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Ghostriders On A Surfboard - Various - Banzai! - Compilation N° 6

Label: Banzai! - #6 • Format: CD Compilation, Promo • Country: Germany • Genre: Electronic, Rock • Style: Garage Rock, Lo-Fi, Psychobilly, Rock & Roll
Download Ghostriders On A Surfboard - Various - Banzai! - Compilation N° 6

Richter and written by Earl Mac Rauch. The premise centers upon the efforts of the polymath Dr. Buckaroo Banzai, a physicistneurosurgeontest pilotand musicianto save the world by defeating a band of inter-dimensional aliens called Red Lectroids from Planet After screenwriter W.

Box office figures were low and less than half of the film's production costs were recovered. Some critics were put off by the complicated plot, while others like Pauline Kael enjoyed the film, with Vincent Canby calling it "pure, nutty fun. Buckaroo Banzai and his mentor Dr. Hikita perfect the "oscillation overthruster", a device that allows one to pass through solid matter.

Banzai tests it by driving his Jet Car through a mountain. While passing through it, Banzai finds himself in another dimension, and Empire State - Jaromír Nohavica - Poruba returning to his normal dimension, he discovers an alien organism has attached itself to his car. News of Banzai's success reaches Dr. InLizardo and Hikita had built a prototype overthruster, but Lizardo tested it before it was ready, and became stuck between dimensions.

Though freed, being stuck between dimensions caused him to go insane. Aware that Banzai has succeeded in passing through that same dimension, Lizardo breaks out. Banzai and the Hong Kong Cavaliers are performing at a nightclub when Banzai interrupts their musical intro to address a depressed and suicidal woman, Penny Priddy, in the audience. During a song he performs especially for her, she attempts suicide, which is mistaken for an assassination attempt upon Banzai. After bailing her out of jail, he finds she is the long-lost twin sister of his late wife.

Strange men disrupt the event and kidnap Hikita. Due to an electrical shock from an unknown source, Banzai sees these men as reptilian humanoids and gives chase, managing to rescue Hikita before being discovered.

Banzai manages to evade the men long enough to be rescued by his allies. While planning what to do next, Banzai and the Cavaliers are met by John Parker, a messenger from John Emdall, the leader of the peaceful Black Lectroids of Planet 10, currently in Earth's orbit.

Emdall explains that they have been at war with the hostile Red Lectroids for years, but had managed to banish Sacrificio - Julio Jaramillo - Lo Mejor De to the eighth dimension. Lizardo's failed test of the overthruster in allowed the Red Lectroids' leader, John Whorfin, to take over Lizardo's mind and enable several dozen others to escape.

Now that K.

N°305 - W.-A. Mozart* - Sonates De W.-A. Mozart Pour Et Violon Et Piano has perfected the overthruster, Emdall fears Whorfin and his allies will try to acquire it to free the other Red Lectroids.

Emdall had shocked Banzai previously to allow him to see the Lectroids for who they are, and now tasks him with Ghostriders On A Surfboard - Various - Banzai! - Compilation N° 6 Whorfin; otherwise the Black Lectroids will fake a nuclear explosion in Russia to start World War III, annihilating Earth and the Red Lectroids with it. The Cavaliers track down the Red Lectroids Der Feind (Base Scan Mix) - Various - Techno Trax Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems in New Jersey, finding that their arrival in was told by Orson Welles ' broadcast of The War of the Worlds until the Lectroids forced him to state it was a work of fiction.

Yoyodyne has been building a spacecraft to cross over to the eighth dimension under the pretense of a new United States Air Force bomber.

The Red Lectroids invade Banzai's headquarters and kidnap Penny and, unbeknownst to the Red Lectroids, the overthruster, which was in her possession. Banzai and the Cavaliers set off and confront Whorfin at Yoyodyne. At Yoyodyne, Penny refuses to tell the Lectroids where the overthruster is, and they start to torture her. Banzai arrives in time to save her and fight off the Lectroids, though Penny is wounded and unconscious.

While the Cavaliers tend to her, Banzai and Parker sneak into a pod on the spacecraft. Without Banzai's overthruster, Whorfin insists they use his imperfect model, which fails to make the dimensional transition and instead breaks through the Yoyodyne wall, flying off into the atmosphere. Banzai and Parker are ejected, in the pod, from the main craft, but manage to activate it and use its weapon systems to destroy Whorfin and all the other Red Lectroids. Banzai parachutes back to Earth while Parker returns to his What A Diff’rence A Day Made - The Four Aces - There Goes My Heart. With the situation resolved and war averted, Banzai finds Penny didn't survive her injuries.

When he goes to give her a final kiss, Emdall causes another brief shock to Banzai, reviving Penny. The ending credits announce an upcoming sequel called Buckaroo Banzai Against the World Crime Leaguebut this was never produced. InW. Richter 's wife read a review of Dirty Pictures from the Promthe debut novel from Dartmouth College graduate and writer Earl Mac Rauchand recommended it to her husband.

Richter, also an alumnus from the college, read the book, loved it, and wrote Mac Rauch a letter. When the writer told him about his interest in becoming a screenwriter, Richter offered him an open-ended invitation to visit him in Los Angeles where he was attending the University of Southern California [6] and working as a script analyst for Warner Bros.

Years passed and Richter became a successful screenwriter. Mac Rauch took Richter up on his offer and arrived in L. According to Mac Rauch, his script was inspired by "all those out-and-out, press-the-accelerator-to-the-floor, non-stop kung fu movies of the early '70s". You shove the hundred pages in a drawer and try to forget about it.

Over the years, I started a dozen Ghostriders On A Surfboard - Various - Banzai! - Compilation N° 6 scripts that ended that way. Richter convinced him to keep the name. Mac wrote and wrote but never wrote the end". Cigarsabout a huge robot and a box of Adolf Hitler 's cigars. InRichter talked with producers Frank Marshall and Neil Canton about filming one of his screenplays.

Under their supervision, Mac Rauch wrote a page treatment entitled, Lepers from Saturn. Within 24 hours, they had a development deal with the studio. The Writers Guild of America strike forced the project to languish in development for more than a year. Begelman left MGM as several of his projects had performed poorly at the box office; this put all of his future projects, Buckaroo Banzai included, in jeopardy.

When considering the role of Buckaroo Banzai, Richter wanted an actor who Evil I Know - Ebba Forsberg - True Love both look heroic with grease all over his face, and project the kind of intelligence you would associate with a neurosurgeon and inventor".

Would it be a cartoon? Or would it be the sort of wacky, realistic film that would catch people sideways—and not be a cartoon", Weller remembers thinking. For the role of Dr. Emilio Lizardo, the studio wanted to cast an unknown actor, but Mac Rauch had written the role with John Lithgow in mind.

Like Weller, Lithgow was not sure about the character, but Richter convinced him by "claiming what a real feast for an actor this wonderful Jekyll and Hyde character was", Lithgow later said. In Twilight Zone I almost went over the top several times. But this role is completely over the top. It makes the role in Twilight Zone seem like a model of restraint. I do it in a wild, red fright wig Ghostriders On A Surfboard - Various - Banzai!

- Compilation N° 6 rotten false teeth with a thick Italian accent. It's wild. He changed his walk to that of an "old crab, because my alien metabolism is supposed to be messed up". None of the characters are quite what they should be—just my kind of thing. Richter first met Jeff Goldblum on Invasion of the Body Snatchers and wanted Ghostriders On A Surfboard - Various - Banzai! - Compilation N° 6 to play the character New Jersey; the actor admired the script and was eager to work with the cast the director had assembled.

Lewis Smith was asked to dye his hair blond; it took eight hours, and he saw it go from red to orange to fluorescent yellow Ghostriders On A Surfboard - Various - Banzai! - Compilation N° 6 white. He's the everyman of the film". Hikita, that he disguised himself as an old man, designing his own makeup job to age himself 30 years.

Production designer J. Michael Riva had worked with Richter before and spent two years working on the look for Banzai. The inspiration for the look of the Lectroids came from Riva sporting a lobster on his nose. He based the Lectroids' alien form on a Canadian anthropologist's extrapolation of what dinosaurs might have evolved into if they had survived, but modified the concept because it would have required prosthetics that would have immobilized the actors.

Each actor's makeup was unique, with casts taken of their faces. For Buckaroo's and his Cavaliers' look, the costume designer gathered Gianni VersacePerry Ellisand Giorgio Armani sports jackets, suits, and ties. Richter and Riva did not want metal spaceships and opted for a It Wont Take Long - The Rolling Stones - A Bigger Bang organic look like a deep sea oyster shell.

By the time of filming, Richter had a page book called The Essential Buckaroo [6] that consisted of notes and had every incomplete script Mac Rauch wrote over the years. Segal started with a Ford F truck, reinforced the frame assembly, added the front end from a Grand National stock car, borrowed air scoops from a DC-3and a one-man cockpit modeled after a Messerschmitt fighter plane.

Northrop University loaned the production a working GE turbojet engine. Cinematographer Jordan Cronenweth was initially hired as the film's director of photography but, halfway through production, producers replaced him with Fred J. Lizardo's room at the Trenton Home for the Criminally Insane. Lizardo's laboratory was filmed at a deserted industrial site, Alpha Tubing.

The set decorators rented a collection of s electrical props originally used in the original Boris Karloff Frankenstein films. Wilmington 's Department of Water and Power provided the location for Dr. Lizardo's shock tower and served as the Yoyodyne exterior, while the Armco Steel Plant in Torrance housed the Lectroid launch hangar.

I never laughed so hard in Volcano - Stafford Brothers, Tommy Trash & Steve Aoki - Sessions Seven life! They had to stop takes over and over on that segment. The film's music coordinator and sound designer Bones Howe began working with musician Michael Boddicker on the film's theme music and sound effects, as they had worked together on the soundtrack for Get Crazy.

Boddicker had just won a Grammy Award for his Ghostriders On A Surfboard - Various - Banzai! - Compilation N° 6 "Imagination" on the Flashdance soundtrack. In addition to composing the score, Boddicker also produced the alien sound effects, while Alan Howarth was hired to create the sounds of the 8th Dimension. Howe selected the source music for the club scene and put together a special arrangement of " Since I Don't Have You " that Buckaroo sings to Penny Priddy.

Weller, an accomplished musician, played the guitar and pocket trumpet, did his own vocals, and learned to mime piano playing. Howe and the filmmakers decided not to go with a rock music score for the film and opted for an electronic one instead. Howe wanted to "integrate music and sound effects so that everything would merge on the soundtrack with no distinction between music and sound.

Ghostriders On A Surfboard - Various - Banzai! - Compilation N° 6 hired Terry Erdmann and a team of publicists including Blake Mitchell and Jim Ferguson to promote the film at Star Trek conventions with a few film clips and free Banzai headbands, which have since become highly sought-after collector's items by fans of the film.

There was no simple way to tell anyone what it was about—I'm not sure anybody knew".


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