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Αυτό Τον Κόσμο - Σαύρα Των Βασιλικών Δρόμων - Σε Πάγο Λεπτό

Label: Eros Music - 06912 • Format: CD Album • Country: Greece • Genre: Jazz, Rock • Style: Alternative Rock
Download Αυτό Τον Κόσμο - Σαύρα Των Βασιλικών Δρόμων - Σε Πάγο Λεπτό

A particularly interesting aspect of Indian family life is purdah from the Hindi pardaliterally, curtainor the veiling and seclusion of women. In much of northern and central India, particularly in rural areas, Hindu and Muslim women follow complex rules of veiling the body and avoidance of public appearance, especially in the presence of relatives linked by marriage and before strange men. Purdah practices are inextricably linked to patterns of authority and harmony within the family.

Rules of Hindu and Muslim purdah differ in certain key ways, but female modesty and decorum as well as concepts of family honor are essential to the various forms of purdah. In most areas, purdah restrictions are stronger for women of high-status families. The importance of purdah is not limited to family life; rather, these practices all involve restrictions on female activity and access to power and the control of vital resources in a male-dominated society.

Restriction and restraint for women in virtually every aspect of life are the basic essentials of purdah. In India, both males and females are circumscribed in their actions by economic disabilities, hierarchical rules of deference in kinship groups, castes, and the larger society. But for women who observe purdah, there are additional constraints. For almost all women, modest dress and behavior are important. Clothing covering most of the body is common; only in tribal groups and among a few castes do women publicly bare their legs or upper bodies.

In most of the northern half of India, traditionally dressed women cover the tops of their heads with the end of the sari or scarf dupatta. Generally, females are expected to associate only with kin or companions approved by their families and to remain sexually chaste.

Women are not encouraged to roam about on pleasure junkets, but rather travel only for explicit family-sanctioned purposes.

In North India, women do relatively little shopping; most shopping Αυτό Τον Κόσμο - Σαύρα Των Βασιλικών Δρόμων - Σε Πάγο Λεπτό done by men.

In contrast to females, males have much more freedom of movement and observe much less body modesty. For both males and females, free association with the opposite sex is limited, and dating in the Western sense is essentially limited to members of the educated urban elite. In all areas, illicit liaisons do occur. Although the male may escape social repudiation if such liaisons become known, the female may suffer lasting damage to her own reputation and bring dishonor to her family.

Further, if a woman is sexually linked with a man of lower caste status, the woman is regarded as being irremediably polluted, "like an earthen pot. Such rules of feminine modesty are not considered purdah but merely proper female behavior. For traditional Hindus of northern and central India, purdah observances begin at marriage, when a woman acquires a husband and in-laws.

Although she almost never observes purdah in her natal home or before her natal relatives, a woman does observe purdah in her husband's home and before his relatives. As a young woman, she remains inside her husband's house much of the time rather than going out into lanes or fieldsabsents herself or covers her face with her sari in the presence of senior males and females related by marriage, and, when she does leave the house in her marital village, covers her face with her sari.

Through use Honey Pie - The Beatles - The Alternate White Album the end of the sari as a face veil and deference of manner, a married woman shows respect to her affinal kin who are older than or equal to her husband Αυτό Τον Κόσμο - Σαύρα Των Βασιλικών Δρόμων - Σε Πάγο Λεπτό age, as well as certain other relatives. She may speak to the women before whom she veils, but she usually does not converse with the men.

Exceptions to this are her husband's younger brothers, before whom she may veil her face, but with whom she has a warm joking relationship involving verbal banter.

Initially almost faceless and voiceless in her marital home, a married woman matures and gradually relaxes some of these practices, especially as elder in-laws become senescent or die and she herself assumes senior status.

In fact, after some years, a wife may neglect to veil her face in front of her husband when others are present and may even speak to her husband in public.

Such practices help shield women from unwanted male advances and control women's sexuality but also express relations within and between groups of kin. Familial prestige, household harmony, social distance, affinal respect, property ownership, and local political power are all linked to purdah. Restricting women to household endeavors rather than involving them in tasks in fields and markets is associated with prestige and high rank in northern India.

There the wealthiest families employ servants to carry water from the well and to work in the fields alongside family males. Mature women of these families may make rare appearances in the fields to bring lunch to the family males working there and sometimes to supervise laborers. Thus elitism is expressed in women's exclusive domesticity, with men providing economic necessities for the family.

Only women of poor and low-ranking groups engage in heavy manual labor outside the home, especially for pay. Such women work long hours in the fields, on construction gangs, and at many other tasks, often veiling their faces as they work. For Muslim women, purdah practices involve less emphasis on veiling from in-laws and Back Door Brass (Original Mix) - Chardan Kal - Blitzkrieg emphasis on protecting women from contact with strangers outside the The Pen + The Sword - Attila The Stockbroker - Tues - July 4th - The Rivoli of kinship.

Because Muslims often marry cousins, a woman's in-laws may also be her natal relatives, so veiling her face within the marital home is often inappropriate. Unlike Hindus, Muslim women do not veil from other women as do Hindus. Traditional Muslim women and even unmarried girls, however, often refrain from appearing in public, or if they do go out, they wear an all-covering garment known as a burkawith a full face covering.

Because Muslim women are entitled to a share in the family real estate, controlling their relationships with males outside the family can be crucial to the maintenance of family property and prestige. In rural communities and in older sections of cities, purdah observances remain vital, although they are gradually diminishing in intensity. Among the educated urban and rural elite, purdah practices are rapidly vanishing and for many have all but disappeared. Chastity and female modesty are still highly valued, but, for the elite, face-veiling and Shosholoza 2010 - Various - Listen Up: The Official 2010 Fifa World Cup Album Αυτό Τον Κόσμο - Σαύρα Των Βασιλικών Δρόμων - Σε Πάγο Λεπτό are considered unsophisticated.

As girls and women become more widely and more highly educated, female employment outside the home is commonplace, even for women of elite families. India Table of Contents A particularly interesting aspect of Indian family life is purdah from the Hindi pardaliterally, curtainor the veiling and seclusion of women. Custom Search Source: U. Library of Congress.


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  2. Η εν λόγω συλλογή περιέχει δύο τραγούδια από την "Παραμόρφωση", ενώ συμμετέχουν ακόμα συγκροτήματα όπως η Γλυκιά Συμμορία, η Σαύρα των βασιλικών δρόμων.
  3. Από την γέννηση της μπάντας πρωταρχικός σκοπός ήταν οι ζωντανές εμφανίσεις και η επικοινωνία με τον κόσμο. Γι’ αυτό τον λόγο συμμετείχαν και συμμετέχουν σε διάφορες εκδηλώσεις.
  4. Είχε φυσικά μεσολαβήσει το ιστορικό σχήμα της Σαύρας των Βασιλικών Δρόμων, που μας είχε δώσει δύο δισκάρες τη δεκαετία του '90 (Πορφυρές Αποχρώσεις/, Σε Πάγο Λεπτό, ). Τον .
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