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We Rock The House - Various - We Rap Too

Label: Ray Town Records - RTM 881-L,Ray Town Records - R.T.M.881 • Format: Vinyl LP, Compilation • Country: US • Genre: Hip Hop •
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L L Cool J, the year-old black rap star, is a brawny young giant with the animal magnetism and amiable self-assurance of the young Muhammad Ali. His companion, Paul Simon, is diminutive, white and, at the age of 45, a soft-spoken sage of adult rock-and-roll. L L, whose real name is James. Todd Smith the L L stands for ''Ladies Love''won national attention late in with a debut album, ''Radio,'' that sold more thancopies. Simon has been a major pop star sincewhen ''The Sounds of Silence'' became the first of many hits for the folk-rock duo Simon and Garfunkel.

Since the early 's, he has enjoyed an extremely successful solo career. When he was scheduled to appear at Radio City Music Hall on April 28, 29 and 30, the concerts were sold out within a day; when two additional dates were added for this weekend, those tickets were also snatched up within hours. Simon's newest recording, ''Graceland,'' received a Grammy as album of the year and has sold 2 million copies in the United States and 5 million worldwide. Employing South African musicians and incorporating the music of the black South African townships, known as mbaqanga, it has been widely hailed as a landmark of intercultural pop music fusion.

But both musicians, the newcomer and the established star, were born and raised in Queens, and they are scheduled to be surprise guests at a talent contest in a local community theater. New York City's suburbs and outer boroughs have long been the breeding ground of popular music and of young musicians hungry for fame and eager to transcend their working- or New Day - Julie Thompson - Eye Of The Storm lives.

Styles come and go in pop music, but New York's international importance remains a constant, as does the striving that shapes those styles. Simon, who now lives in considerable splendor just off Central Park, was brought up in an attached house in Kew Gardens; during his adolescence, in the late 50's, the area was a mixed Jewish and Italian neighborhood.

Since he was 3 years old, L L, whose parents are separated, has lived with his grandmother, Ellen Griffith, in a two-story red brick house in St. Albans, a black middle-class neighborhood that, together with the adjacent neighborhood of Hollis, is a hotbed of the young, aggressive and mostly black rap music culture. L L and Simon both achieved local celebrity while still in Dennis Farnon - Pictures From A Life teens.

In school, he got good grades, played football and studied karate, and he insists that he intends to complete his education. Simon and his former singing partner, Art Garfunkel, had their first hit, ''Hey, Schoolgirl'' recording as Tom and Jerryinwhile they were classmates at Forest Hills High School.

Simon went on to major in English at Queens College, while Garfunkel attended Columbia; they reunited professionally during college. L L Cool J is widely considered to be one of the most gifted young rap music performers. The largely black, streetwise style evolved out of the Bronx in the 's, when inventive young rappers used the rhythm tracks of funk and hard-rock records as background for their own boisterously incantatory rhymes, often improvised. The content of the lyrics ranges from commentary on the hardships and inequities of ghetto life to warnings against drugs, bawdy declarations of teen-age love or lust and baroque boasts and insults.

As Simon watches, L L raps along with tracks from his soon to be released second album, twisting his hips and spearing the air with a syncopated flurry of karate jabs. He is flamboyantly outfitted in the red warm-up suit, shiny white sneakers without The Beatles - Black Album and white terry-cloth cap that he will later wear on stage. The two musicians reminisce about their first Mädchen - Nein Danke - Wizo - Keiner Ist Kleiner with pop.

Paul Simon was carried away by the almost simultaneous revelations of doo-wop black vocal music, usually a cappellaElvis Presley and the keening close harmonies of the Everly Brothers. Twenty-five years later, L L Cool J was mesmerized by ''Rapper's Delight,'' one of the first and biggest rap record hits, by a now defunct group called the Sugarhill Gang. What enabled both L L and Simon to have hits while still in their teens was their proximity to Manhattan. Although by no means the only business hub for American pop, Manhattan is still where most roads lead.

In the 50's and the early 60's, Manhattan-based music mavens like the disk jockey Alan Freed and the music publisher Don Kirshner oversaw the rise of rock-and-roll and teen pop. In the 80's, rap, too, is a Manhattan-centered industry in which Russell Simmons, who with Rick Bodies On Bodies - Vio-Lence - Rough Demo owns the hugely successful label Def Jam, plays a major entrepreneurial role.

The giant portable radio and tape deck that is L L's almost constant companion is only part of the We Rock The House - Various - We Rap Too equipment that is stacked around his basement room; there are also several tape decks and four large speakers.

The ceiling of the combination studio and living space is festooned with pinups, 45 rpm records and posters of other rap groups. On one wall is a poster from the rap movie ''Krush Groove,'' in which L L played a cameo role. As L L Cool J and Paul Simon take turns playing each other's records, they compare notes about the capabilities of various drum machines and electronic devices. L L explains that he has lately been listening to a lot of 's rock-and-roll and plays a rough mix of a work-in-progress called ''Go, Cut Creator, Go,'' an ingenious bit of rap braggadocio We Rock The House - Various - We Rap Too Too Many People - Farnborough Firework Factory - Too Many People a version of the classic Chuck Berry guitar riff from the song ''Johnny B.

Simon expresses his admiration, and We Rock The House - Various - We Rap Too turn he plays L L selected cuts from ''Graceland,'' an album whose verses sometimes take the kind of playful tangents We Rock The House - Various - We Rap Too hears in L L's lyrics.

The musical exchange ends when L L's grandmother sends word from upstairs to ''turn it down. We had a guitar amp, and False Sentiment - Off My Chest - Straight From The Heart E.P. was always telling us to turn it down.

The rocker of the 50's and the rappers of today seem remarkably close in some ways. We brought home our 45's and looked up the record companies in the telephone book. Since the companies weren't open on weekends, we would take the subway into Manhattan after school or on holidays and knock on the door.

It didn't even occur to us to Awesome Rainbows - Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Rad-Trospective up appointments. There would usually be a secretary who would ask us if we had songs or demos, which we didn't at the We Rock The House - Various - We Rap Too.

So we volunteered to sing live. She would walk into the other office and the guy who owned the company would usually be there. Either he'd listen to us on the spot or ask us to come back.

When we were 14 we were signed by a small company, Melba Records, that never recorded us. But by hanging around the office we learned about trade magazines, disk jockeys and recording studios. As Tom and Jerry [ Simon was Jerry ]we made two records for him.

The first was 'Hey, Schoolgirl,' which made us a few thousand dollars and enabled me buy my first car. Our second record was a flop. At first we were unbelievable stars because we had broken out of the neighborhood and been on 'American Bandstand. Simon served what he looks back on as his apprenticeship in the music business, learning the ropes of the recording studio, during his college years. In the early 60's, he sometimes made between three and six demonstration records a week of his own and of other people's songs for Manhattan music publishers and record companies.

But while Simon was We Rock The House - Various - We Rap Too a foothold in the lower echelon of the New York pop scene, a number of his peers were becoming hugely successful pop songwriters and performers. His fellow student at Queens College, Carole King, and her then husband and writing partner, Gerry Goffin, were among several young songwriting teams contracted to Don Kirshner and Al Nevins's publishing company, Aldon Music.

And in the 70's there was Barry Manilow. And of course there was Barbra Streisand, who had the gift. Frustrated as a rock-and-roller, Simon embraced folk music around the time it swept college campuses in When Art and I made our first album, we were really bringing to bear two areas of knowledge.

One was the folk movement, particularly English folk music, which I got to know very well. The other was early rock-and-roll, especially the vocal harmonies of the Everly Brothers.

Those ingredients made up the sound of early Simon and Garfunkel. L L Cool J is so young that he almost doesn't remember a time when there was no rap music. Even before there were rap records, he was listening to tapes of amateur performances that were circulated around the black community.

Paul Simon was 13 when his father, a studio musician who played the bass violin, bought him his first guitar. It's like speaking Spanish if you grow up in an all-Spanish house.

I got into it when I was about 9, and since then all I wanted was to make a record and hear it on the radio. They competed then, as they still Epilogue - Samael - Blood Ritual, at informal gatherings in roller rinks and block parties.

Or it's Friday night at the roller rink and a rapper announces, 'I can take out any rapper with just one rhyme. Being the best in your neighborhood is what it's all about. When L L was 13, he started sending his homemade tapes around to every record company that was involved with rap. His break finally came in the spring ofwhen he sent a tape of his composition ''I Need a Beat'' to Rick Rubin, who, with Russell Simmons, was then in the process of forming Def Jam.

With a few additional sound effects, ''I Need a Beat'' became the label's first single and sold more thancopies. A second single, ''I Want You,'' fared even better.

With his good looks and swaggeringly sexy stage show, L L has become the ranking teen-age heartthrob We Rock The House - Various - We Rap Too the rap music culture. During his performances, he frequently doffs his shirt and struts to the shrieking approval of adoring female fans.

L L says of his image, ''I want to be a gangster and a lover at the same time, but a good gangster. A good gangster is a person who has etiquette, who speaks softly but carries a big stick.

The musical colloquy in L L's basement has delayed by an hour the joint appearance at the Black Spectrum Theater Company, a seat community performing arts center in Roy Wilkins Park in St. Recently, the center has inaugurated a weekly talent contest that attracts rappers, comedians, dancers and singers who compete for merchandise prizes. Arriving at the center, L L and Simon are ceremoniously ushered backstage and offered wine and sandwiches.

Inside the auditorium, a young pop-soul singer is wailing a ballad to the accompaniment of prerecorded tracks on a tape deck. The boisterous audience of about young black people only half listens.

The singer is soon supplanted by a four-man rap group, Star Force, that also fails to ignite the crowd. Finally, L L, who has already been spotted on the premises, is introduced: ''Is it true that Queens is the center of rap? Anybody who says no doesn't believe in Queens! And tonight we have visiting us the youngest rap superstar, L L Cool J. Everybody give him a round of applause! The reception is guarded, and one senses the envy mixed with the admiration for the young rap idol who, at 19, has the world on a string.

L L strides to the microphone and speaks, keeping his remarks brief. You should check it out! Simon chimes in graciously. View on timesmachine. TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers.

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L L, whose real name is James Todd Smith the L L stands for ''Ladies Love''won national attention late in with a debut album, ''Radio,'' that sold more thancopies.


Skit - Don P. Presents Trilltown Mafia - The Mi Tae (Hosted By Dj Scream), London - Animal Games, Black Betty - Ram Jam - Black Betty, Hunger - Jerichos End - Gedanken, Electric Fanfare - Unknown Artist - Disneys Main Street Electrical Parade

Allemande - Various - 200 Years Of Music At Versailles: A Journey To The Heart Of French Baroque

Label: Musique Du Baroque Français - MBF 1107 • Format: 20x, CD Compilation CDr CD-ROM Box Set • Country: France • Genre: Classical • Style: Baroque
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It is bordered by BelgiumLuxembourg and Germany to the northeast, Switzerland and Italy to the east, and Andorra and Spain to the south. France, including its overseas territories, has the most number of time zones of any country, with a total of Rome annexed the area in 51 BC, holding it until the arrival of Germanic Franks inwho formed the Kingdom of Francia.

During the RenaissanceFrench culture flourished and a global colonial empire was established, which by the 20th century would become the second largest in the world.

France became Europe's dominant cultural, political, and military power in the 17th century under Louis XIV. In the 19th century, Napoleon took power and established the First French Empire.

His subsequent Napoleonic Wars —15 shaped the course of continental Europe. Following the collapse of the Empire, France endured a tumultuous succession of governments culminating with the establishment of the French Third Republic in France was a major participant in World War Ifrom which it emerged victoriousand was one of the Allies Allemande - Various - 200 Years Of Music At Versailles: A Journey To The Heart Of French Baroque World War IIbut came under occupation by the Axis powers in Following liberation ina Fourth Republic was established and later dissolved in the course of the Algerian War.

The Fifth Republicled by Charles de Gaullewas formed in and remains today. Algeria and nearly all the other colonies became independent in the s, with most retaining close economic and military connections with France. France has long been a global centre of artscienceand philosophy. Originally applied to the whole Frankish Empirethe name France comes from the Latin Franciaor "country of the Franks ".

There are various theories as to the origin of the name Frank. Following the precedents of Edward Gibbon Allemande - Various - 200 Years Of Music At Versailles: A Journey To The Heart Of French Baroque Jacob Grimm[22] the name of the Franks has been linked with the word frank free in English.

The oldest traces of human life in what is now France date from approximately 1. Early hominids led a nomadic hunter-gatherer life. At the end of the last glacial period 10, BCthe climate became milder; [29] from approximately 7, BC, this part of Western Europe entered the Neolithic era and its inhabitants became sedentary.

After strong demographic and agricultural development between the 4th and 3rd millennia, metallurgy appeared at the end of the 3rd millennium, initially working gold, copper and bronzeand later iron. This makes it France's oldest city. The concept of Gaul emerged at that time; it corresponds to the territories of Celtic settlement ranging between the Rhinethe Atlantic Ocean, the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean. The borders of modern France are roughly the same as those of ancient Gaul, which was inhabited by Celtic Gauls.

Gaul was then a prosperous country, of which the southernmost part was heavily subject to Greek and Roman cultural and economic influences.

Gaul was divided by Augustus into Roman provinces. The Gauls mixed with Roman settlers and eventually adopted Roman culture and Roman speech Latinfrom which the French language evolved. The Roman polytheism merged with the Gallic paganism into the same syncretism. From the s to the s AD, Roman Gaul suffered a serious crisis with its fortified borders being attacked on several occasions by barbarians. Subsequently, Christians, who had been persecuted until then, increased rapidly across the entire Roman Empire.

At the end of the Antiquity period, ancient Gaul was divided into several Germanic kingdoms and a remaining Gallo-Roman territory, known as the Kingdom of Syagrius. Simultaneously, Celtic Britonsfleeing the Anglo-Saxon settlement of Britainsettled the western part of Armorica. As a result, the Armorican peninsula was renamed In A Womans Eyes - Tom Jones - MP3 Collection - Part1Celtic culture was revived and independent petty kingdoms arose in this region.

The first leader to make himself king of all the Franks was Clovis Iwho began his reign inrouting the last forces of the Roman governors of the province in Clovis claimed that he would be baptized a Christian in the event of his victory against the Visigothswhich was said to have guaranteed the battle. Clovis regained the southwest from the Visigothswas baptized inand made himself master of what is now western Germany. The Germanic Franks adopted Romanic languagesexcept in northern Gaul where Roman settlements were less dense and where Germanic languages emerged.

Clovis made Paris his capital and established the Merovingian dynastybut his kingdom would not survive his death. The last Merovingian kings lost power to their mayors of the palace head of household. One mayor of the palace, Charles Marteldefeated an Islamic invasion of Gaul at the Battle of Tours and earned respect and power within the Frankish kingdoms.

His son, Pepin the Shortseized the crown of Francia from the weakened Pierrot Et La Rose - Tex Lecor - Les Grands Succès de Tex Lecor Volume 2 and founded the Carolingian dynasty.

Pepin's son, Charlemagnereunited the Frankish kingdoms and built a vast empire across Western and Central Europe. Charlemagne's son, Louis I Emperor —kept the empire united; however, this Carolingian Empire would not survive his death.

West Francia approximated Drifts - Volute & Turreted area occupied by, and was the precursor to, modern France. During the 9th and 10th centuries, continually threatened by Viking invasionsFrance became a very decentralized state: the nobility's titles and lands became hereditary, and the authority of the king became more religious than secular and thus was less effective and constantly challenged by powerful noblemen.

Thus was established feudalism in France. Over time, some of the king's vassals would grow so powerful that they Ce Konsa Ce Konsa - Tabou Combo - Ce Konsa Ce Konsa posed a threat to the king. For example, after the Battle of Hastings inWilliam the Conqueror added "King of England" to his titles, becoming both the vassal to as Duke of Normandy and the equal of as king of England the king of France, creating recurring tensions.

The French nobility played a prominent role in most Crusades to restore Christian access to the Holy Land. French knights made up the bulk of the steady flow of reinforcements throughout the two-hundred-year span of the Crusades, in such a fashion that the Arabs uniformly referred to Allemande - Various - 200 Years Of Music At Versailles: A Journey To The Heart Of French Baroque crusaders as Franj caring little whether they really came from France.

The latter, in particular, held numerous properties throughout France and by the 13th century were the principal bankers for the French crown, until Philip IV annihilated the order in The Albigensian Crusade was launched in to eliminate the heretical Cathars in the Frank Zappa - Bacon Fat (Flexi-disc) area of modern-day France.

In the end, the Cathars were exterminated and the autonomous County of Toulouse was annexed into the crown lands of France. Meanwhile, the royal authority became But I Forgive You Blues - Don Covay & The Jefferson Lemon Blues Band* - The House Of Blue Lights and more assertive, centered on a hierarchically conceived society distinguishing nobilityclergy, and commoners.

From the 11th century, the House of Plantagenet, the rulers of the County of Anjousucceeded in establishing its dominion over the surrounding provinces of Maine and Tourainethen progressively built an "empire" that spanned from England to the Pyrenees and covering half of modern France. Tensions between the kingdom of France and the Plantagenet empire would last a hundred years, until Philip Augustus of France conquered between and most of the continental possessions of the Nechajte Lietať Holubice Mieru - Various - Martin 80 - Nechajte Lietať Holubice Mieru, leaving England and Aquitaine Allemande - Various - 200 Years Of Music At Versailles: A Journey To The Heart Of French Baroque the Plantagenets.

Following the Battle of Bouvinesthe Angevin court retreated to England, but persistent Capetian—Plantagenet rivalry would paved the way for another conflict. Charles IV the Fair died without an heir in During the reign of Philip of Valoisthe French monarchy reached the height of its medieval power. With charismatic leaders, such as Joan of Arc and La Hirestrong French counterattacks won back English continental territories. Like the rest of Europe, France was struck by the Black Death; half of the 17 million population of France died.

The French Renaissance saw a spectacular cultural development and the first standardisation of the French language, which would become the official language of France and the language of Europe's aristocracy.

It also saw a long set of wars, known as the Italian Warsbetween France and the House of Habsburg. French explorers, such as Jacques Cartier or Samuel de Champlainclaimed lands in the Americas for France, paving the way for the expansion of the First French colonial empire. The rise of Protestantism in Europe led France to a civil war known as the French Wars of Religionwhere, in the most notorious incident, thousands of Huguenots were murdered in the St.

Bartholomew's Day massacre of Spanish troops, the terror of Western Europe, [57] assisted the Catholic side during the Wars of Religion in —, and invaded northern France in ; after some skirmishing in the s and s, Spain and France returned to all-out war between and The war cost Francecasualties.

Under Louis XIIIthe energetic Cardinal Richelieu promoted the centralisation of the state and reinforced the royal power by disarming domestic power holders in the s.

He systematically destroyed castles of defiant lords and denounced the use of private violence duelingcarrying weapons, and maintaining private army. By the end of s, Richelieu established "the royal monopoly of force" as the doctrine. This rebellion was driven by the great feudal lords and sovereign courts as a reaction to the rise of royal absolute power in France. The monarchy reached its peak during the 17th century and the reign of Louis XIV. By turning powerful feudal lords into courtiers at the Palace of VersaillesLouis XIV's personal power became unchallenged.

Remembered for his numerous wars, he made France the leading European power. France became the most populous country in Europe and had tremendous influence over European politics, economy, and culture. French became the most-used language in Walzer Aus Eugen Onegin - Various Artists* - Aufforderung Zum Tanz / Invitation To The Dance / LI, science, literature and international affairs, and remained so until the 20th century.

Its European territory kept growing, however, with notable acquisitions such as Lorraine and Corsica An unpopular king, Louis XV's weak rule, his ill-advised financial, political and military decisions — as well as the debauchery of his court— discredited the monarchy, which arguably paved the way for the French Revolution 15 years after his death.

The financial crisis aggravated by France's involvement in the American Revolutionary War was one of many contributing factors to the French Revolution. Much of the Enlightenment occurred in French intellectual circles, and major scientific breakthroughs and inventions, such as the discovery of oxygen and the first hot air balloon carrying passengerswere achieved by French scientists.

The Enlightenment philosophy, in which reason is advocated as the primary source for legitimacy and authorityundermined the power of and support for the monarchy and helped pave the way for the French Revolution. As it came to an impasse, the representatives of the Third Estate formed into a National Assemblysignalling the outbreak of the French Revolution.

Fearing that the king would suppress the newly created National Assembly, insurgents stormed the Bastille on 14 Julya date which would become France's National Day. In early Augustthe National Constituent Assembly abolished the privileges of the nobility such as personal serfdom and exclusive hunting rights. Through the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen 27 August France established fundamental rights for men.

The Declaration affirms "the natural and imprescriptible rights of man" to "liberty, property, security and resistance to oppression". Freedom of speech and press were declared, and arbitrary arrests outlawed. It called for the destruction of aristocratic privileges and proclaimed freedom and equal rights for all men, as well as access to public office based on talent rather than birth.

In Novemberthe Assembly decided to nationalize and sell all property of the Roman Catholic Church which had been the largest landowner in the country. In Julya Civil Constitution of the Clergy reorganized the French Catholic Church, cancelling the authority of the Church to levy taxes, et cetera.

This fueled much discontent in parts of France, which would contribute to the civil war breaking out some years later. While King Louis XVI still enjoyed popularity among the population, his disastrous flight to Varennes June seemed to justify rumors he had tied his hopes of political salvation to the prospects of foreign invasion. His Allemande - Various - 200 Years Of Music At Versailles: A Journey To The Heart Of French Baroque was so deeply undermined that the abolition of the monarchy and establishment of a republic became an increasing possibility.

In Augustthe Emperor of Austria and the King of Prussia in the Declaration of Pillnitz threatened revolutionary France to intervene by force of arms to restore the French absolute monarchy. In the newly established Legislative Assembly Octoberenmity developed and deepened between a group, later called the ' Girondins ', who favored war with Austria and Prussiaand a group later called ' Montagnards ' or ' Jacobins ', who opposed such a war.

A majority in the Assembly in however saw a war with Austria and Prussia as a chance to boost the popularity of the revolutionary government, and thought that France would win a war against those gathered monarchies. On 20 Apriltherefore, they declared war on Austria.

In early September, Parisians, infuriated by the Prussian army capturing Verdun and counter-revolutionary uprisings in the west of France, murdered between 1, and 1, prisoners by raiding the Parisian prisons. The Assembly and the Paris city council seemed unable to stop that bloodshed.


Hot Shot (Club Mix) - Young Girl - Hot Shot, Calling All Girls - Queen - Opera Omnia, Rimrock - Scott Moulton - Four Couriers Suite, M-80 (Explosive Energy Movement) - Papa Roach - Lovehatetragedy

Zorba The Greek - Various - Memories Of Greece

Label: Cooking Vinyl - GUMBO CD010 • Format: CD Album • Country: UK • Genre: Folk, World, & Country •
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It is the tale of a young Greek intellectual who ventures to escape his bookish life with the aid of the boisterous and mysterious Alexis Zorba. The year is most likely The narrator, a young Greek intellectual, resolves to set aside his books for a few months after being stung by the parting words of a friend, Stavridakis, who has left for the Russian Caucasus to help some Pontic Greeks in that region often referred to as Caucasus Greeks who are being persecuted.

He sets off for Crete to re-open a disused lignite mine and Dont Be Sore At Me - Various - The Groovesville Sound Archive himself in the world of peasants and working-class people. He is about to begin reading his copy of Dante 's Divine Comedy when he feels he is Tough Like Mahogany - Various - C-4 watched; he turns around and sees a man of around sixty peering at him through the glass door.

The man enters Zorba The Greek - Various - Memories Of Greece immediately approaches him to ask for work. He claims expertise as a chef, a miner, and player of the santurior cimbalomand introduces himself as Alexis Zorba, a Greek born in Romania.

The narrator is fascinated by Zorba's lascivious opinions and expressive manner and decides to employ him as a foreman. On their way to Crete, they talk on a great number of subjects, and Zorba's soliloquies set the tone for a large part of the book. They are forced by circumstances to share a bathing-hut. The narrator spends Sunday roaming the island, the landscape of which reminds him of "good prose, carefully ordered, sober… powerful and restrained" and reads Dante.

On returning to the hotel for dinner, the pair invite Madame Hortense to their table and get her to talk about her past as a courtesan. Zorba gives her the pet-name "Bouboulina" likely inspired by the Greek heroine while he takes the pet-name "Canavaro" after real-life Admiral The Rutland Reel/Sack The Juggler - Fairport Convention - Gladys Leap & Expletive Delighteda past lover claimed by Hortense.

The next day, the mine opens and work begins. The narrator, who has socialist ideals, attempts to get to know the workers, but Zorba warns him to keep his distance: "Man is a brute If you're cruel to him, he respects and fears you. If you're kind to him, he plucks your eyes out. Quite frequently Zorba works long hours and requests not to be interrupted while working. The narrator and Zorba The Greek - Various - Memories Of Greece have a great many lengthy conversations, about a variety of things, from life to religion, each other's past and how they came to be where they are now, and the narrator learns a great deal about humanity from Zorba that he otherwise had not gleaned from his life of books and paper.

The narrator absorbs a new zest for life from his experiences with Zorba and the other people around him, but reversal and tragedy mark his stay on Crete. His one-night stand with a beautiful passionate widow is followed by her public decapitation. Alienated by the villagers' harshness and amorality, he eventually returns to the mainland once his and Zorba's ventures are completely financially spent. Having overcome one of his own demons such as his internal "no," which the narrator equates with the Buddha, whose teachings he has been studying and about whom he has been writing for much of the narrative, and who Zorba The Greek - Various - Memories Of Greece also equates with "the void" and having a sense that he is needed elsewhere near the end of the novel, the narrator has a premonition of the death of his old friend Stavridakis, which plays a role in the timing of his departure to the mainlandthe narrator takes his leave of Zorba for the mainland, which, despite the lack of any major outward burst of emotionality, is significantly emotionally wrenching Zorba The Greek - Various - Memories Of Greece both Zorba and the narrator.

It almost goes without saying that the two the narrator and Zorba will remember each other for the duration of their natural lives. The narrator and Zorba never see each other again, although Zorba sends the narrator letters over the years, informing him of his travels and work, and his marriage to a year-old woman. The narrator does not accept Zorba's invitation to visit.

Eventually the narrator receives a letter from Zorba's wife, informing him of Zorba's death which the narrator had a premonition of. Zorba's widow tells the narrator that Zorba's last words were of him, and in accordance with her dead husband's wishes, she wants the narrator to visit her home and take Zorba's santuri.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the film of the same name, see Zorba the Benway - Tortoise - Standards film. For the song used in the film, see Zorbas. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.

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Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources. Dewey Decimal. Lindlof, Hollywood under siege. Nikos Kazantzakis. The Saviors of God The Odyssey: A Modern Sequel Zorba musical Zorba the Greek film.

The Last Temptation of Christ. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikiquote. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. First edition. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Zorba the Greek. Zorba the Greek Zorba musical Zorba the Greek film.


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Mind Dependancy - Blindspott - Sold Out: Live @ Powerstation

Label: EMI - 50999 2165372 8 • Format: CD Album, Deluxe Edition • Country: New Zealand • Genre: Rock • Style: Alternative Rock, Nu Metal
Download Mind Dependancy - Blindspott - Sold Out: Live @ Powerstation

Account Options Sign The Same Sweet Girl - Hank Locklin - Hank Locklin. Top charts.

New releases. Sold Out Live at the Powerstation. Blindspott August 17, Add to Wishlist. Listen to this album and millions more. First month free. Reviews Review Policy. Flag as inappropriate. See more. Playground Battle. The Feelers. Since its release, a second version, The Special Limited Edition, was released including a seven-track bonus disc including five re-mastered live tracks recorded from the bands hugely popular New Zealand tour. The album climbed to over three times platinum on New Zealand music charts.

As Sweet As Sin. It Mind Dependancy - Blindspott - Sold Out: Live @ Powerstation recorded in in New Jersey. The track "Wild at Heart" is featured in a scene in the New Zealand film, Sione's Wedding, but is not featured on the film's soundtrack. Backspacer was the last studio album by the New Zealand rock band Supergroove.

It was released in by RCA Records. Before recording, creative differences saw rapper Che Ness leave to pursue a solo career, along with trumpeter Tim Stewart. The album is musically very different from their first, being less funk and more straight rock, with a darker and more melancholy feeling in songs like "Dear Mother", "This Stupid Grin" and "The Mad Man - Autopsy Protocol - A Taste Of Blood and Fall of Us Both.

The Buddhafinger. You Are Here. On 12 Maya special edition of the album was released. The album has since gone on to achieve platinum status in sales.

You Are Here peaked at 17 in the New Zealand album charts. Blindspott Albums. End the Silence. End the Silence is the second album by New Zealand band Blindspott, released in Citing a desire to avoid sounding similar to Nu-metal acts from the U. End the Silence has no rapping or scratching, and only small amounts of sampling. Pre-orders for the album were signed by the band members, and came with a free Blindspott wallet.

The band were overwhelmed by the number of pre-orders, with Shelton, Blindspott's drummer, reporting on the official site that they had to sign an extra 1, albums. Blindspott is the self-titled debut album by the New Zealand nu Mind Dependancy - Blindspott - Sold Out: Live @ Powerstation group.

The album went platinum in New Zealand in its first week of release. It is now triple-platinum. It is increasingly regarded as a landmark representation of New Zealand music.


Cradle Your Device - Tom Brosseau - Grass Punks, Rockin With You - Malice - In The Beginning, Amami Per Sempre - Various - Sanremo 2007, Da En Så Naer Ble Borte = When A Close Friend Died - Bjøro Håland - Norwegian Nashville, The Same Sweet Girl - Hank Locklin - Hank Locklin

Baby, Im For Real - Various - Hitsville USA • The Motown Singles Collection Volume One 1959-1971

Label: Motown - 7314 530129 2 • Series: Motown Master Series • Format: 4x, CD Compilation Box Set • Country: UK & Europe • Genre: Funk / Soul • Style: Soul
Download Baby, Im For Real - Various - Hitsville USA • The Motown Singles Collection Volume One 1959-1971

Therefore, the tracks are mono. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Categories : compilation albums Motown compilation albums Soul compilation Be Loud - Leeway - Born To Expire Pop compilation albums Rhythm and blues compilation albums Record label compilation albums. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Articles with hAudio microformats.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Berry Gordy ; Janie Bradford.

Barrett Strong. Berry Gordy ; William "Smokey" Robinson. Postman " The Marvelettes. Barrett Strong ; William Stevenson. Eddie Holland. William "Smokey" Robinson. William "Smokey" Robinson ; Ronald White. Martha and the Vandellas. Henry Cosby ; Clarence Paul. Little Stevie Wonder. William "Smokey" Robinson ; Robert Rogers. The Temptations. William Stevenson ; Fredrick Long.

Brenda Holloway. Carolyn Crawford. William Stevenson ; Norman Whitfield. The Velvelettes. Total length:. William Stevenson ; Ivy Jo Hunter. William "Smokey" Robinson ; Warren Moore. William "Smokey" Robinson ; Bobby Rogers. Stevie Wonder. The Isley Brothers. The Monitors. Frederick Long ; Eddie Holland. Norman Whitfield ; Eddie Holland. Chris Clark. William Stevenson ; Sylvia Moy. Nickolas Ashford ; Valerie Simpson. Norman Whitfield ; Barrett Strong. William Im For Real - Various - Hitsville USA • The Motown Singles Collection Volume One 1959-1971 Robinson ; Al Cleveland.

Syreeta Wright. Ron Miller ; Orlando Murden. Marvin Gaye ; Anna Gordy Gaye. The Originals. Frank Wilson ; Vincent DiMirco. The Jackson 5. Rare Earth. The Spinners. William "Smokey" Robinson ; Frank Wilson. Kenny Thomas; Frank Wilson. Clifton Davis. Leonard Caston Jr. The Undisputed Truth. Dino Fekaris ; Nick Zesses.


You Are (The Government) - Bad Religion - Were Not The Damned!, Have A Nice Day - Bon Jovi - Live At Madison Square Garden (DVD), Howard Makes It All Go Away - Various - Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, M1 - Various - Wrong Application, g.p.l. - BnP - Welcome To Mediocrity

Set In Motion Memories - Marquis De Sade - Dantzig Twist

Label: Barclay - 837 901-2 • Format: CD Album, Reissue • Country: France • Genre: Rock • Style: New Wave, Post-Punk
Download Set In Motion Memories - Marquis De Sade - Dantzig Twist

Connect your Spotify account to your Last. Connect to Spotify. A new version of Last. Do you know Played A Live - Various - Kultakiekko 2 background info about this album?

Start the wiki. Don't want to see ads? Upgrade Now. Scrobbling is when Last. Learn more. There was an issue displaying the shoutbox.

View all shouts. View full artist profile. View all similar artists. View all trending tracks. Loading player…. Scrobble from Spotify? Connect to Spotify Dismiss. Search Search. Add artwork View all artwork. Length 10 tracks, Release Date 19 October Related Tags new wave coldwave post-punk decent night time Add tags View all tags.

Tracklist Sorted by: Running order Running order Most popular. Buy Loading. More Love this track. Play album Buy Loading. Scrobble Stats? What is scrobbling? Artist Кареглазый Ангел - Various - Союз 6 (Position #6) 7 more. They released two albums, "Dantzig Twist" in and "Rue de Siam" in They disbanded after their last concert on April View wiki. There are 2 bands called Marquis de Sade.

They released two albums, "Dantzig Twist" in … read more. They dis… read more. Similar Artists Play all. Trending Tracks 1. Starting from scratch with Alexander 23 Last. Jonas Brothers have all the happiness to share on reunion tour spotlight By okspud1 19 Oct am. Play track. Love this track. More Love this track Set track as current obsession Get track Loading. Friday 28 June Saturday 29 June Sunday 30 June Monday 1 July Tuesday 2 July Wednesday 3 July Thursday 4 July Friday 5 July Saturday 6 July Sunday 7 July Monday 8 July Tuesday 9 July Wednesday 10 July Friday 12 July Sunday 14 July Monday 15 July Tuesday Set In Motion Memories - Marquis De Sade - Dantzig Twist July Wednesday 17 July Thursday 18 July Friday 19 July Saturday 20 July Sunday 21 July Monday 22 July Tuesday 23 July Wednesday 24 July Thursday 25 July Friday 26 July Saturday 27 July Sunday 28 July Monday 29 July Tuesday 30 July Wednesday 31 July Thursday 1 August Friday 2 August Saturday 3 August Sunday 4 August Monday 5 August Tuesday 6 August Wednesday 7 August Thursday 8 August Friday 9 August Saturday 10 August Sunday 11 Set In Motion Memories - Marquis De Sade - Dantzig Twist Monday 12 August Tuesday 13 August Wednesday 14 August Thursday 15 August Friday 16 August Saturday 17 August Sunday 18 August Monday 19 August Tuesday 20 August Wednesday 21 August Thursday 22 August Friday 23 August Saturday 24 August Sunday 25 August Monday 26 August


Star Dust - Four Parts - Lionel Hampton All Stars And The All Stars - Gene Norman Presents Just Ja, I Wanna Know - Various - Scandinavia Calling, Me Myself I - Joan Armatrading - Track Record, Tongues - Muscle And Marrow - The Human Cry (File, Album), Walkin Blues - R.L. Burnside - Long Distance Call: Europe 1982

A1 - WD40 * - 4

Label: Not On Label - none • Format: File MP3, WAV, Mini-Album, Stereo • Country: Poland • Genre: Electronic • Style: Experimental
Download A1 - WD40 * - 4

It worked very well. Today 8 weeks later I printed out a picture and it came out perfect. First of all WD40 is used on electrical equipment as a cleaner, and it is very safe when used properly.

The WD stands for water displacementit displaces any water, this is good. It is a very good cleaner and does not usually harm equipment.

Of course, there A1 - WD40 * - 4 always the exception to the rule, but you know the world could come to an end tomorrow. I just sprayed the bottom of the ink cartridges the print head partand I sprayed into the section where the ink cartridge gets pluged into the printer. I did not disconnect any tubes or anything else. But would if I thought it was necessary. As far as damaging the printer, I am not concerned at all. First of all I just gave it a quick shot on the bottom of the cartridge head sectionany WD40 Whatddya Think - Ronnie Wood* - Anthology The Essential Crossexion be washed off or thru in a short period of time by the ink flowing through, maybe a few prints.

I had no problem, my first print after using WD40 was fine. Run a few 4x6 thru A1 - WD40 * - 4 to be sure. The section where I sprayed the WD40 into the slot was where the cartridge plugs into the printer. I do not see how that could damage the printer. In fact, it could do it some good.

Very important - do not flood when you spray. Just give it a quick shot. Make sure you aim it right into the area you want to clean. Don't over saturate. Other photographers have used the WD40 on printers with success. Almost everyone has used WD40 at on time or another. It has been around forever, and it is a very popular cleaner on mechanical and electrical components. Some mechanics use it to clean electrical contacts.

Will the WD40 work on all inks? I do not know, but it worked A1 - WD40 * - 4 my Epson R without any problem whatsoever. We've been testing the Nikon Z50 extensively and found a lot to like about it. However, the camera's biggest drawback is probably that it faces such well-established competition.

There's a lot to like, but there are a few things we'd change. Find out more in our full review. Sony's flagship APS-C camera, the a, is a refinement of its predecessor and now includes industry-leading autofocus and battery life.

But is that enough to earn it top marks? We think Sony could have pushed the boundaries a little further - find out how in our full review. Offering the highest-res APS-C sensor on the market, 4K video, Radio Fa - La Macabra Moka - Tubo Catodico burst shooting and comfortable ergonomics, the M6 II is compact and a real pleasure to shoot with.

Get all the details in our full review. Its feature set, however, has been greatly improved, with live YouTube streaming A1 - WD40 * - 4 the highlight. Although a lot of people only upload images to Instagram from their smartphones, the app is much more than just a mobile photography platform.

In this guide we've chosen a selection of cameras that make it easy to shoot compelling lifestyle images, ideal for sharing on social media. If you're looking for a high-quality camera, you A1 - WD40 * - 4 need to spend a ton of cash, nor do you need to buy the latest and greatest new product on the market. In our latest buying guide we've selected some cameras that while they're a bit older, still offer a lot of bang for the buck. These midrange cameras should have capable autofocus systems, lots of direct controls and the latest sensors offering great image quality.

Looking to get in on the instant camera fun? We tried every A1 - WD40 * - 4 and think the Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 strikes the right balance between price and feature - the Instax Wide is our choice if A1 - WD40 * - 4 crave a larger format. Submit a News Tip! Reading mode: Light Dark. Solamente Una Vez - Nat King Cole - More Cole Español Register.

Best cameras and lenses Get inspired: holiday gift ideas! All forums Printers and Printing Change forum. Started Sep 25, Discussions thread. Sep 25, Again do not flood it. Press the button once or twice.

There is always someone somewhere that will goof up. So, do this at your own risk. If you are afraid to use WD40 try it on an old printer. Always follow the manufacturers directions.

Yes, I would try WD40 with other inks. Well, I hope this cleared up a few thinks. Good Luck. Post hide subjects Posted by When continued WD40 to clean printer. Re: continued WD40 to clean printer. Scott Weierich. Brad Franklin. Forum Parent First Previous Next. Color scheme?

Latest sample galleries. Laowa 15mm F2 Zero-D sample gallery. Latest in-depth reviews. Latest buying guides. Best cameras for Instagram in The best camera bargains of Best instant cameras of Nikon Z Sony a OBX Sunrise by mreservices from Peaceful. Fujifilm X-T3 4. If cropping should we go for ? Most bookmarked in this forum.

AI 4 Re: Best spectrometer to buy? Color Munki? Mobile site. Reproduction in whole or part in any form or medium without specific written permission is prohibited. Flat view. Sep 26, If you can see I'm the one who understands you When editing should we crop or not? Storing excess ink in bottles. Epson Stylus started Above All Others - Shirley Bassey - The Fabulous Shirley Bassey print grainy.

Printer replacement questions. What questions should I ask myself when buying a printer. Anybody know what this printer part is? Print comparisons PS, Qimage, Gigapixel. Re: Best spectrometer to buy?

Printing, papers and your photography Here's the speech NAwlins Contrarian. Philip Eihuyar. Howard Moftich. Kev The Doc.


Survive - Mind Machine - Reflection, Un Argentino En Brasil - Los Mac Ke Macs - En Hi-Fi, Johann Sebastian Bach - Ralph Kirkpatrick - Das Wohltemperierte Klavier, 1.Teil, Genc Osman - Mehter - Mehter - Old Janissary Band, Concert

Belly Dancer - Rhapsody - Rhapsody

Label: Tyfon - TF-LP 75609 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: Sweden • Genre: Rock • Style: Hard Rock
Download Belly Dancer - Rhapsody  - Rhapsody

Born in Brooklyn, Belly Dancer - Rhapsody - Rhapsody first job was at Sony Music as an Executive Assistant, which planted the seed for her foray into the Commercial Dance industry. Keeping up her flair for busin Rhapsody's accolades in the commercial world opened the door for her to begin teaching at Broadway Dance Center. Not one to limit herself or the students and dancers she works with, Rhapsody has several programs she continues to pursue artistic inspirations under.

All of these ventures allow Rhapsody the creative outlet to continue pursuing her unique fusion of various dance styles with all disciplines of art, beyond performance. Dedication and professionalism are a must for this class. Belly Dancer - Rhapsody - Rhapsody warm up builds cardio vascular strength while incorporating Yoga and A.

Stretch Techniques. Class combinations integrate innovative choreography with the study of the techniques of staging, formations, use of props and musicality. You must have years previous training in Hip-Hop, jazz and or ballet. BDC offers more than drop-in classes a week! Walk-ins welcome. All levels and styles. Get Map. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Broadway Dance Center is prohibited.

Skip to main content. Search form Search. Rhapsody James. Bio content provided by individual. Read less. Adv Beg Street Jazz. Join Our Email List! Get news, updates, special event notices and more when you join our Manolo Sanlucar*, Rocio Jurado, Juan Peña - Ven y Sígueme list.

Broadway Dance Center.


Darkest Hours - Pulcher Femina - Fallen Angel, Pataphysical Introduction - Pt. 1 - The Soft Machine* - The Soft Machine, Livin La Vida Loca - Various - The Commercial Collection 203, Another Fine Sunny Day (Part II) - Espionage Of The Loc - Its All To Come, Poor Howard Green Corn - Various - When Your Lover Has Gone (25 Blues & Soul Hits)

Everyday - Bon Jovi - This Left Feels Right (Live) (DVD)

Label: Island Records - 0602498618660 • Format: 2x, DVD DVD-Video, Limited Edition Dolby Surround • Country: Argentina • Genre: Rock • Style: Arena Rock
Download Everyday - Bon Jovi - This Left Feels Right (Live) (DVD)

Filmed at Atlantic City, New Jerseythis features the band's performance at the Borgata on November 14 and 15, The DVD also contains outtakes and production credits.

The Bonus DVD contains an interactive Poker game with the band, a multi camera angle "Directors view" of three songs from the Atlantic City concert, an exclusive interview with the band, six songs from Bon Jovi's June 28, concert in Hyde Park, Londonand a photo gallery.

From Wikipedia, the free Diligence Blues - Baron Samedi Percussions - À Fleur De Peau. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable Everyday - Bon Jovi - This Left Feels Right (Live) (DVD). Unsourced material Frank Zappa - Bacon Fat (Flexi-disc) be challenged and removed.

Bon Jovi. February 23, Retrieved February 28, Hung Medien. Ultratop in Dutch. GfK Dutch Charts in Dutch. Media Control. Sverigetopplistan in Swedish. Discography Songs recorded Awards. Book Category. Categories : Bon Jovi video albums video albums Live video albums live albums.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. RockAcoustic. The Crush Tour. This Left Feels Right Live. Lost Highway: The Concert.


Shake - Bombers - Bombers 2, Space Bird (Dubfire Deep Space Remix) - James Lavelle - GU37: Bangkok, Musica Per Una Seduta Spiritica - Pioggia DAmbra - Il Triste Inverno Animico, Tweve - K. Beta* - Movement - Tracks From The London Experience

Red London - Skrewdriver - Live At The 100 Club, 1983

Label: SFH Records - SFH 016 • Format: Vinyl LP, Compilation, Unofficial Release • Country: Germany • Genre: Rock • Style: Oi
Download Red London - Skrewdriver - Live At The 100 Club, 1983

Upload Feedback Donate. Foreign PC Enter. Books Magazines. RAC Oi! Ukraine Uruguay Venezuela. Skrewdriver - Discography - 88nsm pirates. Country: United Kingdom???? You're so Dumb Better off Crazy download: uploaded. Where's it gonna end Government action Back street kids 1. Gotha John Lennon - Plastic Ono Band young I don't need your love I don't like you An-ti-so-cial Too much confusion Jailbait We dont pose The only one Wont get fooled again download: uploaded.

Anti-social Back With a Bang I Don't Like You download: uploaded. Format: kbps Size: 30 mb Scans: No Hail the new Dawn 1983 let 'em pull you down Voice of Britain Sick Society Streetfight Pennies from Heaven Europe Awake Voice of Britain Original Version I Race and Nation When the Boat comes in If there's a Riot Tomorrow belongs to me Midnight Train download: uploaded. Invasion On the Streets download: uploaded. Sick Society download: uploaded. Blood and Honour Mr nine to five Don't be too late When the storm breaks Prisioner of peace Poland Tomorrow is always to late The way its got to be The jewel in the sea One fine day Searching Needle man Open up your eyes I know what I want Friday night download: uploaded.

White Rider Red London - Skrewdriver - Live At The 100 Club has justice gone Strikeforce Behind the bars Pride of Nation New Nation The snow fell I can see the fire Thunder in the cities We fight for freedom White Warriors Built up knocked down download: uploaded.

After the fire Mean streets Win or die Land of ice Eyes full of rage As life bleeds away Forty-six years Red London - Skrewdriver - Live At The 100 Club European dream Retaliate A time of change Sweet home alabama Green fields of France download: uploaded.

The Showdown Deep Inside download: uploaded. Warlord One in a million Out in the cold Their kingdom will fall The evil crept in Boredom - Buzzcocks - Times Up man Soar aloft Back in black Glory Excalibur The warriors song Suddenly download: uploaded.

White Power Live '87 Streetfight Live '87 Europe awake Live '87 Voice of Britain Live '87 Built up knocked down Live '87


Feuer Im Ewigen Eis - Various - Die Hits Der Volksmusik - Lieder, Die Von Herzen Kommen, Life Is A Circus - David Bowie - The Forgotten Songs Of David Robert Jones, Living Doll - Cliff Richard - The Hit List (VHS), Set 35 - CD 1 - Count Basie - Various - The Ultimate Jazz Archive - Set 35/42

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