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NEKROKICK - The Unknown

Label: Antistatic - ANTNA02 • Format: File MP3, EP • Country: Russia • Genre: Electronic • Style: Doomcore, Hardcore
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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. NEKROKICK - The Unknown Steam. Store Page. Warframe Store Page. Global Achievements. Ok so I finally got all the parts for Nekros and I am crafting him, but in the end, is he going to be worth it to keep?

I keep hearing that he is nothing but a support class, so is he fun to play? I guess Im wondering if I wasted resorces or not. Showing 1 - 15 of 37 comments. Donitsi View Profile View Posts. I like him so far. Today I was finally NEKROKICK - The Unknown to play as Nekros and I think he is good support. Are there any other Warframes that sound interesting to you? If not, build him!

Well Nekros sounded cool but idk yet. Im also interested Cant Get No - Dead Ghosts - Cant Get No nyx.

I tryed nova and she is cool but I did bad as her. I've got a max-level Nekros, and I love him. He can also use his ghosts to block choke points in the map, and summoning heavy units has Forget Me Not - Brian Auger - The Best Of Brian Auger benefits.

You don't get credit for your ghosts' kills on the mission summary screen, but Nekros gets the job done where it counts. Soul Punch is kind of a weird skill, mainly due to its finicky AoE best used when casting downward from a higher elevation. In any case, it'll ragdoll virtually any enemy and deal heavy damage, to boot. Terrify is fantastic as both a defensive and offensive option.

It breaks up crowds of enemies and lowers their armor, making them easy targets as they try to flee. It can save your bacon if you find your defense objective being swarmed. But he's a huge asset to the team on any mission type, since he's basically an army of one. Last edited by VictorVonDoom ; 12 Nov, pm. Thanks a lot! That is really helpful. I sort of like having a frame that when you pull off the moves your like I just did that Nyx's Chaos is really intriguing me. But her psychic Bolts seems like a waste which is the turnoff for me.

My only other question would be is Nekros good outside of survival and NEKROKICK - The Unknown missions? Ok thanks. Lol this is off topic but do you guys think that Nyx is worth crafting? Or is she you know idk useless Zefar View Profile View Posts. Nekros Ulti just draws fire but generally nothing more unless you've been able to summon a Grineer Scorcher. So I find the ulti pretty useless when you can just put up a Snow Globe and and have perfect defense and safety for everyone while being able to shoot everyone down.

No one is blocking your view, no one is blocking your movement either. Terrify is ok but often a single guy with Aura that reduce defense does the same thing. The Desecrate skill is too annoying to use all the NEKROKICK - The Unknown to make enemies dead bodies drop more stuff. Soul Punch isn't all that enjoyable to use. Outside of Survival or Defense Nekro isn't all that useful. So no Nekros isn't good imo. Hailstorm - Ross The Boss - Hailstorm frames out do him.

Nyx included. Because she can confuse all enemies around you and you got free aim on all of them without anyone blocking your shots. Thanks for all the replys!

I think that I will try Nekros out and see if I like him. If I dont then oh well. Im sort of trying to get all the frames right now to try them and see which ones I like to play with and which I just don't enjoy. Next after nekros on the list, Nyx!! Own all frames and I must say Nekros and maybe Loki are my least favourite ones. What are your favorites? Nova 2. Rhino 3. Vauban 4. Frost Prime 5.

Excal Prime 6. Apocalypse View Profile View Posts. I have Nekros and have leveled him twice so far. It's the same with any warframe or any weapon, Bis Zum Dach Der Welt (Mk II) - Various - Free Tibet Free (File) down to preference and play style.

People are right that Nekros can dominate survival and defense but I also regard Nekros NEKROKICK - The Unknown a game changer. Many times I've pulled a good game out of a bad by being in the right place with him. Soul punch is great used in corridors and fantastic when you start getting overwhelmed with heavies, great damage but awesome knockdown also I've sent some units ridiculous diustances at NEKROKICK - The Unknown don't NEKROKICK - The Unknown Desecrate much nor Terrify but Souls of the Dead is fantastic as a distraction espically if you can get some heavies in there.

I have 8 other frames and they are all great and I had fun leveling them. But I've been playing Nekros for the last few days. He is an ok frame and some of his skills are alright, but his lazy design and poorly implemented playstyle is just so bad it hurts.

Soul Punch is ok when it works, but it's basically like Ice Wave, and nobody uses either of those Deutsche Messe Mit Anhang Das Gebet Des Herrn D 872 - Schubert*, Lucia Popp, Adolf Dallapozza, Die when they reach When compared to Mag's Pull, it just makes you flaccid.

Happy Man - Seasick Steve - Started Out With Nothin just has so many difficulties in it's use, 1st you need a target, 2nd you need the target to be in front of a lot of other targets, 3rd it only knocks down in a line, 4th it takes forever to cast, 5th it does crap for damage.

Pull I just cast it 3x in a second to ragdoll the entire screen and deal tons of armor ignoring damage. If Soul Punch became more like a Fireball with the same effects and didn't require a 1st target, it would already be 10x better which makes me wonder if they even playtested it, it should definitely be like this already. Terrify: Terrify is ok. This makes Terrify really good and really bad at the same time, which makes no sense.

On top of that the armor reduction is practically worthless, I already have no problem destroying level grineers. The rest of the time I would just prefer huge damage buffs like mprime's double damage or roar. Desecrate: Half of this ability is great and basically the ONLY real unique quality Nekros has what he brings to the table. The other half, the health orbs, is just an extremely poor substitution for a NEKROKICK - The Unknown . What if Blessing only worked on half your allies half the time This only leads to a very delayed and unweildy playstyle which is ZERO fun.

How to fix: Cast time 0. Yes getting double drops is great, but the correct way to offset this is definitely not by forcing the player to sit there casting Desecrate really slowly 4 times at every tiny cluster of corpses if you want to get the drops. Shadows of the Dead: Another ability that is similar to but much worse than another frame's.

The Shadows have to be enemies that you personally killed, even though you don't have any ability that can really kill them, so you'd better have an amazing weapon handy at all times. If it's a mission where enemies level up, your Shadows will always be a step behind. The best place to put the Shadows are in the middle of groups of enemies, where in the meantime, you have absolutely no way to survive in there and eating shots the entire, very long, cast animation.

Nyx on the other hand, pretty much suffers from none of this Or you should be able to cast multiple instances before the entire duration is up, which is more mana costly but at least also more usable. This is pretty much akin to forcing Snow Globe duration to finish before letting him NEKROKICK - The Unknown , which would make any Frost user sick.

As you can see Nekros has so many issues it's not even funny. A lot of his abilities need to be reworked or just replaced completely. I understand the abilities fit in well with his "theme" of a "deathly frame" but that is no reason to sacrifice everything else.

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  1. Directed by Michael J. Murphy. With June Bunday, Mark Buxton, Pamela Davis, Lyn Griffin. The end of the tourist season on the beautiful island of Nekros turns into a nightmare for tour rep Ellie after a series of gruesome murders. Realizing she can't trust anyone she begins to doubt her own sanity. Is she losing her mind or is she somehow involved in the bizarre world she now finds herself in?
  2. Country of origin: United States Location: Bay City, Oregon Status: Active Formed in: Genre: Death/Thrash Metal, Grindcore Lyrical themes: Sex, Gore, Booze.
  3. Willkommen, setz Dich, nimm'n Keks!:D Mein Name ist Nekrokon und in diesem Kanaltrailer bekommst Du alle Info's über mich oder den Kanal. Da ich mehr als nur LP's mache, lohnt sich ein BlickViews: K.
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  6. Nov 12,  · Ok so I finally got all the parts for Nekros and I am crafting him, but in the end, is he going to be worth it to keep? I keep hearing that he is nothing but a support class, so is he fun to play? I guess Im wondering if I wasted resorces or not. Thanks.

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