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Bay Side 25 A.M. - Char - Psyche II

Label: Edoya Records - PSY-2 • Format: CD Album • Country: Japan • Genre: Rock, Blues, Pop •
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Toggle navigation. Raw —. What do you want as far as a personal story? A superhero girlfriend or boyfriend? View All 1x Thank Member Omega Man Member Seen 7 days ago. Omega Man. Powerful characters could wipe him out fairly easily unless he's exhausting all of his power. Appearance: Character Evolution: Danny will be a bit reckless in the beginning, but as his Time Brings About A Change - Various - The Best Chess Blues (Volume 2) grows while on Earth he'll also mature into a more well rounded hero.

He's still a bit of a space cowboy He was given the name Daniel Blaine and after getting older he left the orphanage to live a basic life in the smaller town of Opal as a production line worker at a bottling plant. Around the age of twenty-five Danny tapped into his powers for the first time since being lost in time and found what was once his Bay Side 25 A.M.

- Char - Psyche II flight ring. Teammates from the future showed up, still around the ages of Bay Side 25 A.M. - Char - Psyche II to twenty, and recruited the older hero into the ranks once more. When they asked if he wanted to go back to the future he mentioned he wanted to stay in this time period. For the last several years as Starman, Daniel has traveled between at least forty to fifty space sectors and befriended several alien allies in J'onn J'onzz the Martian ManhunterTigorr last of the Omega Men Back II The Beat - Dynamix II - Bass Planet, and Hawkgirl of Thanagar.

Currently his starship has crashed to Earth after white martians began building their ranks and Bay Side 25 A.M. - Char - Psyche II him and J'onn on the edge of space sector The last of the green Martians was killed in the crash landing of Starman's ship, the Van Gogh. The last of the Omega Men boasted he stole it from one of the New Gods.

Something of a personal sized tk field. They also aid him in flying stability. Appearance: Character Evolution: He's a small town guy trying to just get out there more and experience as much as he can.

Responding to a call his father was killed one night when James was twelve and it changed his life forever.

He decided he wanted to be a cop like his dad and honor his memory. However, James wasn't the most athletic guy in the world and stuck more to CSI type work.

While experimenting with some chemicals that he thought were going to create a 'truth serum' to gain info out of anyone, what he'd actually stumbled upon was something of a super-steroid for his body AND mind.

After his base powers were discovered he modeled himself a superhero alter ego after an ally of Superman in an 80's cartoon, the Bulletman.

He managed to scavenge some Nth metal debris the last time Thanagarians attacked Earth and fashioned an anti gravity helmet for flight as well as Nth metal buttons on his gloves that help produce the protective field and stabilize his flying. Taking the name the Bulleteer, James began cleaning up the riff raff in the bad neighborhoods of Fawcett alongside other heroes before being approached by the Justice League.

His heightened brain power comes in the form of a photographic memory and more strategic and mathematical thinking. Marvel [Shazam] and Hawkman. If I need to I can tweak those bits. However it should be noted the classic Bulletman was the 2nd most popular Fawcett Comics character behind Capt, Marvel so I kinda still want him to be from the town of Fawcett. Sample Post: It was just another day at the office. James was the CSI on first shift from seven in the morning till around three in the afternoon.

His relief was a man name Dexter with red hair, a short stature, and glasses. With only a few months of being a superhero, Theo Vaness - As Long As Its Love always spent every minute he could in the air perfecting his aerial maneuvers. As the clock on the wall hit 3 Barr was already getting his things ready to walk out the door. On his way out of the police department he saw his older co-worker Detective Kent as well as his daughter Susan.

Susan was around the same age as James and he greeted them both. She's studying forensics at Fawcett U. The girl blushed and James grinned and his dimples were showing in his cheeks. Don't let this guy get you into any trouble Moments later Barr was suited up. He strapped his helmet on and took to the skies and practiced his moves.

As the Bulleteer he flew the fastest with his hands and arms extended above his head, and to go left or right he simply had to make a ninety degree angle with his arms and put one out to the side while the other remained over his head. It was a good day for flying. That was until his JLU communicator went off in his pants pocket. We have a situation. Teleporters will be online and operational for the next ten minutes.

Batman out. Lucky for James, there was a teleporter hidden in a greenhouse on the roof of a Wayne Foundation building on the outskirts of town. The Wayne Foundation worked much like the Salvation Army and had several branches in the north eastern region of the Unites States. Whereas Wayne Industries had several manufacturing plants across the 'States that made everything from pharmaceutical supplies, car parts, extreme sporting equipment, as well as three different ammunition plants for the US military and law enforcement.

Simple Unicycle??? Member Seen 1 day ago. Simple Unicycle. Pragmatic Combatant: Vic is adept at hand-to-hand combat, his fighting style mostly consisting of a combination of street fighting and boxing. In addition to this, he is known to do anything to win a fight, including using objects within the environment as weapons and resorting to dirty tricks I.

Genius: Vic is highly intelligent, being able Bay Side 25 A.M. - Char - Psyche II use this intellect to decipher codes and, well, ciphers, hack into computer terminals and other electronics, and plan strategies. Master Detective: Vic is a brilliant investigator, though he's still a long way from being at Batman's skill level. He can spot even the smallest of details and make deductions from minuscule evidence. Indomitable Will: Vic has a resolve of steel; if he sets his mind to something, he does it.

All of it. This allows him to resist torture and any other attempts to break his mind or spirit. This doesn't mean that he can take said torture for long without passing out or dying from the pain; just that he won't give in to it. Strong Sense of Justice upside : Without a doubt, Vic is someone who will always stand by his views of good and evil; he believes in moral absolutism, good and evil with no shades of grey, and will not compromise on his views for anything.

Justice must be held, and evil must be punished. Because of these views, it is almost impossible to make him turn from the side of good. Grappling Gun: The standard mode of transportation for all gadgeteers. It's a hydraulic powered gun which launches a grappling hook, which then retracts, allowing Mauman Lago Biguine Bèlè - Les Maitres Du Bele De Sainte-Marie - Tambours De Martinique user to scale large distances quickly.

Hacking Kit: A device which allows the Question to hack into most technology. Body Armor: It's not much of a gadget, really. The Question wears sleek body armor underneath his suit for protection. It can stop most small caliber gunfire and bladed weapons, though anything more is a problem. Camera Camouflage: A device built into the Question's armor which allows him to mask himself from most digital recording devices.

Most people don't even know he's still on the Justice League roster due to never appearing in photos. Bonding Gas Canister: A device invented by Professor Aristotle Rodor, it is an improvement over the Question's previous way to use the bonding gas.

This device allows him to use two different modes: bonding mode, and gas only mode. The bonding mode will apply or remove his mask, while the gas only mode will just release the gas without the bonding properties. Useful for intimidation. Normal Human: Unlike most of the League, Vic is just a normal human. He still needs to eat, drink, and sleep, he is not fast enough to dodge bullets, he is not durable enough to shrug off knives and other weapons, and he is not strong enough to punch holes in concrete walls; he's just a normal man trying to do good.

Glass Jaw: To add to one of my last statements, Vic is not durable, even by normal human standards. While definitely stronger than most normal humans, it does not extend to defense. If a person with super strength were to punch him, he would most likely be crushed like a bug Bay Side 25 A.M. - Char - Psyche II if they toned their strength down. This is mitigated slightly by his body armor. Bad Reputation: Vic is a well-known crackpot, and others usually Bay Side 25 A.M.

- Char - Psyche II him because of this. Of course, this reputation is warranted, due to his paranoid nature, ruthlessness bordering on psychopathy, and anti-social attitude. Due to his reputation, people are hesitant to work with him and unlikely to trust him.

Horrible With Others: Vic is very independent, and does not enjoy working with others. While he will suck it up most of the time, if someone comes up with a plan that he doesn't like, he will ignore it in favor of his own plan. Strong Sense of Justice downside : Vic's belief that evil must be punished is so strong that he will not let a villain get away with their crimes even if bringing said villain to justice would bring about the end of the world or something similar.

Similarly, if someone does something evil for the greater good, he will not let them go unpunished. The only way to prevent him from enacting justice on those he perceives as evil is to kill him. The Question stands at his perch on the rooftop of an office building. In the distance, he hears a car alarm, and adjusts his fedora before running across the rooftops in the direction of said alarm.

Soon enough, he arrives at the scene, finding a man breaking into a parked car. He peeks around the corner, Jet Pilot - System Of Down* - MP3 Collection at the criminal as he fumbles about inside the car, attempting to hotwire it.


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  5. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Psyche II on Discogs.3/5(1).
  6. as expressing the inferior, amoral side of the psyche, contemporary scholars — some of them Native Americans — point out that Odysseus and Prometheus, the revered Greek heroes, are essentially tricksters as well. Examples of almost every oral genre can be found in American Indian literature: lyrics, chants, myths, fairy tales, humorous anec-.
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