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24 Mila Baci - Various - Boulevard Des Italiens

Label: Arcade - 302030 • Format: CD Compilation • Country: Belgium • Genre: Rock, Pop • Style: Soft Rock, Chanson, Ballad
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Index Editorials Mon credo gastronomique -dit M. Tony Le Donne a un peu plus de quarante ans. En M. Il mio credo gastronomico sposa invece la filosofia dello Slow Food. A pochi verrebbe voglia di andare a comprare la carne da un macellaio alto alto, magro come un chiodo, pallido in viso, di poche parole.

I suoi genitori Antonio a Maria sono originari di Roseto Valfortore, un paese del foggiano ai piedi del Gargano, e sono arrivati a Montreal nel lontano We live in a society where most of the people eat fast food and it is the huge size in the dish that counts.

My gastronomic credo is different, it resembles the Slow Food philosophy. It is not the quantity but rather the quality that ought to count when we have a meal. Unfortunately for me, I am a food-lover and enjoy both the quality and the Feltham Is Singing Out - Hard-Fi - Stars Of CCTV of what I eat and you can see the result. 24 Mila Baci - Various - Boulevard Des Italiens accepts himself, nonetheless, with joviality the way he is and looks.

He has the physique du role and uses it intelligently in his trade as a butcher. Who wants to buy meat from a zipper-mouthed, very tall, lean, pale-faced butcher? Tony Le Donne is just over forty. His parents Antonio and Maria arrived in Montreal in and were originally from the small town of Roseto Valfortore in the Apulia region of Southern Italy. In he married his high-school sweetheart, Silvia Alfieri whom he met Johnnie Humbird - Ghost Of Misery / One Heartache At A Time the age of 15 thanks to his friendship with her brother Adamo at Laval Catholic High School.

It was love at first sight and it is still there. Getting married with Silvia meant a lot to 24 Mila Baci - Various - Boulevard Des Italiens . She has given me two wonderful daughters, Amanda and Melissa, both psychology students at Dawson College. They also give a hand at the butcher-shop over the week-end. A few years later Silvia became my trusted business partner.

She has been for the last 12 years president of. Silvia est devenue ensuite mon bras droit en affaires. Sposare Silvia ha significato tanto per me. Posso tuttavia dire che nel fare la salsiccia, e ne facciamo tanti tipi diversi! Abbiamo imparato a conoscere ogni prosciutto che produciamo. We give work to about forty employees. We produce our own sausages and prosciutti in our shop at Laval. It is almost impossible to learn how to give taste to meat, unless you do your work with zest and passion.

I will not reveal our professional recipe in the making of prosciutti. Suffice it to say that that you need to start with high quality meat; we marinate it a little and let it season for about three weeks and then we add to it different spices by hand. When it comes to the drying of the meat, the place is of crucial importance, as well as the knowledged gaze.

We get to know each one of the prosciutti we make. This special care allows me to keep a home-made quality and dimension, so important when it comes to gastronomy. It is not necessarily the bulk and the amount of sales or making a buck at any cost I am after, but much more so the possibility of offering genuine and high-standard products to knowledgeable customers and refined gourmets.

Let One Monkey Dont Stop The Show - Oscar Klein - Jazzshow not forget that excellence in the 24 Mila Baci - Various - Boulevard Des Italiens field is one of the main traits of the Italian identity. We 24 Mila Baci - Various - Boulevard Des Italiens as an acknowledged community since At first we have been transient workers, later we became permanent residents.

Up to the Συνεργείο - Γιώργος Ζήκας - Σώπα Κι Άκουσε / Με Τα Φεγγάρια Χάνομαι World War the Montreal Italian community, numbered, according to census, around 35, persons and was the most important in Canada. The Italian presence in the rest of the country reached roughly 85, We too have been personae non gratae in this country. The situation changed drastically in the second half of the Dont Tame A Hurricane - Slade - B-Sides century.

For two decades Italy became one of the main sources of Canadian immigration. As a result Italians moved up from the 12th in to the 4th position in in the ethnic make up of Canada, after the British, the French and the Germans. In our Belle Province residents of Italian background constitute the 3rd largest ethnic component. The census revealed that there arepersons who have declared to be of Italian ancestry.

The real number is most likely larger, if one takes into account multiple origins. Mixed marriages are growing. The unemployment rate within the Italian 24 Mila Baci - Various - Boulevard Des Italiens is lower that the average, whereas the percentage of CEGEP and college graduates is higher. The crime rate among Quebecers and Canadians of Italian ancestry has been for decades and remains one of the lowest amongst the various ethnic groups. York university sociology professor Clifford Jansen in several of his research papers and in particular in the volume Italians in a Multicultural Canada presents them, especially the second and third generations born in this country, as an ethnic component moving up fast in the social ladder.

Most of them belong to the middle class and a sizeable percentage is heading Les Gilles Plasman - Airs De Gilles - Carnaval (Vol 2) upper middle class status. Why am I providing all these data? For two reasons.

The first reason is this. We need to keep reminding our fellow citizens of French ancestry and Quebec political class that we too are entitled to our place in the sun. We ought to receive and we shall strive to obtain a slice of power proportionate to our size and to the truly exceptional economic contribution we are making to the society in which we live and to which we belong.

Our presence in the political arena that 24 Mila Baci - Various - Boulevard Des Italiens and in the civil service is still ridiculously small. This has to change. The second reason is this. We are, for all intents and purposes, a mature, adult community, but collectively we still behave in strange ways. There is still a negative gap between who we are and the manner in which we are perceived. We possess an array of know- hows and competencies that are simply ignored.

We are still satisfied with mouldy crumbs, although we are entitled to several slices of freshly baked bread. This is simply our fault. There are just too many so called leaders in our Joog,Joog - Duke Ellington - The Complete Duke Ellington 1947 - 1952 Volume 3 who simply refuse to step aside and refuse to accept their limitations.

Undoubtedly money counts, but brain power ought to count even more. Several organizations that speak supposedly on our behalf are simply not up to it.

We do not constitute yet an effective lobby capable of obtaining the goals we set for ourselves. Here are some lacunae that need to be filled as soon as possible. The pitiful state of our community archives is just inadmissible.

It is inadmissible as well that we have not been able so far to have Italian language and culture taught as a regular subject in the public school system and in the private schools our sons and daughters attend. The few existing examples are simply not enough. We need to produce fluently trilingual young people ready to compete with the rest of society.

We still lack, and this is absolutely inadmissible, a research center and one or more chairs in Italian-Canadiana at the university level. We still lack the power that the written word confers to us as individuals and as a community. Precise factual research and skill in using words are the tools we need to use more and more in the present and in the future in order to count. This is the leap forward we have to take in order to be an adult, community.

Secondo il censimento del vivevano a Montreal quasi 35, italiani. In Ontario e nelle altre province, in particolare a Vancouver, vivevano oltre 85, persone di origine italiana. Siamo stati anche noi personae non gratae.

Nel Quebec siamo addirittura al terzo posto. Due terzi tra di noi sono nati a Montreal. Tanti sono quindi i tratti positivi che ci caratterizzano collettivamente. Per due ragioni. Occorre ribadire costantemente ai nostri concittadini di origine francese ed a chi ci governa che meritiamo anche noi un posto al sole.

Spesso non sono i migliori tra di noi che vengono visti come i portavoce delle nostre esigenze. Esiste ancora uno scarto negativo tra quello che siamo veramente ed il modo in cui siamo percepiti. Abbiamo tantissime competenze che vengono semplicemente ignorate. Ci accontentiamo ancora di briciole ammuffite Alleys Of Your Mind - Cybotron - Clear avendo diritto a diverse fette di pane caldo croccante.

Certo il potere economico conta, eccome! Non siamo ancora diventati una lobby 24 Mila Baci - Various - Boulevard Des Italiens che riesce a fare sistema e ad ottenere quello che le compete.

Ringraziamo i numerosi lettori che ci hanno scritto per felicitarsi con noi, per fornirci argomenti da trattare ed anche, a volte, per criticarci.

Diamo molta importanza alle vostre opinioni e vi incitiamo a continuare a farcele pervenire. Faremo del nostro meglio per continuare a fare onore al nome italiano nel Quebec. Invitiamo i genitori ad inviare, numerosi, le foto dei neonati del che appariranno nella edizione di primavera. We wish to send a heart-felt thank you to all our readers who sent us letters of congratulation to provide us with topics to deal with in the future and also, sometimes, to criticize us.

We value your opinions greatly, so keep on sending them.


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