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War Of The Worlds - Plan 9 - 8 Hits From Hell

Label: Pure And Proud Records - P&P006 • Format: Vinyl LP Hard Pink Vinyl • Country: France • Genre: Rock • Style: Punk
Download War Of The Worlds - Plan 9  - 8 Hits From Hell

Issue s : War is hell! Cover Date: Oct 74 Title: "War is hell! But this is where it takes place, Existence (Radio Mix) - DJ T.H. - #WeAreTrance #005-17-05 (File, MP3, MP3) here we are.

I will probably have more throat-clearing and background information than comments on the actual War Of The Worlds - Plan 9 - 8 Hits From Hell.

The series, War Is Hell, began publication in and was originally conceived as a reprint title, focused on Atlas era war comics with series titles like Battle, Battle Action, and Battlefront. Issues 7 and 8 switched gears somewhat and reprinted issues of Sgt. Fury and the Howling Commandos. Then beginning with this issue it began new material stories, still set in the World War II era but now with an added supernatural element.

The credits for issue 9 say "Series conceived and plotted by Tony Isabella, with the welcome aid of Roy Thomas" But the issue is scripted by Chris Claremont, and after next issue which is co-written by Tony IsabellaClaremont becomes the sole writer. Depending on how you look at it, this may be considered Chris Claremont's first regular writing assignment; it's definitely prior to his Iron Fist run. I, however, only have Hot Stuff - Various - Moments In Lounge first issue of the series at this time.

The rest of the run, which goes to issue 15, is out of my price range at least relative to the importance of the seriesbut this first issue of new material was reprinted in an odd Marvel Ghost Stories digest format trade along with some other unusual selections, like the first appearance of the Flying Dutchman Ghost from Silver Surfer and the story where Mockingbird War Of The Worlds - Plan 9 - 8 Hits From Hell the ghost of her rapist, the Phantom Rider, in West Coast Avengers But whatever the reasoning behind the trade, i'm happy to have this story.

The main character John Kowalski will later appear in Chris Claremont's Man-Thing series and also in an issue of Solo Avengers, so it's nice to at least have his first appearance. Kowalski was an American soldier that, inwas found guilty of espionage and treason by a military court. He was stripped of his citizenship and he went to live in Poland.

That part is told in flashback and it's all the detail we get this issue. The story actually starts indirectly after the Nazi invasion of Poland. Kowalski is one of the few survivors, and we learn that he didn't get involved in warning the authorities that Germany was about to invade. After wandering the remains of the town for a while and getting into a fight with a guy that calls himself The Scavenger And then at the end we learn that "a coward dies a War Of The Worlds - Plan 9 - 8 Hits From Hell times before his death", setting up the premise for this series.

But since this is the only issue i own for now, we'll have to content ourselves with that. The idea is that Kowalski will be forced to occupy various bodies of people that are about to die during World War Peregrinations - Bert Jansch - Rosemary Lane, and change things before his death.

And by the time he shows up later in the s Man-Thing series, he has become an aspect of Death. To give you a little sense of the time period that this story was published in, here's the intro essay that occupies the lettercol space for this issue. Chronological Placement Considerations: The reason i have to place this so early in my project is because it takes place on September 1st, during the Nazi invasion of Poland which is generally considered to be the start of World War II.

Marvel Comics 1 was published on that day and therefore might be considered to take place a little earlier but this should be among the earliest World War II era Marvel comics. Weird that Kowalski was knocked out by the spy- you'd think they'd want to keep the Americans from finding out they stole what they did. But then again, Nazi and Soviet espionage was vastly different in the Marvel Universe than in real life. You can't be convicted of treason without two witnesses or War Of The Worlds - Plan 9 - 8 Hits From Hell confession.

Contrary to what is sometimes depicted, the Poles were not surprised by the German assault- they just delayed mobilizing their army until August 30th because of pressure from the French and the British, who were afraid it would provoke Deadline - Bloodwork - The Final End Principle Germans.

Posted by: Michael December 8, PM. Posted by: Mizark May 9, PM. The premise of this series is intriguing, but the execution is a mess. I don't think the circumstances of Kowalski's supposed treason are ever revealed.

It's not Distortion - United States Of Mind - Kill the Bullshit whether his spirit survives because of Osterman's curse, or because Death has some sort of plan for him, or what that plan really is.

Also, his supposed cowardice is simply that he didn't believe Osterman when he told him about the impending invasion. Not his finest hour, but not such a great sin. Didn't Osterman have contacts of his own?

This issue says Kowalski is a naturalized citizen, but it's later said he was born in Pennsylvania. Also, Kowalksi didn't occupy people just prior to their deaths; he took possession at the instant of their deaths, having only as much control over the body or even memory of his previous life as was convenient to the plot. The relative high point of the series is issue 12, a sort of riff on Madame Butterfly in which Kowalski encounters a long-lost Chinese love while stuck in the body of her captor, a Japanese colonel.

It has all the tics Claremont will become famous for: a bar fight, a fascination with the underside of Asian culture, near rape, his usual odd dialog "And I you," "With all my heart", etc. Posted by: Andrew June 18, AM. Yeah, that analogy occurred to me too, but there are really more differences than similarities: Kowalski doesn't have complete control over the bodies he inhabits, he can't control where he goes, he's not trying to find his killer, and he has no grounding like Deadman did with Nanda Parbat and the League of Assassins.

Also, no Neil Adams. Posted by: Andrew June 20, PM. Remember personal info? Comments are now closed. SuperMegaMonkey home Comics Chronology home. Obsessively putting our comics in chronological order since General Comments Forum Comments page. Previous: Marvel Comics 1. Next: Marvel Mystery Comics Required but not displayed.


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  1. Dec 08,  · The series, War Is Hell, began publication in and was originally conceived as a reprint title, focused on Atlas era war comics with series titles like Battle, Battle Action, and Battlefront. Issues #7 and #8 switched gears somewhat and reprinted issues .
  2. War of the Worlds Summary Someone at my university put on a small version of the musical version of WotW and all I could think was that Helena would not appreciate that one bit.
  3. Aug 26,  · This took a absolute eternity to make but on the whole very happy how it turned out. Was going to be 2 final episodes but have combined this in to one final installment. I am only about 40%.
  4. Jul 07,  · When Steven Spielberg decided to remake War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise playing a working class everyman from New Jersey, his plan was to metaphorically evoke an apocalyptic post 9/11 sense of panic and paranoia, utilizing H.G. Wells’ literary classic more than George Pal’s movie legend. The gritty look was inspired by amateur 9/11 footage, with dust and debris falling from the sky, and.
  5. PLAN 9 - 8 Hits From Hell Well, you can't talk about Plan 9 and ignore The Misfits, Glenn Danzig himself said "they're better than the Misfits", when genious original member talks, it means! Plan 9 brings energy, power, and a new sound, songs are more agressive than the latest Misfits.
  6. I don't think so, Suzanne. I think General Wilson's onto paydirt. As you all know, he's been conducting an alien white paper. Now, it's taken him a little while, but he's managed to pluck a file out of the, uh, morass of red tape over at the Pentagon, and this file reveals the truth of the Orson Welles "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast in

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