplate his future.

For one thing, he enjoys hearing himself sing, and if ever a day should dawn when the public wearies of him, he will complacently go right on singing—to himself. The Youre The Top - Grant Chilcott - You Sing The Hits Of Bing Crosby At The Movies (Microcassette) hit song of Crosby's career was his recording of Irving Berlin 's " White Christmas ", which he introduced on a Christmas Day radio broadcast in A copy of the recording from the radio program is owned by the estate of Bing Crosby and was loaned to CBS Sunday Morning for their December 25,program.

The song then appeared in his movie Holiday Inn His record Factory Girls - Tindersticks - Falling Down A Mountain the charts on October 3,and rose to No.

A holiday perennial, the song was repeatedly re-released by Decca, charting another sixteen times. It topped the charts again in and a third time in January The song remains the bestselling single of all time.

Although the two versions are similar, the recording is more familiar today. In the wake of a solid decade of headlining mainly smash hit musical comedy films in the s, Crosby starred with Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour in seven Road to musical comedies between andcementing Crosby and Hope as an on-and-off duo, despite never officially declaring themselves a "team" in the sense that Laurel and Hardy or Martin and Lewis Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis were teams.


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