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Stever - Idiot Savant

Label: Not On Label (Stever Self-released) - none • Format: CD Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Hard Rock, Symphonic Rock, Art Rock
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Log in with Facebook Log in with Twitter. Log Stever - Idiot Savant . Take a moment to step into the enchanting world of Stever, an independent musician who walks to her own beat while inspiring her growing fan base. Her groundbreaking style is unconventional and unique in her own right. Karen Stever is an independent artist that has become a mainstay on the Internet.

Her creativity has inspired others to feel free to express their feeling and individuality. Her newest album, Idiot Savantis expected for release on Halloween in Entertainment Video. Latest News Top News. Op-Ed: Adam Lambert and Queen put on the best rock concert of Defrocked US cardinal gave money to top clerics: report. Climate change: Sea levels rising at unprecedented rate. France summons Iran ambassador over 'intolerable' detention of academics.

China launches Stever - Idiot Savant rocket in boost for Mars mission. Russia's Avangard hypersonic missiles enter combat duty. Quake strikes near Iran nuclear power plant. Review: 'Wu Assassins' is the greatest action series on Netflix in Corporate Contact Us. DX Journal. DX Institute. It has nearly been seven years since I came across my first Stever Stever - Idiot Savant . There she was with her top hat and contact lens giving her a haunting yet intriguing vibe.

I cannot tell you what the blog was about but her charisma and energy intrigued me enough to become an avid follower. I cannot tell you the first time I heard Playground Isolator but what I can tell you is Stever - Idiot Savant I heard that song Stever - Idiot Savant instantly became a life long fan.

Stever creates music in a genre all her own, Her unique style is breaking the boundaries of mainstream conformity and her originality shines forth with each artistic note. She states the only difference from the character she creates in her music and videos is the clothing she wears.

Her first album has been considered a true inspiration for many of her ever growing fan base. The first album had a darker feel to it. Still just as artistic, Playground Isolator has been considered groundbreaking.

Stever has been acknowledged for her unique style of music. Little know how much of a growing experience the first album was for Stever herself. When asked what was her inspiration for the album Stever revealed a personal journey Playground Isolator was all about my depression and broke my own ground in that it was a way to heal. I wrote it because I was angry, frustrated, annoyed and hurting. I never saw any possibility of returning the playground.

I was done. I quit caring what anyone thought and that was where my soul became free to fall in love with the Samba De Los Angeles - Gilberto Gil - Samba De Los Angeles / Maracatu Atomico of writing again.

I Stever - Idiot Savant relationships with my characters on the record and reunited with my inner child. In the process, I also rekindled my love for history as I began to research the time line between the 30s and now Many musicians are known for creating pages among numerous sites online but few independent artists have the following Stever has earned through her perseverance and approach to the music business. Being an independent author is one aspect of Stever - Idiot Savant musical career that she holds true to her heart.

In a world where being conventional and part of mainstream record labels is the norm, Stever stands apart. By remaining an independent artist, Stever has broke through the boundaries of labels, contracts, and conditions to follow a calling she says she has had from early childhood Her musical journey began right from the beginning.

She has been known to say the music is in the blood. She spent her younger years living the iconic farm lifestyle. As a child growing up in Ontario, Canada, music was instilled at a very early age. When asked what her first instrument was Stever replied with the kazoo.

She described music as a part of her being, an appendage, a part of her that has always been. Each element of the video was crafted through the vision of Stever and her team. Even her signature style is featured with the garments she crafted to wear during Van Der Graaf Generator - Time Vaults video.

The puppet and central character of the video was Stever - Idiot Savant made — no easy feat indeed. With the help of her confidants, Mark Miller, whom helped with the making of the props and Frank Gryner, whom helped with the filming and recording of the music; slowly each vision became a reality. Stever had this message to her team. The two of them are invaluable to me.

Each step of the process was shared with her ever-growing fan base. The journey of writing the music to the creation of the Stever - Idiot Savant was shared with the Internet following. In time the journey became a staple of the online community. Often Stever will leave an inspirational message that reaches all corners of the Earth.

When asked about becoming an international Internet icon Stever had this to say to her fans: Thank you! However, I will never call them fans. They are my friends. There is no way someone could listen to what I am doing, enjoy it and NOT be my friend.

In order to like anything I share, they would have to connect on a very deep level and that qualifies as friendship. My message to all my friends out there is to make your inner child your best friend. There is nothing more crucial for our soul than the element of play and getting our spirits back to the playground. The newest album Idiot Savant is set for release on October 31, Stever plans Monseigneur - Blankass - Blankass film a music video for each song in the album.

As we wait for its release we can only wonder what magical inspiration is waiting to spring forth. Stever is only beginning to tell the tale of the Idiot Savant album. Each song represents just one scene from a chapter in a much larger book. To check out Stever's YouTube channel click here.

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  1. Stever. 3, likes · talking about this. Fronted by composer Karen Stever, IDIOT SAVANT is the rock/orchestral concept record based on a 9 year old.
  2. S Stever Idiot Savant. Playlist Share. Show song Vishnoo is a piece of wood covered in mud Give him rice, rocks, money and elephants They can´t bathe the idol But wash his reflection „and elephants?“.
  3. Apr 07,  · Fun fact: No matter what your INT is, you get enough experience to make an appreciable difference by taking Idiot Savant. But to answer your question, I'm like 90% sure 1 INT and Idiot Savant win hands down. Idiot Savant is an absurdly powerful perk.
  4. The fact that we used to call these extraordinary people “idiot savants” shows how little we understand the way our minds work. Far from being idiots, people with savant syndrome are often extremely intelligent, even though that intelligence is focused on one or two specific areas.
  5. Idiot savant definition is - savant. 2: a person who is highly knowledgeable about one subject but knows little about anything else.
  6. My name is Karen (KM) Stever. I am an author, musician and Canadian weirdo. If you like heavy rock/orchestral music, I have released a couple of CDs, PLAYGROUND ISOLATOR and IDIOT SAVANT. If you are a bookworm, I am writing a seven book series called "The Rattenbury Chronicles". The first book is KING JUGGERNAUT - NYC.
  7. From composer Karen Stever, IDIOT SAVANT is the rock/orchestral concept record based on a 9 year old boy from the 30s named Ian.
  8. Jun 08,  · “The new script calls for Avery, the idiot, to emerge and shoot Halbach in the head while she is lying on the garage floor,” Zellner says. “Mr. Avery, ever the idiot (except when he’s a savant), leaves the magic damaged bullet with Ms. Halbach’s full DNA profile on his garage floor.”.
  9. Stever is only beginning to tell the tale of the Idiot Savant album. Every song on ‘Idiot Savant’ will have an accompanying video with it. Each song represents just one scene from a chapter in.

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