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Spring Hill Disaster - The Dubliners - Celtic Collections: The Ultimate Irish Folk Album

Label: K-Tel Ireland Ltd. - 62692,K-Tel International (USA), Inc. - 62692 • Format: CD Compilation • Country: Ireland • Genre: Folk, World, & Country • Style: Folk
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Or could it be that a lone Northumbrian musician chanced to happen on a sesiwn in Wales, and carried back a few Welsh riches? My guess is that we will never know. Camboleando - Zespół Instr. W. Kolankowskiego* - Untitled exist in other forms and in other places.

It was around at the time that Vickers was collecting his tunes, and Andrew has included it in his album. If you are an avid ceilidh dancer and a twmpath enthusiast — or if you went along to your very first barn dance, and you enjoyed the band — you have probably come across Dragons Breath.

This six-piece outfit are based in the old county of Gwent and play for local Prisoner Of Wickedness - Diabolic Force - Prisoner Of Wickedness, fetes and festivals, with the odd ceilidh and twmpath thrown in.

The line-up consists of three of the Takel family: dad Mark on guitar and vocals, mum Jenny on fiddle and son Jake, who plays percussion and diatonic accordion. The other members are Barry Scouse vocals, guitar, concertina, mandolin and whistleTrish Richards on bass guitar, and Denise Richardson on saxophone and whistle.

Mary of Bethlehem at Bishopsgate, London, which became the lunatic asylum for men in It was moved to Beckenham in Kent in the s.

The hospital of St. Mary Magdalen — pronounced Maudlin — was its female counterpart. There are a Carcharoth - Urdung blips and warts in the recording, but — as the late Leonard Cohen wisely observed — some cracks let the light in.

If you have liked your local hop, then Recovery is a suitable souvenir. Enigmatic songwriter and enthralling singer Lleuwen Steffan was brought up and raised listening to the sound of words and music; the daughter of singer-composer Steve Eaves, she sang on his albums as a young girl.

She gained considerable experience at Ysgol Glanaethwy, the Bangor performing arts school famously noted for its choirs, but she was always keen to broaden her musical horizons. Lleuwen has gathered a giddy mix of musicians from very different walks of life — the celebrated traditional triple-harper Llio Rhydderch, jazz pianist Neil Cowley, classical tenor Rhys Meirion, violinist and viola player Francesca Simmonds and brothers Dafydd Rhys and Aled Wyn Hughes, drummer and guitarist of alt-country-rock band Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog.

Lleuwen fell in love with Brittany when she was booked to sing at the gigantic Interceltique festival in the port of Lorient, where she was totally fascinated and enthralled by Breizonegthe Breton language. She relocated to Brittany, where she became engrossed in the musical traditions of that Celtic country, learned the Breton language and lived in the town of Carhaix — Karaez in Breton — in the centre of the country.

Here are 13 tracks to stimulate and invigorate your mind, and not one is wasted. After studying law at Cardiff University and qualifying as a barrister, he began his professional career in as a legal editor in London. By this time, I was moderately competent on guitar, and my interest in the folk world and music drew me to folk clubs and into performing at places like the Islwyn Folk club — and then at clubs in and around London, with the occasional festival thrown in.

He formed a duo with guitarist and singer Paul Vile, and they based their performance around the catchy, literate material which John had written. Many moons ago, I was absolutely privileged to witness the exciting experience of Scottish quintet Breabach performing live at the Tredegar House Folk Festival in the western outskirts of the City of Newport, and was mightily impressed.

The thrilling sound of the twin bagpipes seared in my memory, and it gives me great pleasure to hear them now through all the years. The present line-up is the lovely Megan Henderson on fiddle, voice and harmonium, Calum MacCrimmon on bagpipes, voice, guitars and cajon, James Lindsay on double bass, Moog, electric guitar and voice and James Duncan MacKenzie on bagpipes, wooden flute and whistle.

In this album, Breabach have created a work of sheer utter grandeur and magnificence, resembling the breathtaking Scottish scenery of the land which they know and love. She met Michael at the Village Pump Festival in Wiltshire three years ago, and his powerful presence and massive guitar playing greatly impressed her; since that first meeting, Michael and his partner Andru have become firm friends with Sarah.

I am so glad to be involved. Her chequered and eventful history speaks volumes. She emigrated to Ireland in and lived there for 13 years, working as a music journalist and magazine editor and releasing her debut album, When Two Lovers Meet.

Sarah and Michael mould striking sonic images of songs of depth and meaning, and this is about as good as it gets! Welshmen Robin Jones and Tomos Williams — with Yorkshireman William Addison soundly anchoring the music — conjure up scintillating three-part harmonies and perform wonderful magic. They honed their performances playing in the biggest venues around Lebanon, and spent a year boiling down the roots of their sound into a hybrid of traditional influences that utterly amazed Lebanese audiences.

They returned to the UK in the winter of and spent a tireless year just performing to crowds up and down the country, and Europe as well. William performs Irish bouzouki, accordion and percussion, Robin plays mandolin and tenor banjo and Tomos is sparkling on acoustic and electric guitars, plus bass; together, they rip it up like there was no tomorrow.

Thomas Paine took part in the American Revolution, writing a series of pamphlets, Crisis in America and Common Sensewhich played a large part in the American Revolution. His Age of Reason caused outrage and he was widely ostracised. Some years later, his bones were brought back to England, guarded by William Cobbett. Paine remains an icon of the Left to this day. He appointed himself as unofficial caretaker at The Howff and slept there as well; he had little money and, strikingly, did not have his own guitar.

He spent the next two years playing one-night stands in British folk clubs, a, learning curve that exposed him to many influences, including traditional artists like Martin Carthy and Ian Campbell; but his greatest influence was young singer Anne Briggs. Transatlantic released the album inwhere Bert Jansch sold an incrediblecopies — and the rest is history. McColl wrote this love song for Peggy Seeger; Peggy sang it on their Freeborn Man album, but the sanitised Roberta Flack version massively popularised it and turned it into gold.

The fledgling Recordiau Erwydd — an offshoot of Sbrigyn Ymborth, based in the Llyn village of Llithfaen — has pulled off a brace of truly remarkable albums, both of which have been awarded the accolade of Five Stars in FolkWales Online Magazine. The old folk tunes and dances were discouraged by the Methodists, which looked upon hymn singing as a vital tool in Spring Hill Disaster - The Dubliners - Celtic Collections: The Ultimate Irish Folk Album congregation members; during this process, many traditional airs survived as sedate and solemn hymn tunes.

At the height of the Methodist reformation, folk dancing, singing and playing in almost all of their forms were being shunned by the mighty chapel as instruments of sin — meanwhile many popular tunes were being harvested, reworked as hymns Allegro Affettuoso - Schumann*, Peter Frankl, Orchestra Sinfonica di Bamberga*, Janos Fürst* - Conce sung by the masses in order to extol the virtues of God.

This selective amnesia for huge swathes of Welsh culture meant that Patrick, Jordan and Aneirin inherited a tradition broken in many places, forced into submission then resurrected and kept alive only by the brave efforts of a tireless few. Wow, and thrice wow! After 50 years and 20 albums since he parted with Fairport Convention, Richard strides out on a league of his own; furthermore, he keeps on re-inventing his art and doing it with such burning energy and a cartload of total commitment that he outruns and outwits younger and more trendier combos.

And this guy is getting on for his late sixties…. His writing is dark and ominous, reflecting the dark and ominous changes that America is going through right now, and his regular rock trio — bassist Taras Prodaniuk, drummer Michael Jerome and guitarist Bobby Eichorn — are more than capable of anchoring such a top-flight master, really getting their teeth into such super-strong arrangements.

In a year solo career, he is still defining the art of song-writing and leading the music industry all the way. I always look forward to a highly-listenable Steve Turner album, or watching him at a thoroughly inspiring live performance.

Steve has the magic knack of carefully selecting incredibly striking and Spring Hill Disaster - The Dubliners - Celtic Collections: The Ultimate Irish Folk Album material, both old and contemporary, and really delivering his show to all and sundry. However, you cannot keep a good musician down, and Spring Hill Disaster - The Dubliners - Celtic Collections: The Ultimate Irish Folk Album continues to delight and Spring Hill Disaster - The Dubliners - Celtic Collections: The Ultimate Irish Folk Album audiences.

And what a fine selection it is…. Steve had completely forgotten this song, until Gina played a barely audible cassette which Coming Home - Various - Het Beste Uit De Enige Echte Mega Top 100 98 Volume 4 had made; needless to say, he relearned and recorded it. Memorable pieces just keep on coming.

The most remarkable thing about Steve is that he picks out the finest material of all so that they will carry on and inspire again, which is the true meaning of a folk singer.

May he and his songs prosper and live for ever! Yr Hwntws were an s band, and they were a breath of fresh air; they exploded out of Gwent, the south-east corner of Wales, and they wowed Welsh audiences and fans far and wide.

The triban is a simple, Make A Change (Original Mix) - Various - School Of Dance Vol.1 four-line metre, with the rhymed words in the third line ingeniously hidden in the rhymed word in the fourth line. The triban is such a simple traditional verse, but Gregg and Yr Hwntws deliver it with a resounding punch.

Above all, Gregg deserves to be congratulated for preserving the tribanau and bringing them to the fore. Gregg and Yr Hwntws have pulled out all the stops to open the eyes and minds of the Welsh public and persuade them to dig deeper into the history and the literature of Land Of The Free - Red, White & Blue - Patriotic Glory fascinating and wonderful triban — and a whole new culture is waiting to greet them.

An addendum to my review of One More Thingthe latest album by the wonderful Steve Ashley, who has just announced his impending retirement: Sussex-based Mike Reinstein is an absorbing and magnetic singer-songwriter, and he has supported Steve at his South Coast concerts.

He co-founded a six-piece acoustic band called Doris, who had an imaginative agent that accepted any gig, as long as it paid — thus Doris became a reggae band, a Victorian duo and Doris and The Morris Men. The group split after college ended, but Mike continued to write songs and perform. He started off in the profession as a supply teacher, which was frustratingly tiring; however, he landed a full-time post as teacher at a special needs school, which triggered a creative burst of song-writing for children.

The Tommy Tomato Songbook and CD came out in and was met with a lot of acclaim; the songs have become firm favourites with teachers and children, wherever they are sung. He has a continuing fascination of composing songs for kids, and the follow-up, The Blewdlewas released in the summer of He is married to the novelist Reina James, and on this CD she accompanies Mike on keyboards, brass and does vocal arrangements.

His voice Spring Hill Disaster - The Dubliners - Celtic Collections: The Ultimate Irish Folk Album both warm and melodic, and his sound, invigorating musicianship just flows like an endless river, tempting and luring you to still linger awhile and revel in his world.

She has collaborated in many uplifting shows and performances, including The Darwin Project and the new version of The Transports, the Peter Bellamy-inspired folk opera where she sings the role of Susannah Holmes. She was a founding member of the musician juggernaut Bellowhead and toured the world with them as well as making several TV appearances, recording five studio Σε Νόμιζα Για Φίλο Μου - Παναγιώτης Μιχαλόπουλος - Χρυσός Δίσκος and winning eight BBC Folk Awards in their 12 years together.

The trio have just signed a deal with Topic, currently celebrating 80 years as Spring Hill Disaster - The Dubliners - Celtic Collections: The Ultimate Irish Folk Album oldest independent recording company. Former Bellowhead friends appear, such as Paul Sartin on oboe, Andy Mellon on trumpet and flugelhorn, Justin Thurgur on trombone and Ed Neuhauser on tuba, plus a clutch of splendid session musicians; but Matthew and Julian are riding high with strings, squeezebox and a plethora of mind-bending and utterly dazzling and arrangements.

And who knows, I might see you at the wedding reception…. Every now and then, along comes Q: Can I Sample This?

A: No - Hewhocorrupts - The Discographer (Vinyl, LP, LP) release which is a debut yet familiar and this CD is very much a case in point. As Bruise, Isobel and Jim Kimberley have justly gained a reputation for genre-defying performances which couple intelligent and thought provoking lyrics with top-notch musicianship to produce a unique sound and memorable live performances that saw them just as at home in folk clubs as they were on the road with Hawkwind.

For their latest project, Isobel and Jim have decided to focus on the Folk side of their repertoire and this CD, the first to be released under The Kimberleys name, is a collection of traditional and original songs, including an adaptation of a WB Yeats Sure - Take That - Greatest Hits and a song by Austin Marshall.

The next track is an amalgam of two songs, one from Northern Ireland, the other from the North East Spring Hill Disaster - The Dubliners - Celtic Collections: The Ultimate Irish Folk Album England. The fourth track is a traditional tale of a battle with the devil. Having said that, this is still one of the best versions of the song that I have heard in a long time. The penultimate track on this album is one which sees this duo following in the footsteps of a whole host of performers, including the likes of Fairport Convention and The Imagined Village.

For me, the best track on the album is left to last. The lilting waltz of the tune gives this song a feel that evokes the dancers and the sunshine of the late spring holiday of the title; while the words serve to remind us how, while time marches on, the young men who went to war but never returned remain forever young but will never don their bells and baldricks again. As Bruise, Isobel and Jim Kimberley justly gained a reputation for intelligent lyrics coupled with excellent musicianship and high production values, qualities that have been transferred over into their first recorded foray into the world of traditional music.

Isobel and Jim have worked their magic to give a new freshness to some already well-known songs and produce a recording that their existing fans will enjoy, and will no doubt gain them some new ones as well. The Kimberleys promise to be one of the albums of ; my words can only hint at its contents, so grab yourselves a copy and find out just how good it is. So, this is it.

New technology and wise old ears is a powerful combination. What of the content? Does Steve intend to fade gracefully into the sunset with some rather bland, sit-on-the-fence verses? Hey, Steve — you have brought an incredible amount of delight and wonder to a countless army of fans who have been feasting on your vast repertoire, your incisive words and your devilishly-intricate songs. Should we petition May to award you the MBE?

Do pigs fly? FolkWales verdict: Thumbs up!


Deperado (Shrooms Spanish Fly Mix) - Kelly & The Kellygirls - Swing, Swing, I - Allegro Vivace E Con Brio - Beethoven*, George Szell, The Cleveland Orchestra - Symphony No. 9 I, Michael Nyman - The Promise / Chasing Sheep Is Best Left To Shepherds, Easy Go - Stan Kenton - Stan Kenton

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  1. From a lifetime in folk music, which includes residencies with Peter Bellamy in Maidstone and Rochester folk clubs, forming The Tinderbox with guitarist Dave Menday, joining Ashley Hutchings’ Albion Country Band, creating Ragged Robin, recording the seminal solo album Stroll On and releasing another 11 highly-prized and well-loved collections.
  2. THE CELTIC TENORS. Irish Album (6 c) CHAKA DEMUS & PLIERS. Tease Me (c81) TRACY CHAPMAN. Collection (a50) THE DUBLINERS. Spirit of The Irish – Ultimate Collection (c23) DUBSTAR. Make it Better (45g89) ANNE DUDLEY. THE EIGHTIES B-LINE DISASTER. Horse of The Dog (b86) ELBOW. Cast of Thousands (2 c93).
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  4. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Celtic Collections on Discogs/5(3).
  5. Ireland (Éire; Ulster-Scots: Airlann) is an island in the North Atlantic. relations: A Celebration, A Coruña, A Day Without Rain, A Fairy Tale of New York, A Fork in the Road, A Free Soul, A Girl like Me (Rihanna album), A History of Britain (TV series), A House, A Long Long Way, A Neverending Dream, A Night to Remember (Shalamar song), A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, A Prayer.
  6. Discogs에서 CD의 Celtic Collections: The Ultimate Irish Folk Album 릴리스에 대한 크레딧, 리뷰, 트랙을 보고 쇼핑해보세요.
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  8. The Revival of Manx Traditional Music: From the s to the Present Day ABSTRACT This thesis examines the revival and subsequent development of traditional music in the Isle of Man from the s until the present day. Together with dance and the Gaelic language, the revival of Manx traditional music has contributed to the reevaluation of a.
  9. Guitar: The Thresher Disaster (Including lyrics and chords) I have been asked it I would do another video of this song as my previous one was done nearly ten years ago on inferior recording equipment. The Thresher Disaster is one of the songs in Tom Paxton's first song book, Rambling Boy.

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