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카멜레온 - 산울림* - 제4집

Label: SRB records - SR-0148 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: South Korea • Genre: Rock •
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Interestingly enough, I did spot the first two albums in an American release, but I was even more intrigued by a limited edition box set I spotted that collected the first three albums and then paired them with a DVD-audio version of that same album as well.

The exterior box is a simple cardboard box, but inside are three mini-LP sleeves in somewhat alternate color schemes of the original vinyl sleeves with a little side strip for additional information. It's a nice little 카멜레온 - 산울림* - 제4집 that seems to be popular with fancier box sets these days and the main album disc even is colored to look like a replica vinyl on top complete with little sticker towards its center.

Also included is the promised DVD audio disc, which doesn't receive quite as fancy a production, but it does at least get its own sleeve and both sleeves fit into the greater cardboard sleeve without issue.

There might be some measure of remastering, but without comparing them to the original CD pressing or vinyls, I couldn't tell you if it added or removed much. However, I can say that the DVD-audio discs are not especially impressive after having played them on my home theater system.

While they do use the extra channels, the original mix and masters were admittedly a 카멜레온 - 산울림* - 제4집 thin and also programmed for stereo so the use of the extra channels doesn't really add anything. What's more, because the original recordings and mixes are quite dated even when they were committed to master, even if they were remastered, I'm not sure how much more could be gained by remastering for DVD-audio even with restoration work.

카멜레온 - 산울림* - 제4집 at the same time, if you want CDs The Crown Of Sympathy - My Dying Bride - Turn Loose The Swans the Pán Mrázek - o5 & Radeček - Na Pokraji Slávy three albums, this trilogy was while it was still availablethe only way to get a hold of them without venturing into the world of Korean internet auctions or searching through used book or record stores in Korea and the presentation is nice, even if it was a bit of a premium price you paid for them.

And these three original albums are so good that I think that ultimately justifies the price for me, gimmicky DVD-audio or no. February 3, Gerald Van Waes. Short Biography :. One day they just appeared on the Korean rock scene. They were born out of a rich family in Seoul. Thanks to that they could buy the necessary rock instruments. Thanks to that the other brothers could learn the guitar.

Their parents said that they were going to buy a piano as an entrance gift, if Chang Hun entered the university. And they asked to their parents to give me a set of rock band musical instruments instead. Therefore they could get a drum set, two amps, and two guitars. After that they often played their own rock songs weekly. I believe they just enjoyed the brother gem for about four years!! In there was held the first University student song contest.

They were interested in the contest and joined in the preliminary hearing of it and their song came to the first class in the preliminary hearing but fell off at the main contest because Kim Chang Wan graduated at the time. Although they fell off at the main contest, they discovered their self confidence. Finally they finished their first recording in just one day.

They just would like to have their own album. Songs were recorded in just one take without dubbing. These recordings were to be divided afterwards into several songs by the producer. At first they recorded their demo tape by a JVC portable recorder and went to the SRB record company, because the SRB record company was the nearest place to 카멜레온 - 산울림* - 제4집 home.

They had already over one hundred songs written by themselves before they debuted. So they only depended on psychedelic ad lib or fuzz guitar. But ironically this made their first album sound unique. After their first album release, many Korean young people were surprised by their music!! Their music was very unique and fresh and it distinguished them from previous 카멜레온 - 산울림* - 제4집 pop music.

Anyway their first album became a million seller in the Korean s pop scene over the time. The record sold immediately over five hundreds of thousands copies! But band members were in confusion. After Reelin And Rockin - The Legendary Wild Angels, Wild Angels - Leathers, StudsnStripes months, their second album was released. They tried to define their musical genre on this album.

They had added organ sounds by their sister Kim Nan Suk. Especially the most important thing is that not only Korean music fans but also Korean music mania outside Korea had been wildly excited by their music. Their music became more psychedelic and interomptu. We hear simple chords but with best effect and most effective arrangements. The second album also has folk ballads, like track 4, 5. For Korea this more simple straight forwardness of the group with great effect was new.

Without knowing San Ul Lim here created a 카멜레온 - 산울림* - 제4집 approach to rock for Korea. Otherwise Magma would never had sounded like they were The voice on firtst track of vol. Of course it has the undeliberate sophistication too in the rock feel.

The long track of vol. Weirdo Rec. With confidence gained from endless practicing and competing in a university student song contest, they approached record label SRB because it was near their house!

Upon its release inthe LP sold over a half-million copies and paved the way for many further volumes. The songs are full of fuzz guitar, tinny keyboards and simple production, reminding one of the American garage and pop-psychedelic groups from the sixties, but with an Asian flavor.

For this new reissue World Psychedelia have included two pages of English liner notes, explaining the significance of the final track, a cover of the traditional Korean folk song 'Arirang'. First CD release date vol. Merlin Nose Rec. And it does not often happen that the music has not been recorded and issued before O Little Town Of Bethlehem - Unknown Artist - Christmas In Toyland it clearly sounds like the best psychedelic power pop and garage stuff you could get in the UK and USA ten years earlier.

They released this debut album back in while the compositions actually have been conceived from to Their music presents the step from early beat to the heavier and darker garage rock which finally transcended into psychedelic rock and fans of this proto garage beat with psychedelic tinges that came out from to should go wild about this album. A lovely flashback to the golden age of 카멜레온 - 산울림* - 제4집. Dusty Groove on vol. If San Ul Lim 1 was the most sunshine rock oriented set, and San Ul Lim 3 flirted with hard rock, album 2 splits the difference with a little bit of groovy prog elements and lots of spacey organ!

The tunes have some more languorous, moody bits that are rich with atmosphere and some really sweet work on bass, fuzzy guitars and the swirling organ -- but the group's excellent ear for melody and a catchy groove are still very much intact!

The booklet includes a an essay translated into English, but no English tracklist. San Ul Lim were ostensibly a trio-with the eldest brother on guitar, the youngest 카멜레온 - 산울림* - 제4집 drums and the middle playing bass; they also have their sister Kim Nan Suk playing keyboards-a small oversight maybe for her never to get any credit on the recordsas she has as big a role as her eldest brother when it comes to carrying the solos for the group, using a broad array of synths a harpsichord farfisa 카멜레온 - 산울림* - 제4집 being popular and electric pianos.

The bass playing of the middle brother is also spirited. Not content to merely playing his role in the rhythm section and keeping harmony going, he has a tendency to keep busy with fast moving scale fragments and melodies. A tougher sounding album than their rightly-lauded debut-the music became more psychedelic and impromptu; and as the notes tell us, "Definitely the second album San Ul Lim made them rock stars in Korea. These are regarded as the Je TAime Je Te Veux - Johnny Farago - Johnny Farago best recordings "because they made most songs on these albums between and before their debut.

Therefore the songs had their early originality and creativity. This is top notch psychedelia from a Korean trio who gets the job done: fuzzed out guitar, deep bass, tight drums, organ that never goes wrong, and singing that is absolutely off the chain. The whole thing has a sparse groove with the bass and drums chugging along underneath some pretty mental guitar, and the opening track is seriously worth the price of admission alone. While South America psychedelia has gotten its due, this album reminds you that there is still so much out there to be discovered.

Highly recommended. Vol 3, also listed as "My Heart". The opening track starts in wonderfully eye-opening fashion with the buzzing guitar sound and raspy vocals -- but the follow up tracks have a softer vocal tone and more of a spacey effect -- kind of evocative of "Sister Ray" in the relentless buzz sounds, but with a more lilting overall vibe! Includes notes in English, but the titles are Korean -- 5 tracks in all, including a mammoth 18 minute closer!

Apologies for the lack of track titles -- the booklet includes an English language essay, but not 2 x 4 - The Fall - The Wonderful And Frightening World Of. translation for the song titles!

This time they didnt use organ and used only guitars, drums and bass as a power rock trio, and also made songs in a Hard rock style songs which were not ballad style or popular.

But, of course, the result is not a Hard Rock record at all. True, the record starts out with throat-shredding vocals and a guitar sound that is suddenly fuzzed-out and ominous sounding; but by track two, we already have dreamy melodies; but all's well that end's well, thanks to the almost minute track that was the entire side two of the original LPdroning fuzz guitar psychedelia at its maniacal best, with a "White Light, White Hello Honky Tonk - Mark Chesnutt - Thank God For Believers groove, and imaginative fuzz guitar soloing.

Korean rock specialists called the first three San Ul Lim albums the demo tape 카멜레온 - 산울림* - 제4집 collection. These are regarded as the bands best recordings because they made most songs on these albums between and before their debut.

Although you'd swear they were made circa '67 or '68, they really didn't start recording until the mids. So they tried to experiment more music after success of these albums.

They considered the musical originality of their 1st and 2nd albums, but were conscious of USA and UK Hard rock style at the time of the 3rd album. They wanted to make this album as Western top class Hard rock music. So their 3rd album is the most rocky album of their albums. But they failed both commercially and musically, because they did not have the ability to play the complete songs in performance.

However we had to value this as positive. They produced the best rock and now were the best rock band. The reason is that their music had creativity and rash braveness, scary frankness even though they did not have sufficient ability as musical performers they had just creativity and rash braveness. Therefore many Korean rock specialists called this album half a success or an exciting failure. But their creativity was dried up and 카멜레온 - 산울림* - 제4집 music became more popular, so they focused on Since I Dont Have You - Betty Everett & Jerry Butler - Delicious Together. Limited set.

A box set containing long awaited official reissues of the first 3 albums as well as an ultra-rare 7inch single from Sanullim, unparalleled genuines of Korean psychedelic rock. Why Are You Leaving Me?

Depending on the speaker, Sanullim were hailed as everything from heavy metal originators, punk founders, and even alternative rock pioneers.


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  5. Aug 18,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - 산울림 4집 / 특급열차 * 우리 강산 YouTube 산울림 제2집 [Full Album - ] - Duration: Liu Dusam 56, views.
  6. 산울림 / The Story of Sanullim: Complete Studio Recordings (17CD, P 고급양장북클릿, BOX SET).
  7. 노래모음 노래모음 8월 3일 무더위가 장난이 아니네요. 오늘 같은 날씨에는 에어콘이나 선풍기 틀어 놓고 집에서 노래모음 들어 보시는 것 어떠세요. 저도 예전 노래 좋아하거든요. 노래모음.
  8. 시론집 산경문화사 여유당 뜰을 말씀 김미녀 변방의 경작지대 제3집 신아문화사 살해된 서정의 시봉문학회 탈후반기 탄생 큰수레글나눔 세훈 앞에서: 밥보다 김선옥 육인사화집 년 화전 시동인6인 굽이치며 김종하 이규황 중심으로 손병도 다문 땅끝에서.
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  10. 3집 발매 후 동생들의 군입대로 산울림은 잠시 활동을 접게 된다. 이러한 연유로 4집부터 6집까지는 동생들의 군 휴가기간 틈틈이 짬을 내 만들어진 앨범들이란다. 이번 앨범에 실린 대부분의 곡들은 드라마나 영.

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