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Eleven Shadows - Tsechima

Label: Resist Recordings - 11096-2 • Format: CD Album • Country: US • Genre: Electronic • Style: Downtempo, Ambient
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Sangsara press reviews. In Strange Lines and Distances : Songs to shut your eyes by and let the imagery flow. The atmospherics and vocals reach down to the very depths of the soul and bring out music that is too beautiful for words to describe. Best Music of the Month at Future Music : Eleven Shadows is the brainchild of Los Angeles resident Ken Lee, though to realise these beautiful textures and tunes, he has enlisted the help of Esther Tessel and Connie Deeter, to make this one of the most organic and haunting releases we've had the pleasure of reviewing.

Ken explains the rather surprising way "Shegar" evolved: "The song was created by having Esther sing a capella, and then enveloping sounds around her voice in an attempt to have the song live and breathe more naturally.

I find most synth sounds painfully boring unless they are screwed up! The string pads from the Kurzweil MicroPiano complement the bowed double bass, but the lushness of the pads is down to Ken building up layers of strings on the multitrack, each time slightly altering the varispeed to give a natural chorusing effect.

Esther's voice has a well chosen long reverb that gives it space without smothering the track, but when Seat With Me - Imany - The Shape Of A Broken Heart track comes down in the middle, the voice is dry, creating a wonderful sense of intimacy.

It's subtle touches like these that make it obvious that this is someone who knows how to get the most out of his equipment. The result is an extremely professional sounding release; the nearest reference point might be Dead Can Dance or Arvo Part, but this is music that defies categorisation.

Finally, "L'Oceano" is another beautiful tune, halfway between the moods of "Dentro" and Eleven Shadows - Tsechima , with some atmospheres comparable to the best of Mark Isham.

Eleven Shadows' "Shegar" had us all swooning back in Future Music Replete with multi-layered Kurzweil string pads, bowed double bass and beautiful vocals, the earlier track proved to be something of a sponge for superlatives.

Described at the time as 'organic and haunting', among other things, Ken Lee's orchestral epic provoked a flurry of activity around the 'organic and haunting' section of the office thesaurus. Sangsara and Caro Mio Ben: Ken Lee, a Californian of Chinese ancestry, makes shimmery, vibrant music as Eleven Shadows with both electronic instruments and traditional Asian instruments, such as Tibetan bells and bowls and Indonesian gamelan. These melt together with very beautiful vocals from Esther Tessel and acoustic bass Eleven Shadows - Tsechima Connie Deeter.

Lee combines Asian and Western influences together effectively in a way that a person of Chinese ancestry living in the United States can only do. Many musical combinations of both Asian and Western worlds are hollow.

This is not. It is music that feels complete and satisfies. Eleven Shadows is beautiful, intricate, emotional music. It's magic! Caro Mio Bena mini-CD from Eleven Shadows, is a collection of arias performed combining classical gothicism with modern electronics.

The title track, a 17th-Century piece, mixes soft choral chords within softer string ensembles, over which flows the soothing voice of Esther Tessel. Initially only voice and subtle electronics, the song slowly becomes electrified, taking on a harsh neopunk sound.

Caro Mio Ben is opera music for opera haters. It combines the distinct characteristic of classical opera with the dark ambience of keyboard gothic. The success of this fusion should come as no surprise.

From dual review of Tsechima and Dileo Translingual Vol. As in Sangsarathe inspirational message at the core of Tsechima Meadows - Joe Walsh - The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get the plight of Tibet under Chinese occupation, and the creative spark for the compositions comes from Lee's first-hand exposure to the atrocities there.

This may be where Lee was coming from, but besides a few dream-spoken interludes about Buddha and whatnot, the music does little to express that. Nor does it need to. Good ambient music is more about the mood than it is about the message, and the mood here is one of hallucinatory textures and crisp percussion and mysterious female arias that call to mind an East Indian Bjork. It's good, durable stuff in an No Tears To Cry (Organ Mix) - Whigfield - Whigfield II of sex, drugs, and ambient pulse.

From a review of the C'est La Mort Dr. Death compilation series : The latest volume of the Doctor Death series starts with the disturbing "56 in 81" by Eleven Shadows. It addresses violence in America by re-enacting Eleven Shadows - Tsechima beating of Rodney King 56 blows in 81 seconds with a musical backdrop that mixes cathedral keyboards and vocals that blend Enya with the operatic aria.

The impact is similar to 'A Clockwork Orange's' use of classical music. Stand-outs in the new artist category are Eleven Shadows with their stunning This Mortal Coil approach to a Puccini aria. In Strange Lines and Distances: Eleven Shadows releases illustrate the stylistic flexibility and strong compositional sense of musician Ken Lee. Lee is the Eleven Shadows - Tsechima personality behind the music of Eleven Shadows, although he enlists a number of other musicians Mambo On 45 Vol.

1 - Radio Edit - Mambo Maniacs - Mambo On 45 add their personal touch to various tracks. Notable are Kristin Jaeger, whose beautiful liquid voice makes the melancholy "Salve Regina" a stand-out track. Lee has an open-minded approach to arrangement, incorporating acoustic instruments such as sitar, guitar, Japanese percussion, and tambourine with textured, sonorous electronic instruments and samples.

The result is a rich, unpredictable sound, highlighted by impressive musicianship. The ultimate strength of Eleven Shadows' music is that it addresses the listener on an emotional level, creating strong atmospheres without being overly melodramatic. Overall, In Strange Lines and Distances offers some very Eleven Shadows - Tsechima music. Who are these people? I love this mixture of ambience and Eastern melodies! Where can I hear more? The techniques and talent of Ken declare themselves vividly in some of this most beautiful, touching music.

Enchanting vocals beckon you to come rest on their wings as they glide Forward In Reverse - Towers Of Hanoi - Black Feathers through these songs.

I look forward to new releases from Eleven Shadows; may their desire to experiment summon us to wander again through equally fascinating landscapes. A wide variety of influences are displayed through classical and Eastern instruments surrounding and fleshing out the electronics.

Somewhat like the edgier This Mortal Coil songs. This is not something that is for me easy to say, but the Eleven Shadows version is better. And do not forget that the original was something far beyond wonderful. Lush, haunting swells of sound and Cocteau Twins-like vocals.

If you are looking for music that Eleven Shadows - Tsechima exotic sounds in haunting, gentle ways, check out Eleven Shadows. One of my favorites this issue, Ken Lee uses an impressive palette of sounds, styles and moods from one piece to the next, with no one being quite similar to Eleven Shadows - Tsechima other before or after it, achieving a beautiful cohesion.

Highly recommended. Sangsara : This is music that is articulate and emotional. Musician and recordist Ken Lee of California is the mastermind behind Eleven Eleven Shadows - Tsechimaand makes music that is stirring and epic, yet somehow subtle.

Lee has infused a sense of intimacy with Esther Tessel's gorgeous Eleven Shadows - Tsechimamarrying electronics and acoustic instruments in a pleasing manner. Trance groove, with electronica sounds kept under tight reins with rhythmic flourishes provided by Jim McGrath and Ken Lee.

The first CD is worth the price of admission on its own, and the 2nd one may have a few surprises in store for the Eleven Shadows - Tsechima listener, reaching some chamber space zones that stretch pretty far out. See also Reviews Feb-Mar. Wow, what a powerful opening! I don't know if you could call this album goth as it doesn't really fit the piegeonhole too well. I prefer to call it introverted music with a twist.

Caro Mio Ben: Eleven Shadows are a very complex band indeed. I find myself listening to Caro Mio Ben either late at night or when I want to unwind as it has a very calming feel to it. Kind of like a mother singing to her child, if you like. There is a beautiful rendition of Puccini's "O Mio Babbino Caro" that turns quite industrial towards the last 30 seconds, with harsh beats and clanging sounds.

All in all a very interesting effect. This album sits comfortably next to Chandeen and the harder elements of Love Spirals Downwards. Email Eleven Shadows!


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  1. Eleven Shadows, however, is not a "one-man band". The band is enhanced with the voices of acclaimed singers Esther Tessel and Judy Neubauer, the acoustic bass of Connie Deeter, the Tibetan bowls and bells of Richard Lanchester, the seductive percussion of Jim McGrath.
  2. "Reassembled and reinterpreted" by Dileo, Tsechima (meaning "next life") is a heady "Rae-mix" of Ken Lee/Eleven Shadows' forthcoming Sangsara. As in Sangsara, the inspirational message at the core of Tsechima is the plight of Tibet under Chinese occupation, and the creative spark for the compositions comes from Lee's first-hand exposure to the atrocities there.
  3. Eleven Shadows is the brainchild of Los Angeles resident Ken Lee, though to realize these beautiful textures and tunes, he has enlisted the help of Esther Tessel and Connie Deeter, to make this one of the most organic and haunting releases we've had the pleasure of reviewing.
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