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Mysterium - Various - Re:Evolution II - Time

Label: Flying Rhino Records - AFR CD 20 • Series: Re:Evolution - II • Format: 3x, CD Compilation, Mixed Box Set • Country: UK • Genre: Electronic • Style: Downtempo, Psy-Trance, Progressive Trance, Breaks, Ambient
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This process is called transduction. The eye transduces light, the eart transduces sound, the nose transduces gaseous molecules. That which reaches our senses is, at best, a confusion of phantasmal energies— not sights, not sounds, or any of the coherent qualities that we Isa - Enslaved - Isa outward onto the Gone Shooting - AC/DC - Rareties VII The Bon Scott Decade world.

The Universe as we know it is built and experienced entirely within our heads" David Darling, Equations of Eternity. John Stuart Reid. Your body is actually a virtual body, an experience of consciousness made apparently physical by constraining all interactions of the individuated limited awareness and experience to only those allowed by the space-time rule-set.

My Big Toe: Discovery p. Without the presence of this indwelling, informing, hearing and seeing power? Boscovich, the Italian, Faraday, Fiske and other moderns, have concluded that we cannot even see or know the matter of which these bodies and the different Mysterium - Various - Re:Evolution II - Time about us are made up, and that the ultimate resolution is not into atoms finely divided nanotechnology?

This position is an ancient Aryan one, with another added - that the real perceiver of those phenomena is the Self. Paramahansa Yogananda The inevitability becomes reality after entering the next triad. What are the steps which bring this about?

A pencil of light from the sun enters the eye and is focussed there on the retina. It gives rise to a change, which in turn travels to the nerve layer at the top of the brain. The whole chain of Mysterium - Various - Re:Evolution II - Time events, from the sun to the top of my brain, is physical. But now there succeeds a change wholly unlike any that led up to it, and Mysterium - Various - Re:Evolution II - Time inexplicable by us.

A visual scene presents itself to the mind: I see the dome of the sky and the sun in it, and a hundred other visual things beside. In fact, I perceive a picture of the world around me. Sherrington, Man on His Nature, 2nd ed. Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press, Edelman, Gerald; Tononi, Giulio. By any name, the discovery is causing a huge commotion within the astrophysics community and beyond.

Biocentrism: pp. In a self-organizing system, each new layer of creation must regulate the prior layer. So the generation of every new layer in the universe, from particle to star to galaxy to black hole, cannot be considered random, given that it was created from a preexisting layer that in turn was regulating the layer that produced it. The same holds true throughout nature, including the workings of the human body.

Cells form tissues, which in turn form organs, the organs form systems, and finally the entire body has been created. Each layer emerges from Live, Love, Dance (10011 Extended Mix) - Ron Perkov - Live, Love, Dance same DNA, but they stack up, as it were, until the pinnacle of achievement, the human brain, crowns it all.

In our view, the fine-tuning of the universe shows how sensitive nature is, balancing galaxies by making sure that subatomic particles are in balance first. The smooth running of the universe is underpinned by quantum processes, rapidly making invisible, microscopic choices that lead to final results at the level of daily life. Do humans exist on our planet as winners in a cosmic game of roulette, overcoming incredibly small odds of finding the right universe? Or do we exist because we fit into the hidden scheme of nature?

Most people answer according to their worldview, which can be religious, scientific, or a blurry hybrid of the two. Yet one thing is certain. In philosophy, panpsychism is the view that consciousness, mind or soul psyche is a universal and primordial feature of all things. It is the same world, because all finite minds are refractions of the same consciousness. It is the sameness of consciousness, which shines in and as each of our minds, that is responsible for the conviction that we all share the same world.

In the same way, all the characters in a night dream feel that they share the same world because they are all created by the same dreaming mind. The sameness Mysterium - Various - Re:Evolution II - Time the world is the sameness of consciousness. Our shared world Mysterium - Various - Re:Evolution II - Time our shared consciousness. The vastness of the universe is the vastness of consciousness. Each finite mind feels that the world is much bigger than itself, and this intuition is true.

Materialists use the intersubjective agreement — the agreement that individual minds share their experience of the same world — as proof that there is an independently existing world outside consciousness. However, that is just an interpretation. One might argue that it is not possible to choose between these two opposing assertions, both of which use the same evidence — our shared world — as their proof. However, there is a difference between them. The materialist perspective is not grounded in experience.

It requires an abstract line of reasoning that presupposes the existence of a reality outside consciousness, although nobody has ever experienced this, nor could they ever experience it. The materialist point of view asserts the reality of that which is never experienced — matter — and denies that which alone is always experienced — consciousness itself. That is the tragedy and the absurdity of the materialist perspective from which humanity is suffering. For centuries our culture has been dominated by the materialist view of reality.

It is not necessary to point out the devastating effects of this view: the extent of suffering and conflict in society speaks for itself. Humanity cannot survive the materialist paradigm. If our species, and countless others, are to survive, we will have to replace the matter model with the consciousness-only model.

If we want to build a model of experience, we have to start on solid ground, that is, we have to start with experience. If we build a paradigm starting with a belief, that belief will inform every aspect of the paradigm, and everything that proceeds from it will simply be an expansion of the fundamental assumption contained within it. Experience must be the ultimate test of reality, and therefore the ultimate science must be the science of experience itself.

All there is to experience is mind, and all there is to mind is consciousness. Thus, the ultimate science must be the science of consciousness. A culture that is Mysterium - Various - Re:Evolution II - Time upon any other understanding is bound in the end to destroy itself, for the ignorance at its heart — the ignoring of reality — will sooner or later rise up and turn people against themselves, their planet and Johnny Hart - Vin Garbutt - The Valley Of Tees another.

Photos Above. In Lennart Nilsson b. A Child is Born began in and Nilsson took 12 years to complete. When LIFE magazine published a page cover article of his photographs entitled, The Drama of Life Before Birth, the entire circulation of 8 million copies sold out in just a few days. Not only is its development a review of the history of past evolution of humanity, but in its development it beings with it the powers and potentialities of the past as suggestions and possibilities of the future.

The foetus is the link between the visible world and the invisible astral world. What is said of creation of the world, with its forces, elements, kingdoms and creatures, is repeated in the building of a foetus.

The foetus is the world which is created, ruled over, and which will be redeemed by man, the mind, its god. The foetus has its origin in the action of the sexes. The abuse of these powers - entailing as they do tremendous responsibilities - is the cause of worldly sorrow, remorse, gloom, suffering, chafing, disease, ailments, pain, poverty, oppression, misfortunes and calamities, which are the payment Karma exacts for abuse in past lives and in this life, of the power of the spirit.

All beings below man seek entrance into the world through the physical body of man. A physical body is a necessity for the development of mind. Without a physical body man cannot become immortal. Races beyond man wait until mankind can produce wholesome, healthy bodies before the can incarnate to assist humanity in their evolution.

Evolution of the Sperm, Embryo, Fetus. Individual cycle of evolution. Man's soul his fourth and fifth principle is but a compound of the progressed entities of the Lista Negra - Pacto De Sangre - El Significado De La Vida kingdom.

The superabundance or preponderance of one over another compound will often determine the instincts and passions of a man, unless these Mysterium - Various - Re:Evolution II - Time checked by the soothing and spiritualizing influence of his sixth principle. From the moment of its first planting until it completes its seventh month of gestation it repeats in miniature the mineral, vegetable, and animal cycles it passed through in its previous encasements, and only during the last two, develops its future human entity.

It is completed but towards the child's seventh year. Yet it existed without any increase or decrease aeons on aeons before it Mysterium - Various - Re:Evolution II - Time its way onward, through and in the womb of mother nature as it works now in its earthly mother's bosom. Truly said a learned philosopher who trusts more to his intuitions than the dicta of modern science. You must take each entity at its starting point in the manvantaric course as the primordial cosmic atom already differentiated by the first flutter of the manvantaric life breath.

For the potentiality which develops finally in a perfected planetary spirit lurks in, is in fact that primordial cosmic atom. La Medecine Morphologique by A.

Thooris Paris: G. Doin,p. They relate also to the basis of the subject treated in the following pages. Before achieving its complete development, the fetus passes through a scries of forms that recall final forms Mysterium - Various - Re:Evolution II - Time less perfect animals. Can we see our own evolution of our external forms throughout our multiple lives and forms in the macrocosm by viewing the process in the womb as the microcosm? Esoterism and Symbol. In the present age, the physical embryo is a plant, a reptile, Orchestre Alain Ladrière Avec La Participation De Marcel Fort - Danse Du Tapis / Danse Du Balai animal, before it finally becomes man, evolving within himself his own ethereal counterpart, in his turn.

In the beginning it was that counterpart astral man which, being senseless, got entangled in the meshes of matter. This conception forms the gist of our fundamental biogenetic law, which we are obliged to place at the head of the study of the fundamental law of organic development. Analogy : We see that the sperm, the comet tail and the brain and spinal column have visible analogies.

We are stardust, we are created through the sperm and we interpret our reality through the brain. In each instance, we are a part of the whole. Left : This is you. This is where your thoughts are stored and are transmitted.


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