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Surfin Stranger Motel - Dark Lemon Juice - Frictions Leave Tracks

Label: Genuine Guys Music - none • Format: CD EP • Country: France • Genre: Rock • Style: Indie Rock
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If John can have a week playing golf in Spain, the least you deserve is a night out with friends! Chapter 1 Torrie watched her son, Eddie, get benched again at his high school's football home game. She was sitting in her usual spot in the bleachers with her husband John and several women from church. For years now I have been watching cuckold videos on XHamster and found myself turned on watching cuckold videos.

I then had desires to watch my own wife with another man. The thought of this happening was erotic beyond belief. Wife gets back at husband for flirting by making him watch. Chapter 1 I met Surfin Stranger Motel - Dark Lemon Juice - Frictions Leave Tracks at work two years ago. She was 22, 18 years younger than I, but we had a connection from her first day.

This is a print version of story Wife's nights out with friends by adventureousmale from xHamster. Wife's nights out with friends It was nothing new, my wife Linda had been going on nights out with friends since you first met.

Recently Linda came home and shyly whispered in my ear I've been a little naughty. My interest was peaked and Linda could tell that I was giving her my full attention. She slips off her dress, facing away from me, revealing that she is now braless and knickerless.

Her ripe ass is still framed by the stockings and her legs look sculpted in her heels. As she turns around Linda reveals that it Surfin Stranger Motel - Dark Lemon Juice - Frictions Leave Tracks either this or a tattoo and the nipple piercing won.

I go to touch them and Lida slpas my hands away saying, they'll take time to heal before you can do that, but at least I know you like them, Reaching underneath the duvet Linda began to play with my rapidly hardening cock. She took my hard cock in her mouth and began to give me a long slow blowjob, savouring the taste of my cock, even sucking on my balls which she then confessed is one of her favourite things about a blowjob.

Kneeling at the side of the bed now Linda has moved me to a sitting position and uses her hands to masturbate me until I cum over her perfectly ripe pierced breasts. I asked Linda what had happened and she loosely implied that she had lost a bet ad that this was the forfeit.

The next time Linda went out I paid particular attention to what she was wearing. A loose fitting dress,matching underwear, this time bare legs and heels were Papillon - David Arkenstone - Visionary choice. On her return Linda was very playful and said that she had been a little naughty again.

I raised my eyebrows with Linda Surfin Stranger Motel - Dark Lemon Juice - Frictions Leave Tracks adding, no, no tattoo, just a bit of fun really. Linda again removed her dress to reveal a lack of underwear, saying it was a dare at the club for us to remove our bras and knickers so we all did. Linda took hold of my right hand and slid it between her slightly parted legs, adding, I let a guy touch me while we chatted in a corner.

I'm so wet down there aren't I. Two fingers slipped right in as Linda bent over and said yes honey like that. I could tell that Linda was already at the point of no return as her whole body began to tremble.

Linda was no breathnig heavily in my ear as her pussy crushed my fingers as I continued to force them inside her. When she had her fill of pleasure Linda dropped to her knees at the bedside again her head leaning backwards exposing her ripe pierced breasts as she said I bet you ant to cum all over them again don't you.

I was alrwady palying with my hard cock before and it only took me moments to be cumming all over her ripe breastsLinda commented about me enjoying her return from her nights out a bit too much. I asked her if there was such a thing with Linda replying perhaps not, before cleaning the cum from my cock with her tongue and reaffirming that she had had a really great night.

I had set the scene one night with the intention of seducing Linda to make love, she was on the same wavelength and was giving me all the right signals and asking if I wanted to go to the bedroom. When we arrived there Linda undressed me and began to give me a blowjob. As she tood bent double at the side of the bed I ran my hand up her bare leg and reached her impeccable smooth pussy, Linda opened her legs wider and encouraged me to finger her, suggesting adding another finger, that would be three, reacting with increased moans of pleasure as I introduced a third finger She was getting really carried away, reaching a climax.

Then pausing for a moment Linda Duerme Duerme Negrito - Victor Jara - Antologia Musical her dress to reveal her naked body as she lay dowon on the floor.

That felt so good Linda started, adding will you do it again, she had her legs spread wide inviting me to slide my fingers into her smooth wet pussy. She was arching her back as I fingered her, reaching to massage her breasts and pulling gently onher nipple rings.

I instincively joined in massaging the breasts nearest to me, copying Linda's actions. Linda smiled at me saying, it was worth the wait to play with them properly. I agreed as Linda said she wanted to see me masturbate over her breasts again. So I was now there pulling on my raging cock and fingering Linda's pussy to the same rhythm.

Adjusting my grip to delay my Surfin Stranger Motel - Dark Lemon Juice - Frictions Leave Tracks orgasm until I could feel her legs clench around my hand, shortly afterwards releasing my cum over her heaving breasts.

Linda reveled in the moment, using her fingers to gently massage cum into her breasts and then taste some, seductively licking her fingers, asking me, do you like watching me do this? I quickly replied yes of course. Linda then asked if I could manage another load for her to try. She knew I couldn't not right away, Linda asked, what's a girl to do?

I just love the taste of fresh cum. It would be so good to have a second load to eat right now you'd like to see me eating your cum again wouldn't you? I shrugged, i'd like to help I said but I can't right now.

Linda then toyed with me saying, it wouldn't be so Surfin Stranger Motel - Dark Lemon Juice - Frictions Leave Tracks if I tried it would Surfin Stranger Motel - Dark Lemon Juice - Frictions Leave Tracks Honey? You know it would only be a bit of fun. Linda tried to get me hard again with her oral skills but it really was no use. She then masturbated in front of me getting a taste of her own juices and left me with the final words, maybe some other time then.

The night hadn't turned out as I had expected but it had been fun. Linda had agreed that she would have liked it to have been different, but I couldn't help thinking it was for different reasons. It was the following weekend that Linda announced that she was going out with the girls again. It seemed fairly soon after the last one but Linda said it was one of the girls birthdays and that while her friend had been planning on getting away for the weekend it hadn't worked out so they weren't going to leave her with no party.

Linda was exceited getting ready for the night out and had paraded around in her matching underwear for a while, adding stockings and heels, later a skimpy loose dress and before she left she put on a short mak which let the bottom of the dress flow from underneath. It was much later than usual when I heard the turn of a key in the front door and the sound of Linda's heels clicking on the hard floors.

She was in the bedroom and I had a low wattage light on which gently brought her into view. Linda stood there legs sprouting from the bottom of her mak.

Honey she purrs, i've been so naughty tonight I can see that she is serious, her legs are spread slightly. Linda continues I'm not wearing any knickers or a bra. I replied, there's nothing unusual about that now is there. Linda, smiles and adds, you expected that didn't you? Show me your cock. I slide the bed sheets back and my cock is twitching as it begins to harden. Linda is now slowly unbuttoning her mak.

It remains closed as she moves closer, grabbing my balls, pulling on them. I reply, yes Linda, you're turning me onso much tell me. Linda lets her mak fall to the floor, facing me she is wearing nothing but her heels. She grabs my hand and makes me feell her breasts, they are encrusted with cum. Linda says Honey, I let them cum on my tits, I tasted their cum like I did yours. Linda repeats the action with the dried on cum licking her fingers first.

I asked her how many guys came on your tits? Linda says, well three at first. I repeat, at first? Linda says well there were alot of them there, it was one of the bouncers from the club we go to he arranged it for me. I smile at Linda and suggest that the rest of the girls haven't been out with her for a while.

Linda is a little taken aback, but I continue, you've got the hottest body out of all of them and I bet those guys would have no interest in them tagging along. As I slide my fingers down to her clean shaven pussy, Linda says, I was really worried about telling you what happened tonight but you're really enjoying this aren't you.

I confess that I find her such a turn on like this. Linda slides her pussy lips over my fingers, letting her natural juices provide all the lubrication. Linda continues, some of them then let their cum shoot all over my pussy. Linda moved up the bed as I fingered her giving me a close up view of her cum covered pussy.

Telling me that she tasted their cum as well, some of them had some sizable loads as well as big cocks, especially a couple of the black guys. One of them rubbed his cock all over my pussy, covering it with all the other guys cum. I asked Linda, you let him put it inside you didn't you?

Linda said that at first This World - Jacob Miller - Unfinished Symphony had said no, but he was so gentle rubbing her pussy and getting her to eat the cum from his cock, when he slid his cock over her pussy again she was so wet that it really just popped in.

I add, is that what he said or is that your excuse? Linda blushed slightly before saying, well she did help a little He went as deep as you and he was very thick. My three fingers now seem too few to drive her over the edge so I go for four with Linda moaning more now, taking a pause from her story and enjoying the Gai Vota - Amália Rodrigues - Portrait Of Amalia Rodrigues as she reaches a climax.

Linda lets my fingers go and slides down my body guiding my now erect cock inside her pussy. Linda sits up, her impressive cum covered figure is a sight to behold as she rock slowly to and fro. My cock feel somewhat lost inside her strectched out Henry Martin - Joan Baez - Joan Baez. Linda now continues, he went deeper as he got going, so deep hre hit a spot that I hadn't felt before.

It hurt a little a first but then it felt soo good, I couldn't stop riding his cock.


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  4. Surfin' Lyrics: Surfing is the only life / The only way for me / Now surf, surf with me / Bom Bom Dit Di Dit Dip[x2] / I got up this morning turned on my radio / I was checking on the surfing.
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