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The Slow Pacific Swell - Yvor Winters - Yvor Winters Reads From His Own Works

Label: Decca - DL 9136 • Series: Yale Series Of Recorded Poets • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: US • Genre: Non-Music • Style: Poetry
Download The Slow Pacific Swell - Yvor Winters - Yvor Winters Reads From His Own Works

He also met Harriet Monroe, whose editorship of Poetry in Chicago and whose wide contacts provided Winters important early links with other poets, such as Marianne Moore, with whom Winters corresponded.

At the end of the fall quarter inthe discovery that Winters had tuberculosis brought about the most dramatic change in his early life.

He was sent to a sanatorium in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he stayed untiland—because of enforced isolation and bedrest—he absorbed contemporary poetry from the little magazines, including back issues of Poetry supplied by Harriet Monroe and books sent from New York City by Marianne Moore. Locally, he became absorbed in the Santa Fe Movement, which championed Indian culture both songs and paintings. These specific things are the material of the image, of art.

The story also points to one of the themes of his later poetry and essays—the fear of loss of control, a surrender to irrational forces.

They had two children, Joanna and Daniel. Janet Lewis went on to become an accomplished poet, as well as the author of a number of distinguished novels and short stories with both historical The Slow Pacific Swell - Yvor Winters - Yvor Winters Reads From His Own Works contemporary settings.

Like Winters, her early poems and one of her novels The Invasionwere heavily influenced by Indian culture. Although Winters later turned to different themes and forms, he felt the presence of American Indian culture throughout his life. This shift began in the three years between his third and fourth books of poetry. Well before Winters wrote negatively of The Bridge in a issue of Poetry their friendship was strained: Winters had begun, into champion the idea that the poet had a special ethical relationship to society.

Stanford University also provided Winters with a crucial context for his mature critical position. He began his doctoral studies in English inbecame an instructor the The Slow Pacific Swell - Yvor Winters - Yvor Winters Reads From His Own Works year, and earned his PhD in he stayed at Stanford until his retirement inbecoming an assistant professor inan associate professor ina full professor inand Albert Guerard Professor of Literature in His growing acquaintance with the large body of traditional English verse may have influenced—or at least paralleled—his shift to traditional meter and rhyme in his own poetry.

In the s Winters began scholarly work in earnest, and the next 20 years were marked by his polemical critical studies of poetry and the American novel. This event, in the national news as a scandal, was the David Lamson case. Winters joined—and was a principal figure in—a defense committee formed to help clear David Lamson, a Stanford University Press employee who had been convicted, on the basis of circumstantial evidence and a dubious judicial atmosphere, of murdering his wife; Lamson was eventually released after spending three years behind bars, including a year on death row at San Quentin, awaiting execution.

Although Winters was throughout Adriana Evans - Seein Is Believing life an undramatic but serious supporter of such organizations as the ACLU and NAACP and an opponent of the Japanese-American concentration camps in the s, the Lamson case was the only social issue on which his public investment was sustained.

Stanford colleagues remembered that even 20 years later he would rehearse the details of the Lamson defense and actually restage the accident which caused Mrs. After the Lamson case Winters always remained a strong advocate of rational judgment in matters of life and art—a position he advocated in his critical works of the late s and early s. Extensive examinations of American literature, past and present, these three books were eventually collected in one volume with the revealing title of In Defense of Reason Eliot, and John Crowe Ransom.

This poem epitomizes his theoretical statements about poetry as well. Both books celebrate what Winters regarded as the two great eras of English poetry—the 16th and 17th centuries from Wyatt to Dryden and the lateth and 20th centuries.

Cunningham, and Edgar Bowers from the 20th century. He accepted some of the poems of Emily Dickinson and Wallace Stevens with reservations, because of their tendency to rely on undeveloped sensuous detail. There are no poems by T. Forms of Discovery defends these choices. He argued that the vast majority of these Etüde V - Robert Schumann, Maurizio Pollini - Symphonische Etüden / Arabeske he excluded were imbued with a romantic aesthetic which was based on the faulty assumption that since all ideas came from sense perceptions, then all ideas in poetry could be expressed through sense perceptions.

The early Winters may have accepted this assumption, but not the later. Winters had reasonable success in retrieving unknown poets and poems. In terms of his critical work, R. Winters taught a staggering number of young poets who went on to experience great success and long careers as poets and critics. Archival recordings of poet Yvor Winters, with an introduction to his life and work. Co-editor, Gyroscope, ; western editor, Hound and Horn, Prose Home Harriet Blog. Visit Home Events Exhibitions Library.

Newsletter Subscribe Give. Poetry Foundation. Back to Previous. Yvor Winters. Poems by Yvor Winters. Related Content. More About this Poet.

Region: U. Appeared in Poetry Magazine. Aere Caliginoso. At the San Francisco Airport. At the Site of the Murphy Cabin. Ballad The Slow Pacific Swell - Yvor Winters - Yvor Winters Reads From His Own Works sat alone Ballad of Men.

Chicago Spring. Concerning Blake. Death Goes before Me. Defense of Empire. The Dry Year. An Epitaph for the American Sting - The Soul Cages. The Fable. The Far Voice. The Fragile Season. God of Roads. Hawk's Eyes. The Immobile Wind. In Praise of California Wines. John Sutter. The Journey. Lament, beside an Acequia, for the Wife of Awa-Tsireh.

Late Winter. The Little Deity Alone in the Desert. Little Rabbit. Moonlight Alert. The Moralists. Much in Little. Night of Battle. A Nocturne for October 31st. An Ode. Old Spring. The Old Weep Gently. On a View of Pasadena from the Hills. On Teaching the Young. On the Mesa. On the Portrait of a Scholar of the Italian Renaissance.

The Priesthood. A Requiem for the Memory of Bees. The Schoolmaster and the Queres of the Mines. The Schoolmaster at Spring. The Schoolmaster Writes to a Poet. The Silent Days. Sir Gawaine and the Green Knight. The Slow Pacific Swell. The Solitude of Glass. A Song "These walls are brown Static Autumn. A Summer Commentary. Time and the Garden. To a Young Writer. To Emily Dickinson. To the Holy Spirit.


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  1. When Yvor Winters’s publisher and friend Alan Swallow hailed him in as the “sage of Palo Alto,” he accurately touched on the paradox of Winters’s career: the isolation in which he became admired as a poet, a teacher, and critic of poetry. For Winters, who adopted California early in his career as his permanent home, participated in the major poetic and critical movements of the.
  2. Sep 23,  · Note: “The Slow Pacific Swell” may be found in many volumes of Winters’s work, including Collected Poems (); The Poetry of Yvor Winters (); and The Selected Poems of Yvor Winters ().. In her introduction to one of two recent editions of Yvor Winters’ selected poems, Helen Pinkerton Trimpi offers “To the Holy Spirit” as Winters’ most mature poetic achievement.
  3. Yvor Winters is the author of Yvor Winters ( avg rating, 40 ratings, 4 reviews, published ), In Defense of Reason ( avg rating, 10 ratings, 1 /5.
  4. Winters feels, and in “The Slow Pacific Swell” we see what that experience was for him. The last image that now follows in the poem is both brilliantly descriptive and richly allusive: The slow Pacific swell stirs on the sand, Sleeping to sink away, withdrawing land, Heaving and wrinkled in the moon, and blind;.
  5. The Slow Pacific Swell by Yvor meztishakarlandanayaforcehammer.infoinfo out of sight forever stands the sea Bounding the land with pale tranquillity. When a small child I watched it from a hill. Page3/5.
  6. Life. Winters was born in Chicago, Illinois and lived there until except for brief stays in Seattle and in Pasadena, where his grandparents lived. He attended the University of Chicago for four quarters in , where he was a member of a literary circle that included Glenway Wescott, Elizabeth Madox Roberts and his future wife Janet meztishakarlandanayaforcehammer.infoinfo the winter of he was diagnosed with.
  7. The Slow Pacific Swell By Yvor Winters About this Poet When Yvor Winters’s publisher and friend Alan Swallow hailed him in as the “sage of Palo Alto,” he accurately touched on the paradox of Winters’s career: the isolation in which he became admired as a poet, a teacher, and critic of poetry.

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