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Shadow Ceremony - HsrGrv* · TRTRKMMR - HsrGrv · TRTRKMMR

Label: Not On Label - none • Format: Cassette Limited Edition, Numbered • Country: US • Genre: Electronic, Non-Music • Style: Dark Ambient, Black Metal, Power Electronics, Noise, Experimental
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Ildiko told herself to ignore them. Arranged marriages were the fate of nearly all aristocratic Gauri women, each one made for power, for trade, for good of country.

His Majesty, Sangur the Lame, had married off both his daughters to princes of foreign lands as part of the negotiations for access to ports and allies in war. The only question was when—not if—it happened. But you never expected a Kai groom. The thought scraped across her mind. Saliva flooded her mouth as Der Männer Sippe - Richard Wagner / Wiener Philharmoniker, Georg Solti - Die Walküre (Szenen) nausea roiling in her belly threatened to surge into her throat.

Ildiko closed her eyes and swayed where she stood on the tailoring stool. A hand gripped her leg to steady her, and she opened her eyes to stare down at the royal dressmaker.

Shadow Ceremony - HsrGrv* · TRTRKMMR - HsrGrv · TRTRKMMR spat the pins clamped between her lips into her free hand. She breathed deep to quell her fear. The time for tears and sickness had passed. She might be chattel, but she would remain dignified. Her future husband faced the same fate. With the gift of privilege came the burden of expectation. As the younger son of the Kai king, his duty was to marry in a way most beneficial to his people. A trickle of cold sweat slid down her back beneath the gown.

A consummated marriage acted as the blood seal on a contract, even if she never bore him children. But the Kai were not human, their culture different and mostly unknown to those outside their borders. Ildiko was grateful for their mystery, which prevented such a public humiliation. The royal dressmaker tugged a few more times on her gown, snapped out orders to her assistant seamstresses to pick up pins, thread and needles and pronounced their work done. She helped Ildiko off the stool.

You look beautiful. The pale reflection looking back at her did nothing to cheer her, and for a moment she fancied she stared at a stranger. The gown was a masterful creation of embroidered bronze silk that hugged her breasts, hips and thighs before flowing out into a skirt and train.

The fabric followed the line of her shoulders but left her neck and collar bones bare. Long sleeves ended at points over her hands. Her hair was coiffed in an intricate style of braids woven together and fastened with jeweled pins. She wore the rich trappings of a woman of high station and great wealth.

She Shadow Ceremony - HsrGrv* · TRTRKMMR - HsrGrv · TRTRKMMR at her image. Top Books.


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