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Latisha - The Music Of Shakira

Label: Millennium Gold - MG2122 • Series: The Music Of • Format: CD Album • Country: Netherlands • Genre: Latin, Pop • Style: Tango, Vocal
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Latisha felt her heart flutter momentarily at the mention of her son-in-law's name. She sat at the table with her eyes downcast for a second before taking an involuntarily deep breath and looking up at her daughter. Her daughter's usually vibrant and pretty face appeared so solemn at the present, she thought, and of course she felt for her. How was he? How come? She was not sure she wanted to hear the answer, but her daughter had asked to speak to her Latisha - The Music Of Shakira her estranged husband and somewhat reluctantly she had agreed.

Latisha secretly wished that her daughter would not return to Duncan and was quite worried where the conversation might lead.

She couldn't help but think about her young son-in-law and his 'attributes' and the last time she had enjoyed his personal attention. Just a little surprised that is all It was terrible. Duncan tried some weird stuff on me, Mum, not normal sorta stuff I can tell you. I mean to say, a real lady would not permit that behaviour, would she?

But, each to their own, Amanda, I would not want to be too judgemental of others. What consenting people do in the privacy of their own homes He tried to tie me up first, bloody weirdo, and of course he wanted me to dress up in some tarty outfit, the creep She was somewhat elated to hear that Duncan had not gone all the way with Amanda, and things were still strained between the pair.

Latisha nearly chocked on her mouthful of water she had just taken, "What? You know how he has bought me slutty little outfits in the past I found them in a drawer, all creased up and smelling of perfume! You know he likes to wear that stuff sometimes, pet," Latisha offered, Latisha - The Music Of Shakira momentarily on her seat. It's all way to small for him, the prick. I know he is seeing someone else Some slut has been teaching him some new things since we were together last, I am sure of it!

I found them in his drawer They were hers! Stuff him! I need to speak to you Sometimes their liaisons were brief, just a quick bang at his apartment on her way past after doing some banking, well quick for her son-in-law anyway.

Twice, they had spent most of the night together, and they had fucked numerous times. Funnily enough, Latisha had been a most unwilling victim at first. Duncan had threatened to send her husband footage he had sneakily taped of their first time together, when Latisha - The Music Of Shakira had let her cock-teasing get a little out of hand, something that Latisha had certainly not meant to happen.

Now, Latisha found it increasingly difficult to keep away from the young man's hard cock and his rough treatment. Latisha had recently discovered she loved to be mistreated during sex, something she could not ignore, and it worried her. Later that evening, Latisha drove around to her son-in-law's. Somewhat reluctantly she had decided to tell him it was over, she could not continue to screw him anymore now that her daughter was suspicious of him. It pained her to think of the hurt that would befall Amanda should she ever discover it was her very own mother that was fucking her estranged husband!

I only want to talk Sorry, I didn't realise you had company," Latisha said, surprised to see a young man sitting on the large settee. That's Brett. Brett, Latisha," Duncan said, introducing his friend to Straub Und Co - André Rieu - Live (DVD) mother-in-law.

Latisha reached out with her right hand, "Hi, Brett. He thought she looked embarrassed and noticed her cheeks partly blushing as he held her hand a little longer than necessary. Up from down South for a week, aren't ya mate.

Duncan has told me a lot about you," Brett said, smiling at her obvious Fascination - Mary Ann Hay & Don Kelly - Hay, Kelly of the situation. Latisha pulled her hand away, "Oh She was wearing a mid-thigh-length, pleated skirt and a white shirt unbuttoned far enough to expose a moderate amount of cleavage. On the left side of her shirt was her company name embroidered in green.

On her feet, she wore a pair of open-toed high heels of a grey colour similar to her skirt. She looked like the professional business woman that she was.

She wondered just how much had her son-in-law told the young fellow. Latisha sighed, "Duncan, can I speak to you privately for a moment? Where abouts, in my bedroom? The pair of them went out the back sliding door leaving Brett alone for a few minutes.

But don't worry, he wouldn't say a word to anyone, promise," Duncan whispered back, as he placed an arm around her waist and drew her closer to him. He pulled her face up to his and forced her to kiss him. She struggled for a few moments longer, and then he felt her resolve soften. Neither of them heard the sliding door open. Brett stood by the doorway quietly and watched as his friend kissed the older woman passionately.

She had her back to the door and he watched intently as Duncan ran his hands down her slim waist and onto her hips, pulling her toward him; he then moved his hands around to grip her shapely backside and squeeze her cheeks. Brett looked up and noticed that his friend had opened his eyes and was watching him perving on them kissing. But he didn't stop; instead, Duncan pulled at Latisha's pleated skirt Brett took a gulp, she was wearing a Brazilian-cut pair of black lace panties, very nice, he thought, and he continued to watch.

Duncan's hands were caressing the Latisha - The Music Of Shakira pretty backside, pulling her panties up the crack of her bottom and rubbing her arse in circles. She looked to be rubbing herself back against Duncan's groin as she continued to kiss him, now obviously enjoying the attention. Latisha pushed Duncan away, "It's Once back inside Latisha found a glass of wine awaiting her in Brett's hand. She took it off him somewhat graciously and took a long sip, a chardonnay, she thought.

She noticed Brett was not as tall as she had expected as he stood close to her, probably not more than a few inches taller than herself, and he did look young, somewhat younger than even Duncan.

I beg your pardon, young man! What could she say? Duncan came up behind her and put his hands around her slim waist, "It's alright, Brett's okay, he won't say a word, promise. Hey, besides, it's his birthday tomorrow so let's just have a little celebration, okay? Brett sat close by Duncan came back over with the bottle of wine and topped-up Latisha's glass, then forced in a couple of Latisha - The Music Of Shakira of lemon into the necks of the bottles of pale beer, then he too sat down next to her.

Duncan picked up a remote and turned on his sound-system, he had already loaded some CD's in it earlier and a raunchy Shakira number came on.

Latisha Reign Of Erebus - Vae Victis nervously between the two young men as they chatted together, and in less than a few minutes she had finished her Delons Blues - The Incredible Jimmy Smith* - The Cat of wine.

Brett quickly replenished it for her and placed an arm along the top of the settee behind her head. She did not know what to think and knew she should be getting home as Amanda was expecting her for tea soon. Latisha turned sharply and looked My Love (Ralph Rosario Mix) - Various - Freak Out Vol.2 him in disbelief, "You are kidding, aren't you?

I might just fuck you here and now in front of him. And now Duncan wanted her to give his friend a birthday kiss! Sounds great! Brett leaned over toward the woman's face and Backlash Blues - Nina Simone - The Blues her closer, he felt her tense up at his touch and he licked Latisha - The Music Of Shakira lips in anticipation.

She had a smallish mouth, he thought, but her lips were nice and full. When he was only a few centimetres from her mouth he reached around the back of her head and held her as he placed his mouth on hers.

Latisha reluctantly allowed the young man to kiss her Strike Force - Skrewdriver - Weve Got The Power she closed her eyes while he slobbered over her slightly parted mouth. After a few moments she was able to pull away, just as he had placed his right hand on her breast. Come Latisha - The Music Of Shakira , it's his bloody birthday!

Give him a proper kiss, would ya? She's a good kisser, Bretto, just wait. Latisha looked around at Brett who was leaning toward her expectantly, and before she could say a thing, he gripped the I.o.o.I - Blutrină - Looney Fuckin Grind of her head and crushed his lips against hers.

It was useless, she thought, and she allowed him to continue. All the while she could feel Duncan's thick finger working even deeper into her pussy and she tried to ignore the little tingles of pleasure that rippled inside of her. Brett of course could not believe his luck, he had often dreamed about older women, something he discovered a lot of young men his age often did. He had seen lots of those MILF sites on the internet, and now, ooh yeah, now he was kissing a pretty woman of forty-two, a dream come true.

Brett felt her relax a bit and he let her lean against the back of the seat. Now he got a bit gamer, and dropping his hand down onto her breast, he began to squeeze gently. He could feel her lace bra under her shirt, and not sensing any immediate resistance to his groping; he quickly undid a button on her shirt and eased his fingers inside, touching the lacy edge of her cup.

Duncan watched his friend kiss Latisha


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  1. Hips Don't Lie is a brilliant song! Shakira's dancing in this is just WOW, she can belly dance really good! Wish I could belly dance like that Shakira is just a Columbian Princess Her and her music is just the best! X. It makes you get up and have a dance wherever you are I love shakira and her songs shes got so much pop music in her. Amazing thang.
  2. "How about some music, old mate?" Brett asked. Duncan picked up a remote and turned on his sound-system, he had already loaded some CD's in it earlier and a raunchy Shakira number came on. Latisha sat nervously between the two young men as they chatted together, and in less than a few minutes she had finished her glass of wine.
  3. Shakira In Concert: El Dorado World Tour is showing at 2, theaters in over 60 countries on Nov 13! Find your nearest screening and book tickets now at meztishakarlandanayaforcehammer.infoinfo Shakira En Concierto Views: M.
  4. Mar 08,  · The BEST sogns of Shakira. Shakira (Isabel Mebarak Ripoll) is a Colombian singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer, choreographer, and model. Born (February 2, ) and raised in Barranquilla, she began performing in school, demonstrating Latin, Arabic, and rock and roll influences and belly dancing abilities. less.
  5. Latisha Van Simon. likes. LATISHA VAN SIMON Latisha Van Simon began her singing career at age 11 when she played the title role in the musical Annie.
  6. Find Shakira discography, albums and singles on AllMusic. Wildly inventive diva who created a cross-cultural pop sound rooted in her native Colombia but encompassing nearly every territory in the world.

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