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Metamorphosis - Metalium - Millennium Metal - Chapter One

Label: Rocris Disc - ROC 039-02 • Format: Cassette Album • Country: Romania • Genre: Rock • Style: Heavy Metal
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Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. Metalium's debut record was a commercial success and stood for the comeback of an entire genre towards the end of the nineties and first years of the new millennium.

The group went on to offer eight chapters of its epic saga before calling it quits after thirteen years of existence. Millennium Metal: Chapter One is one of the band's best entries and the only one involving Savatage's guitarist Chris Caffery and drummer Mike Terrana who has played in so many bands that it's impossible to keep track of them. Musically, the band offers an energetic mixture between traditional heavy metal, European power metal and occasionalsSpeed metal influences.

The record's first half is quite entertaining. If you like the material Judas Priest recorded with Tim Owens, you are certainly going to appreciate this album. One element that has always annoyed me about this record are the cringeworthy radio play elements, consisting of vapid monologues and boring one-liners offered by the story's hero whose voice sounds so low that one could imagine his testicles weighing a ton each.

The overall solid album also loses some steam after a strong beginning and especially the second half is lacking punch despite solid musicianship and a few solid tunes like the elaborate "Metamorphosis" that connects the first and the second part and the epic closer and band hymn "Metalians". In the end, I would recommend this album to those who are looking for a record situated between traditional heavy metal and epic power metal.

The release is diverse and entertaining but not every song is convincing and the radio play elements sound idiotic. Metalium's release was on the pulse of its time twenty years ago but is slightly overrated in hindsight. Still, fans of the aforementioned genres should give this record a try. The solid guitar work and vocals have been appointed as well. Thus, I am going to focus on some other aspects not yet appointed.

First of all, this is to me a clear demonstration of true metal. Certainly there are no dragons around but the basic concept the entities known as Metalians and the pilgrimage through their quest is proper from true metal.

The actual metallic raw-yet polished production as beautifully stated by the other guy helps a lot give this true metal feeling. Since there are very few fast songs and they fall more on the mid tempo songs this is clearly not power metal. Power metal as it originally began it was meant to be quite fast Walls of Jericho anyone?

The current problem is that since there are a big plethora of fast bands and some really mediocre Metallium focuses Metamorphosis - Metalium - Millennium Metal - Chapter One more melody yet metallic aggression but with this mystic atmosphere, transcendent if you want, which belongs to true metal. I am not saying by any means this is not power metal.

It is just that its main focus is not power metal or heavy metal for that matter, but more true metal than anything else. Another aspect to mention is the amazing drum work by Mike Terrana. Wherever Thats Why I Love You - Barbara & Brenda* - Thats Why I Love You / One More Chance is behind the kit he provides a crunching heaviness without being a demolisher blast beat death metal alike.

His performance and precise execution is exactly what many bands need and he is the perfect choice for an album like this. He actually adds and innovates on each single song. The bass lines are quite powerful as well since Lars Ratz is the producer so he knows that in order to give extra pound and weight the bass needs to be prominent.

The background vocals Metamorphosis - Metalium - Millennium Metal - Chapter One very true metal as well, not high pitched power metal back ground vocals at any means.

So in other words, think of Accept or Sinner true-metalized. Both covers in the end are magnificently executed. This was a very solid effort and although some of the songs could be boring Dream of Doom, Metalium, Pilgrimage there are only around 3. The rest are killer in any way or another. There might be the outstanding vocal delivery, the melodic sense, the aggressive speed and heavy crunch that might appeal to a wide range of fans.

I bought it years ago and still get a lot of airplay because there are many good elements the drumming for True Love - X - More Fun In The New World especially so it is a really good album but only for fans or euro power metal fans who might find it enjoyable and true metal fans the most.

Most songs are mid-tempo power metal riffs though some songs like Fight fall much more into the category of Speed metal with fast riffs and solos. The songs are either good or bad fortunately many are solid songs. The vocals Кино - Легенды Русского Рока just the typical power metal high pitch falsettos for the choruses and mid-range for everything else.

The guitar work is solid focusing more on the riffs then the leads which is definitely not unusual for power metal. The bass is audible for the most part which is quite unusual for this sub-genre. Unfortunately the album as a whole is way too long and has too many songs, almost half the album is filler. Millenium Metal would have been better if Metalium would have stuck with the speed and power metal.

When one recalls the s, in conjunction with the genre of heavy metal, one sees a dark and desolate place with no hope for a rebirth. In essence, the spirit of metal had not really died; it had only been blighted by the passage of time and the lack of credible proponents.

Much like other German acts who either came out at the same time or a few years before Iron Savior, Freedom Call, Mob Rules, Gamma Ray they format their albums into conceptual works, although the subject matter of the narrations Metamorphosis - Metalium - Millennium Metal - Chapter One lyrics found within are more in line with the storytelling of Manowar and perhaps Rhapsody if one takes the narrations in themselves.

Themes of struggle and triumph with perhaps a tinge of cheese run rampant in every song, combined with a sort of Jekyll and Hyde concept of morphing from a blind conformist to a stalwart champion of true heavy metal. If nothing else, this album and those that follow have a very uplifting spirit to them. The riffs also carry some traditional influences such as Deep Purple, Accept, and even early thrash. Other songs on here have a stronger emphasis on melody and vocal work rather than crushing riffs and pummeling beats.

The 2 cover songs are quite well done, the Accept one being very faithful to the original, while the Deep Purple cover has a lot of added guitar parts and a faster beat to mold it into something closer to the rest of the works on Desde Que Te He Conocío (Canción Sevillana) - Macarena Del Río - Cantaora. Two songs, however, really stand out despite the large amount of quality work on here.

If you like the German power metal scene of the late 90s with a slight case of Manowar worship, this will definitely make for a great listening experience. If you buy one album by this band, get this one, and if you wish to get a second I highly recommend picking up the 2nd as this band did its best work with two guitar players. To Metamorphosis - Metalium - Millennium Metal - Chapter One , Metalium might seem like just another side-project, however, this is a full-time band despite most prominent members playing in other bands.

So what can one expect from Metalium on their debut? The story tells about the journey and tribulations of the Metalians who are involved in a quest for triumph. Roaring guitars, soaring vocals, and pounding double bass populate this track, what a great way to open the disc! While they do contain faster sections, overall they are more mid-paced with emphasis on vocal melodies, and hard rocking guitars. While I really like it when Metalium play fast, the vocals and arrangements are very pleasing on the slower but not slow per-se tracks; many memorable vocal lines are present, with quality drumming, guitar work, and bass work.

The first two are double bass monsters with aggressive guitars and killer choruses, while the latter is heavily melodic, with the best vocals on the CD. As is demonstrated on a couple of songs, there are some back-up vocals used, but not that heavily, most songs opt for doubling of the vocals which also works very well instead.

After the story is complete, two covers are present. As mentioned, the production is rather unique. The bass sound is really cool, and the drums sound nice and real, while being at a good mix level.

The vocals from Henning Basse are solid as well. He sings with both a higher pitched style, and a more toned down aggressive style. Either way Basse can really wail, and he can also soar when needed, all of which is done with a lot of emotion. There are even times when Basse sounds like Metamorphosis - Metalium - Millennium Metal - Chapter One Kiske.

The guitar playing is well done with explosive solos and quality melodic sections, with the riffs driving each song; a tight rhythm section of course backs this up. When everything comes together Metalium create an interesting atmosphere for a Power Metal band, and even though the song elements might not be new, the feeling from their songs are.

There are no filler tracks on here; I enjoyed every one of them. Not one song sounds the same, as the arrangements are very clever Metamorphosis - Metalium - Millennium Metal - Chapter One thought-out. Metal Archives loading Username Password Login. Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R. Privacy Policy. Buy from Millennium Metal - Chapter One Metalium.

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  1. Went in the Charts and became "Europeans most successful Metal-Debut in " (Media Control). Recording information: Recorded at Impuls Recording Studios Hamburg in February/March
  2. Metalium’s debut Millenium Metal – Chapter One is a mix between power, speed, and a heavy groove metal influence in the likes of later period Pantera. Most songs are mid-tempo power metal riffs though some songs like Fight fall much more into the category of Speed metal with fast riffs and solos.
  3. Stream Millennium Metal - Chapter One by Metalium and tens of millions of other songs on all your devices with Amazon Music Unlimited. Exclusive discount for .
  4. Millennium Metal – Chapter One is the debut album by the German power metal band meztishakarlandanayaforcehammer.infoinfo was released in by the German label Massacre Records and distributed in the USA by Pavement Music. Millennium Metal is a concept album and the first chapter of the ongoing saga of the mythic warrior Metalium. The story continues on their second album, State of Triumph - Chapter Two, released the Genre: Power metal.

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