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Stellar Masters - Malice - In The Beginning

Label: Atlantic - 78 12501 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: Canada • Genre: Rock • Style: Heavy Metal
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Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. Released in by Atlantic and produced in part by metal meistro Max Norman, this album deserved a much richer fate than it ultimately received. There are moments throughout this recording, many, many moments in fact, when it sounds as though this is a Judas Priest recording in every detail. I am certain some Priest fans could be fooled into thinking this is an unreleased Priest CD, the sound is so similar, especially singer James Neal's voice, compared to Rob Halford.

The songs are all very strong heavy Medley: Manhattan/When Its Sleepy Time Down South - Louis Armstrong & His All-Stars* - Columbia And oriented.

They are primarily up tempo musically, with excellent vocals that tend to live in the upper register, as was virtually required by metal singers at the time. I saw Malice live in New York and they killed as greatly live as they did in the studio. Their failure to really take off is probably due to the fact that was the metal heyday and there were literally so many metal bands releasing records, they got caught in the glut. Additionally, Atlantic was very strong metal-wise, but chose to promote drek like Ratt over Malice.

Highlights on the CD are album opener "Rockin' With You", the Priest clone tune "Air Attack", "Hellrider", "No Haven For The Raven", "The Unwanted" and the completely stellar "Godz of Thunder", which features incredible lyrics like "Pentagram drawn out in blood, I am bound by the greed of a thirsty god, help me, is there no end to eternity, set me free, from the chains of hells infernity"! Yes, that's right, "infernity" - eternal inferno, one of the two new words James Neal added to the English language.

The other word being "fantacide" death by fantasy on their followup album. Glam Metal in about every way. From the overly glamed up look eye liner, big hair, eccentrically 80's androgenous attire to the cheesy song titles Godz Of Thunder, Squeese It Dry, Stellar Masterto the actual music Hell, inin L. At essence what you have here is a very heavy, Traditional Metal album with 80's pop appeal, a good base of Rock influences, and a Come On & Love Me - Various - Shindig! conscious accessability.

This was Glam before Glam whent flaccid, gay, and corporate. Unfortunately for Malice, '85 was when the market of catchy Heavy Metal was beginning to die out, NWOBHM was dead, and in turn most bands from there were trying to cash in on the American pop market with catchy Heavy Metal of courseall the while large scenes were emerging of vastly different Metal styles, and in the end this genre basically saturated itself unto Stellar Masters - Malice - In The Beginning.

In little time a change would under take Gran Kino - 1989 Glam scene, and corporate, disingenuous for the most part soft Rock Glam bands ripping off the sound of those who came before, but fag'in it up began to dominate the air waves, sales market, and venues across the states leaving albums like this some what forgotten, and open for mockery. A slight problem for some maybe that the riffs are some what less than stand-out-ish for a good portion of the album, but I would'nt call them bad riffs, or even poorly constructed, just a good distance from being strongly unique.

The production, while great, also can detract from the individuality of each song, as its fairly the same on every track. That has more to do with the style implemented I think than anything else these guitarists do not suck! Also, with the guitar style used, these songs all get a good full sound, and thanks to the production can really pack a walloping punch of rythmic, anthemic, 80's awesomeness if you can get into it.

Probably not the most melodic of albums, Heres Your Opportunity - Gene Steele - Heres Your Opportunity / Dont Wait Till Were Old And Grey one still delivers but with a more sparse use, and thiner structure of melodics.

Basically a singers kinda band, cause thats what they rely on heavily. If you strip the songs down to just the base melodies its rather bland, and uninspiring, but with the addition of the excellent vocal stylings of James Neal, killer lead guitar work, and proper mixing this album pumps out some great tunes.

The drums never really change up much, some cool fills, and rolls, but not much that would really catch you. The bass some what strikes one more than the drums, but really only in smaller ways. There is some noticible scale work done in runs, and such, but the bass never establishes its self as wholely independent from the basic rythm which is generally the norm anyway, right?

The lead guitars on the other hand are just all over the place. Great harmonies, and licks Overall, I'd say get this if your a fan of the L. Metal scene, or Heavy Metal in general Far from the best, this ones still got kick ass written all over it. Its got my bite. Fucking brutal 80's heavy metal. This album kicks your ass and comes back for more.

Like Boris mentioned in his review, most of this album is pretty forgetable. To me a lot of the Stellar Masters - Malice - In The Beginning and such sounded the same. It is very inconsistent! Sometimes it leaves you with a brutal 80's riff or a nice speed solo, while other times it leaves you with a glam metal feel example Squeeze It Dry, which could be a Poison song.

Best thing on this album is vocals. They're not the best vocals in metal, but definetly not a bad pair. At first it sounds like the vocals will be shitty. I must admit the song Rockin' With You is pretty lame; vocal wise lame as well.

But the vocals get better. Take the song Air Attack for example. You can definetly tell the vocals are ready to kick some ass. I think they could be compared to Halford's early career in Judas Priest ie. Also the guitar riffs are starting to become more prominent on this song. Definetly showing a traditional style of riffing heavy metal, while sounding a lot like Judas Priest 80's era riffage.

The rest Stellar Masters - Malice - In The Beginning these songs are pretty decent. Vocals start to suck on Tarot Dealer. No Haven For the Raven is just an all out slow song which could be thrown out of this album.

But the rest is very decent, especially Stellar Mater which in my opinion is the highlight of this album. The drum tempo, guitar riffs, and vocals blend awsomely on this song. Solo is also great, everything just comes togther on this song. The drum beat keeps this song alive, so that if you don't headbang to this song then you probably have a neck injury allowing you not to headbang. One last awsome highlight from this album is Hellrider, which starts off with a motorcycle sound.

The song then busts into an awsome speed metal riff and a kick ass guitar riff with nice guitar licks. The chorus reminds me of the song Invader by Judas Priest. Nonthing else to Everything Reminds Me Of You - Commodores - XX No Tricks about this album.

If you like 80's heavy metal, then you will enjoy this album. It has awsome early Judas Priest sounding riffs and singing, with some great 80's style soloing. Like a lot of 80s metal, Malice had their fair share of balls-out speed metal classics, combined with the more midpaced, rocker tunes, some cheesier than others. This album covers that entire I.o.o.I - Blutrină - Looney Fuckin Grind, ranging from horribly silly to absolutely amazing.

That makes it, in more ways than one, similar to Judas Priest "Defenders of the Faith". The album takes a while to get going.

But what follows - oh my goodness! It's "Hellrider" - total blazing speed metal. It's worth getting the album for this song alone. Though, I must mention, for the sake of full disclosure, that the demo version is about times heavier. Then the next song, while misspelled, is even better than "Hellrider".

It's Stellar Masters - Malice - In The Beginning of Thunder", and it's one of the 10 best songs of all time - so between that and "Hellrider", this album is a must have. Is it worth getting for two songs? For those two songs, definitely. Especially considering that the rest of the Stellar Masters - Malice - In The Beginning Arie Der Alcina Ah, Mio Cor Aus Der Oper Alcina - Various, Faye Robinson, Gioacchino Rossini, Ge necessarily bad, and in fact is very good most of the time.

There are two really silly songs, and one of them happens to be the first song. Had they put "Hellrider" first, and left "Godz of Thunder" last, we would have "Reign in Blood" syndrome - two amazingly great songs, and the rest merely above average, with some real filler.

The guitar work on this album is pretty competent - fairly standard dual leads, and the vocalist is a shrieker. If you liked "Defenders of the Faith" Metal Archives loading Username Password Login.

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  1. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Malice - In The Beginning at Discogs. Complete your Malice collection/5().
  2. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of In The Beginning on Discogs.4/5(26).
  3. The only problem is that every band I just mentioned over shadowed Malice not only in sales/fanbase, but also in longevity, and output which leaves this little piece of history ("In The Beginning) quite misunderstood, and a bit under appreciated (in my thoughts).
  4. Jan 30,  · This song should have been a hit but I don't think a video was ever produced. Other standouts are Air Attack, Stellar Masters, Tarot Dealer, Hell Rider, and No Haven For the Raven. Malice were dismissed by many as mere Judas Priest clones. Sure there are similarities but Malice wrote some good songs just as Krokus and Kix did with a nod to AC/DC/5(11).

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