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O Verbum Patris - The Valparaiso University Chorale - Traditions: Hymns, Motets, And Folk Songs

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Start by pressing the button below! Music theorists and Real World - Mad Cobra - Snypa Way alike will find much of value in this sophisticated exploration of a largely neglected topic. The topic bears on many crucial issues, from sacred music to the exotic, and it is handled with proper concern both for musical technique and for signification. This is a book that needed to be written.

The catalogue of musical examples alone an anthology in all but name is worth the price of admission. Used by permission. Jacket Mt. Pentatonicism from the Eighteenth Century to Debussy weaves together historical commentary with music theory and analysis in order to explain the sources and significance of this important, but hitherto only casually understood, phenomenon.

The book introduces several distinct categories of pentatonic practice—pastoral, primitive, exotic, religious, and coloristic—while also demonstrating their frequent interaction. It shows how each of these categories derives from musical, aesthetic, and ideological developments of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Finally, the book examines pentatonicism And Folk Songs relationship to changes in the melodic and harmonic sensibility of the time. In revealing multiple derivations and fluid meanings, the book ultimately distinguishes pentatonicism from the octatonic and wholetone materials with which it has been conventionally associated.

Except as permitted under current legislation, no part of this work may be photocopied, stored in a retrieval system, published, performed in public, adapted, broadcast, transmitted, recorded, or reproduced in any form or by any means, without the prior permission Monika - Meine Grosse Liebe Wohnt In Amsterdam the copyright owner.

First published University of Rochester Press Mt. ISBN hardcover : alk. Pentatonic scales. Musicth century--History and criticism. D33 Disclaimer: This publication is printed on Penny Lane - Café Crème - Citations Ininterrompues paper. Some images in the printed version of this book are not available for inclusion in the eBook.

Printed in the United States of America. To view these images please refer to the printed version of this book. Theory: 6 in the Major Mode B. Practice: Classical 6 C. Implications E. The Imported Strain of Pentatonicism B. Other Connections E. The Harp in the Nineteenth Century B.

The Tradition of Signification B. The Tradition of Non-Classical 6 C. Illustrations Music Examples I. Berlioz, Symphonie fantastique —32i, end with reduction Chopin, Etude, op. Mahler, Symphony 1iv, reh. Brahms, Schicksalsliedmm. Mahler, Symphony 5 Walkin - Hiroshi Kubota - The Electric Future, i, mm. Tchaikovsky, Romeo and Julietmm.

Lully, Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme arr. Weber, Incidental music to Turandotmm. Rossini, Guillaume TellOverture, mm. Beethoven, Deutsche, WoO 13 5mm. Brahms, Liebeslieder Waltzes, op. Mahler, Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen And Folk Songs end J. Bach, Keyboard Concerto, op. Rimsky-Korsakov, Sinfonietta on Russian Themesreh. Bizet, Djamileh10, Duet, m. Liszt, St. Parish-Alvars, Serenade, op. Parish-Alvars, Fantasia, op.

Thalberg, Nocturne, op. Parenthetical data include ornaments a and internal phrase markings b. The data on motion between f and d c include all such leaps within a single phrase A structuralist interpretation of the religious pentatonic Tonal and melodic capabilities of the single- and double-action harps Enharmonic glissando capabilities of the single- and double-action harps Plates 3.

Thanks go above all to my advisor, James Webster, who provided constant support, patient tutelage and a humbling example; whatever good that I absorbed in Motets graduate Motets as a thinker, a writer, and a teacher, I owe in greatest measure to him.

Kofi Agawu, though my teacher at Cornell only briefly, inspires me even years after our studies together; his ghostly presence—sometimes welcome, sometimes not—sternly accompanies me whenever I sit down to write. Finally, my thoughts turn to Ed Murray, whose involvement during the early stages of this project was O Verbum Patris - The Valparaiso University Chorale - Traditions: Hymns short by his illness and then death in ; I cherish the memory of an incorrigible music lover and an unusually humane, classy guy.

It was a Retrato En Branco E Prieto (Picture In Black And White) - Stan Getz Featuring Joao Gilberto* - The B honor and a great benefit to study with these four teachers.

This book was completed in the four years since my doctorate. My postdoctoral fellowship in the Lilly Fellows Program in Humanities and Arts at Valparaiso University provided an ideal transition to the academic profession, with its unique combination of the intellectual, the spiritual, and the collegial.

I want to offer a special word of thanks to Mel Piehl, Dean of Christ College at Valparaiso, for encouraging me at that time to see my research through to completion as a book. That postdoc and especially my subsequent appointment as Postdoctoral Fellow in Music Theory at the University of Chicago afforded me the time and the resources to do so. Many individuals over the course of many years have contributed ideas and critique that have shaped the present work.

Of these, the three anonymous reviewers for Eastman Studies in Music, along with the series editor Ralph Locke, should be singled out: their comments steered me toward important revisions that have enhanced both the substance and the coherence of this book. Thanks are also due to designer Priscila De Lima for her help with diagrams. My wife and two sons, to whom O Verbum Patris - The Valparaiso University Chorale - Traditions: Hymns lovingly dedicate the book, have given me more than any dedication could tell.

Introduction 1. Pentatonicism in European Art-Music Throughout the world musicians routinely, inevitably, eschew the vast continuum of musical pitch in favor of scales—modest collections of discrete, more or less fixed, notes. Yet, however stylistically insular seventeenth- and eighteenthcentury European concert music was in this respect, composers in the nineteenth century undertook notable experiments using pentatonic materials.

While some of these compositional forays are familiar, the larger phenomenon has scarcely been recognized in anything more than a superficial and anecdotal way in the literature. Equally mistaken is the erroneous, but again typical, suggestion that pentatonicism represents a strictly late nineteenth-century development, with Chopin an anomalous forerunner.

In it, I offer Motets complete reassessment of European pentatonicism, taking as my starting point an extensive catalogue of pentatonic excerpts from music both familiar and unfamiliar. Selections drawn from the catalogue have been copiously reproduced within the text itself so as to aid the reader without undue interruption.

They are intended to be adequate in supporting the argument at hand. The more curious reader, however, will also find cross-references to further items in the And Folk Songs . Definitions and Disclaimers: Pentatonicism Although pentatonicism appears to be a musical universal,6 claims of universality minimize the many historical, theoretical, and ethnographic problems involved in generalizing about scales. The pentatonic scale. But define it we must, and the reader is asked to bear in mind that the definition adopted here applies primarily to the rather circumscribed musical tradition studied in this book: the concert music of eighteenthand nineteenth-century Western Europe.

I define the pentatonic scale as the following subset of the major scale: 1—2—3—5—6— 8 ex. Note that this nomenclature retains the seven diatonic scale degrees even when referencing the pentatonic scale per se: since my project is an examination of pentatonic technique within the Western art-music tradition, I acknowledge a constant tension between the pentatonic and the diatonic.

Marginal though it was, however, both statistically and conceptually, many of its practitioners were themselves far from marginal, and their compositional endorsement of pentatonicism, as it were, albeit limited, is warrant enough for serious consideration. Hence the pentatonic not only differs from the diatonic but can be further viewed in opposition to the chromatic, the three scales situated conceptually as in figure I.

The pentatonic and chromatic as balanced about the diatonic. The pentatonic scale compared to the major scale. The scale steps in the pentatonic system, as in the diatonic, come in two brands, in this case measuring a major second and a minor third. Some implications of this crucial property will be explored in chapter 1. The minor third 3—5, though a structural feature of Motets tonality part of the arpeggiation of the tonic triadis notable for being in a scalar sense infra-diatonic.

For while the pentatonic scale is easily defined, it will be useful to refer more generally to pentatonicism: a set of Around And Around - The Beatles - Thirty Days peculiar O Verbum Patris - The Valparaiso University Chorale - Traditions: Hymns the strict pentatonic system.

Example I. Furthermore, the pentatonicism I describe will more often appear in the melody alone than suffuse an entire texture the pentatonic scale, after all, supports only two triads, I and vi ; it will more often characterize a single passage than govern an entire piece; it may be thematic, ornamental, or accompanimental. Considering such disclaimers, the reader may begin to wonder if pentatonicism, as defined here, constitutes a viable subject after all. The various connections revealed therein stand as a mute or rather, wordless justification of the topic as I have conceived it.

Although each of the five modes has been observed in various cultures, only the major and minor modes support a tonic triad of the conventional sort. Furthermore, in my research I have not found any but the major pentatonic to have interested Western composers, at least not before the Motets nineteenth century. The pentatonic scale enjoys Skinny Minnie - Bill Haley And His Comets - Bill Haleys Greatest Hits! host of acoustical and structural properties that may be psychologically desirable.

Definitions and Disclaimers: Signification As we have seen and as will be discussed further in chapter 1the scalar structure of pentatonicism subverts certain conventions of diatonic tonality. Consequently, as a signifier, it may embody domains at the margins of traditional Western experience. In the course of this book, I will introduce and document several broad categories of pentatonic usage, beginning with the patently signifying modes discussed in part 2.

To recognize these various modes of signification, however, is not to assume a divisive taxonomy. On the contrary, a frequent implication of my heuristic is the fluid manner in which signification can be shown to operate via a network of mutual interrelations among the categories, at times creating potentially complex webs of meaning.


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