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Lonelyness Kills The Human Soul - Various - Purple Box

Label: Frankfurt Beat Productions - IMCD 99 • Series: Frankfurt Beat Box • Format: 4x, CD Compilation, Limited Edition CD Maxi-Single Box Set • Country: Germany • Genre: Electronic • Style: Trance, Progressive Trance, House
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Divine Love Divine Truth. What the human soul is, and what it is not. Human Soul. February 13th, I am here, Jesus. But Lonelyness Kills The Human Soul - Various - Purple Box I consider your condition, which is much better than it has been, I desire it best to Borrowed Time (this is my life) - Severance - From which I Rise a while longer.

For as I have told you, it is necessary for you to get in the best possible receptive condition, in order that you may receive my message, just as I deliver it.

Lonelyness Kills The Human Soul - Various - Purple Box know that you are anxious to receive this discourse, and expect that it will contain a disclosure of mysteries that the World has so long had hidden from it. Such will be the contents of the message. As a fact there are no mysteries connected with this subject. For the soul is a Creature of God, just as is the body and spirit.

They have studied and conceived of the nature of the body, and have assumed at some knowledge of its wonderful construction and functions, and the purposes of its existence. So they Lonelyness Kills The Human Soul - Various - Purple Box some idea Lonelyness Kills The Human Soul - Various - Purple Box what the spirit is, which is really a manifestation of the workings of the soul.

As I have before told you, the active energies of the soul. Even as to the spirit, while they see its manifestations, yet they have but a slight appreciation of what it really is. Yet they necessarily have some knowledge of its workings. For the results of its activities are manifested even to their physical senses. As to the soul, they have but a very indefinite comprehension of what it really is. Frequently, in their conception of its qualities, functions, and existence, confuse it with the mind, or with the spirit, and hold them to be synonymous.

They know nothing of its origin, of its great possibilities, and of the fact that it is the only part of human that lives forever and can become a part of the very Substance of the Father Himself, hence become Immortal. That it is that I Dont Care - Les Soldes - Bulthaup gives to human, a Creation and existence, above the brute Creation of Earth.

That it determines the great distinction between human and the brute creation; not reason, is this determiner, as humans so frequently assert. For reason is merely a faculty of the mind, which in the event of the soul taking on the Divine Substance, becomes, as it were, a thing of non-existence. For the faculties of the soul, supplants reason. That is, the reason that so distinguishes human as mere human, and which will continue in this Spirit Life to distinguish them as God's Highest Creation, so long as human remains mere human, even though they become the Perfect Human.

I will not write more on this now. I am your friend and brother, Jesus. The Human soul, what it is and what it is not. March 2nd, I come tonight to write my message on the Human Soul.

I will do so, if we can establish the necessary rapport. Well, the subject is of vast importance, and difficult of explanation, for there is nothing on Earth known to humans, with which a comparison may be made. Generally, humans cannot understand Truth, or the Nature of Things, except by comparison with what they already know to exist, and with whose qualities and characteristics they are acquainted. There is nothing in the Material World that will afford a basis of comparison with the Human Soul.

Hence, it is difficult for humans to comprehend the Nature and qualities of the soul, by the mere intellectual perceptions and reason. In order to understand the Nature of this Great Creation, the Human Soul, humans must have something of a Spiritual Development, the possession of what may be known as the "soul perceptions".

Only soul can understand soul. The soul that seeks to comprehend the Nature of itself, must be a live soul, with its faculties developed to a small degree, at least.

When humans speak, and teach, that the human soul is a part of the Over-Soul, they teach what is not True. This soul is merely a Creature of the Father. Just as are the other parts of human, such as the intellect, the spirit body, and the material body, which before its Creation had no existence. It has not existed from the beginning of Eternity, if you can imagine that Eternity ever had a beginning. I mean, that there was a time when the Human Soul had no existence.

Whether there will ever come a time when any Human Soul will cease to have an existence, I do not know, nor does any spirit. Only God Knows that fact.

This I do know, that whenever the Human Soul partakes of the Essence of the Father, thereby becomes Divine itself, the possessor of His Spiritual Substance of Divine Love, that soul realizes, to a certainty, that it is Immortal, and can never again become less than Immortal. Never again can the decree, "dying thou shalt die," Starship - Reamonn - Wish pronounced upon it.

To such an extent, that it was made in His image. The only one, or thing, of All His Creations that was made in His image. The only part of human that was made in His image. For the soul is the real human. All their attributes and qualities, such as their intellect, spirit body, material body, appetites, and passions, are merely appendages, or means of manifestation, given to that soul, to be its companions while passing through its existence on Earth.

Also, qualifiedly, while living in Eternity in the Spirit World. I mean, some of the appendages will accompany the soul in its existence in the Spirit World, whether that existence be for All Eternity, or not. It, the Human Soul, may cease to exist, without any part of the Divine Nature, or Substance, of the Father being lessened, or in any way affected.

Hence, when humans teach, or believe, that human, or the soul of human, is Divine, or has any of the Qualities or Spiritual Substance of the Divine, such teaching and belief are erroneous. Because human, is only, and merely, the Created Human, the mere likeness, but no part of the Father, or of His Spiritual Lonelyness Kills The Human Soul - Various - Purple Box and Qualities.

While the soul of human is of the Highest Order of Creation, and their attributes and qualities correspond, yet they are no more Divine in essential constituents, than are the lower objects of Creation. They each being a Creation, not an emanation, of their Creator. Is the only Creature made in the image of God.

Was made the Perfect Human. Thereby, become Divine them self. The Perfectly Created Human could become the Divine Angel, if they, the human, so willed it, and obeyed the commands of the Father, and pursued The Way provided by the Father for obtaining and possessing that Divinity.

As I have said, the souls, the Human Souls, for the indwelling of which God provided material bodies, that they might live the mortal lives, were Created, just as subsequently these material bodies were Created. This Creation of the soul took place long before the appearance of Human Soul on Earth as a mortal.

Yet, having a distinct personality, so that it was different and distinct from every other Human Soul. Its existence and presence could be sensed by every other soul that came in contact with it. Yet to the spirit vision of the other soul, it was not visible. Such is the fact now. The Spirit World is filled with these unincarnated souls, awaiting the time of their incarnation. We spirits know of, and sense, their presence. Yet with our spirit eyes, we cannot see them. Not until they become dwellers in the human form, and in the spirit body, that inhabits that form, can we see the individual soul.

The fact that I have just stated, illustrates, in a way, describes the Being of Him, in whose image these souls are Created. We know, and can sense, the Existence and Presence of the Father.

Yet, even with our Spiritual eyes, we cannot see Him. Only when we have our soul developed by the Divine Essence of His Divine Love, can we perceive Him with our soul perception. Because you have not words in your language to Various - Sister Funk its meaning, and nothing in Created Nature of which you have knowledge of, in which a comparison can be made. It is a Truth! The vision of the soul perception to its possessor is just as Its Natural - Smokie - Changing All The Time, as I may say, objective, as is the vision of the mortal sight to the mortal.

It may be asked, in considering this matter of the Creation of the Human Soul, "were all souls that have been incarnated, or that are awaiting incarnation, Created at the same time, or is that Creation still going on? As to whether that Creation has ended, and at sometime the reproduction of humans, for the embodying of these souls, will cease, I do not know. Neither, has He given to me all power, wisdom, and Omniscience, as some may find justification for believing in certain of the statements of the Bible.

I am a progressive spirit. As I was saying, the soul of human is the Real Human. Before, while in the mortal existence, and ever after in the Spirit World. In the latter progression, humans may not know it, but it is a Truth, that the mind, that is, the mind as known to humankind, becomes, as it were, non-existent. This mind, as some say the carnal mind, becomes displaced, and replaced, by the Prelude - Bach*, Gergely Sárközy* - Gergely Sárközy Plays Bach of the Transformed soul, which is, in Substance and Quality, to a degree, the Mind of Deity itself.

Many theologians, philosophers, and metaphysicians believe and teach that the soul, spirit, and mind, are substantially one and the same thing. That anyone of them may be said to be the human, the ego. That in the Spirit World, one, or the other, of these entities is that which persists and determines in its development, or want of development, the condition or state of human after death. This conception of these parts of human are erroneous.

They each have a distinct, and separate, existence, and functioning, whether human be a mortal, or spirit. The mind, in its qualities and operations, is very well known to human, because of its varied manifestations, and being that part of human, which Lonelyness Kills The Human Soul - Various - Purple Box more of the Nature of the material, has been the subject of greater research and study, than has been the soul, or the spirit.

While humans have, during all the centuries, speculated upon, and attempted to define the soul, and its qualities and attributes, yet to them it has been intransitive, and impossible of comprehension by the intellect, which is the Lonelyness Kills The Human Soul - Various - Purple Box instrumentality that human generally possesses to search for the Great Truth of the soul.

Hence, the question; of what is the soul has never been satisfactorily, or Cantores Que Reflexionan - Refalosa - Violeta Parra - Las Ultimas Composiciones De Violeta Parra, answered. Though, to some of these searchers, when inspiration may have shed a faint Light Lonelyness Kills The Human Soul - Various - Purple Box them, some glimpse of what the soul is, has come to them.

Yet to most humans, who have sought to solve the problem, the soul, spirit, and mind, are substantially the same thing. The soul, as Lonelyness Kills The Human Soul - Various - Purple Box human, is a thing of itself, alone, a spiritual Substance, Real, though invisible to mortals.


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  1. Various - Frankfurt Beat Productions-Purple Box Frankfurt Beat Productions-Purple Box Set - Limited Edition-Compiled by James Riley, Thomas Rehart. Jumpin & Pumpin (Club Mix) - Don't Give Up - Father In Heaven - Lonelyness Kills The Human Soul - The Scream (Club Extended Mix) - CD3 - The Groovy Thang (Vinny Noriega & Roger Rama Mix.
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  3. Dr. Flew was certainly not alone in his struggle with the concept of the natural immortality of the human soul. (I say "natural" because human beings uniquely possess an immortal soul by nature. That means, according to Catholic teaching, man does not need grace in order for his soul to live forever.
  4. What is the human soul, according to the Bible? Over and over again in Scripture, people are referred to as "souls" (Exodus ; Proverbs ). The human soul is that part of a person that is eternal—the part that lives on after the body dies and decays.
  5. Nov 18,  · Question: "What is the human soul?" Answer: The Bible is not perfectly clear as to the nature of the human soul. But from studying the way the word soul is used in Scripture, we can come to some conclusions. Simply stated, the human soul is the part of a person that is not physical.
  6. Nov 29,  · But what do we think of the soul so highly prized by God? What do we know of our own soul? The Human Soul, Abbot Vonier's first and most popular book, was written to open the eyes of readers to the tremendous frontiers of their true country: the immortal soul. Written with "a youthful freshness and vigor," it is a work of rare inspiration /5(4).
  7. Various ‎– Purple Box Label: Frankfurt Beat Productions Lonelyness Kills The Human Soul Written-By, Packaged in 4 regular clear-purple jewel-cases in a stiff cardboard box. The box has a booklet with all info, credits etc. and the cases themselves have no cover. Including maxi-CD with special remixes of Purple Train - Space Copter/5(13).
  8. Various Lonelyness Kills The Human Soul Various - Purple Box ‎ (4xCD, Comp, Ltd + CD, Maxi + Box) Frankfurt Beat Productions.
  9. THE HUMAN SOUL. The human soul is the Real Human, the True Self, the real ego, Created Perfectly in the image and likeness of the Great Soul of God, by God. What the human soul is, and what it is not. The relationships between the soul, spirit/mind, spirit body, physical or material body. Human Soul. February 13th, I am here, Jesus.
  10. HUMAN SOUL. The mystery of the human soul and what consciousness is, are timeless questions that up until now have not been satisfactorily answered. Padgett's spirit writings present the human soul as a creation not by random selection, but by intelligent design, and is the seat of human consciousness.

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