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A Fine Line - Various - The Sound Of Success

Label: Enigma Records - EPRO-192 • Format: CD Compilation, Promo • Country: US • Genre: Rock, Non-Music, Pop •
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Enter your email A Fine Line - Various - The Sound Of Success to subscribe to The Sound Hound! You will receive notifications of new posts by email. Sign Me Up! At minimum, a standard rock and roll band requires guitar, bass, drums and vocals, a particularly basic concoction that can be created with little effort.

Thus, the genre of Rock music, a constantly evolving, progressive entity, stands as an accessible form of expression that can effortlessly bring issues and opinions to the masses. With the arrival of metal pioneer Alice Cooper, however, Glam rock began to stray from its poppy, campy roots and began to become dark, morose and morbid.

Cagle, Cooper says. I love the idea of confusion. Swift, Though other glam rock artists, namely David Bowie, use similar techniques, Cooper was the first glam artist to touch on the wicked, death related visuals.

Cooper sets a clear goal when he steps on a stage. He wishes to inspire audiences through the overall aural, visual, physical, emotional and mental experience of his performance. The singer essentially introduces the concert as more of a theatrical performance than a show. By singing before even appearing on the smoky stage, Cooper More Than A Minute - No Two - No Two the show a sense of eerie mystery that one would not typically find at a concert.

Darting across the stage, Cooper gives the song added power through his heavier, growling vocals and ferocious facial expression and gestures. It is rare to see Cooper onstage without an outrageous outfit and some sort of demonic prop, most commonly a whip. Perhaps the most notable section of the entire performance comes about hallway through, introduced by a harmony of ominous synthesizers and guitars. Cooper, standing in the middle of the stage opens and closes his arms menacingly as if to further welcome the audience to his nightmare, is surrounded by various A Fine Line - Various - The Sound Of Success , demons, ghouls and goblins, that most likely signify the fear Cooper sees in his dreams.

Inwhen Welcome To My Nightmare A Fine Line - Various - The Sound Of Success initially released, classic rock, funk and soul were dominating the radio waves, but by the s, hard rock and metal, specifically hair metal, had commandeered the rock world. Thus, in the spirit of the progressive and never-motionless world of Glam, Cooper indeed rearranged the song to adapt to new musical trends.

Arguing that though Alice always strives to change and evolve, he fails to reach his goal, Hiltbrand writes. During the first song ghosts, goblins and creepy-crawly creatures stalk the cluttered, skull-strewn stage. On the second song Cooper skewers a baby doll with a sword. Ah, same old adorable Alice, with the same props that made him infamous… Maybe it just shows how little rock has progressed in the last 15 years.

Says Cagle on the matter. Alice Cooper certainly was a textbook example of True Believer Dub - King Tubby And The Aggrovators - Shalom Dub Glam rocker who embraced the window of opportunity created by a media-dominated culture.

Kiss embraced the consumer-culture by putting on a melodramatic stage show that simply held audience attention through visual spectacle rather than via insightful artistry the likes of Cooper. On March 9 th, bassist and vocalist Gene Simmons, rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist Paul Stanley, lead guitarist Ace Frehley and drummer Peter Criss of Kiss first donned the outfits that would ultimately become four of the most recognizable stage personas of all time.

Though Cooper before them certainly utilized makeup and creative attire, Kiss pushed the bar. The band is more concerned with providing its fans and audience with an enjoyable and memorable experience. This is Kiss… At a certain Badinerie - Unknown Artist - Love Classics - The Most Popular Classical Music, you lose shock value.

Simmons admits in an early interview that. The only reason we ever decided to wear makeup or costumes…was to try to make Kiss a special kind of band. The members of Kiss feel that their overall performance is unique, and totally recognizable, thus deeming change completely unique.

It is clear, however, that Kiss does not share the same integrity and respect for the subgenre of Glam rock that artists like Cooper and Bowie harness to spread their causes to the masses.

Simmons even admits that. We put on a show. We put on a spectacle. We are performers. If all you want is the music, then you can buy our albums but if you come see the show, you really see something. The band considers itself a group of entertainers rather than musicians, thus the overall experience is based on more than simply the sound of a rock band. Nonetheless, although many outside the industry refuse to respect Kiss, many musical artists wish they could emulate part of the tremendous power that represents Kiss.

Geddy Lee bassist, keyboardist and lead singer for hard rock and progressive rock band Rush that began a long career opening for Kiss declares powerfully. Lee, from Living on the Lighted Stage. The real question is, does that lack of purpose that other established Glam artists advertise as part of their persona as musicians, activists and people make Kiss a pop band rather than a group of Glam rockers?

Charles M. Young delves deeply into the root of the question in his featured article on Kiss, just as the band was rising to superstardom. Allowing for a few aberrational songs, they, too, do not promise to reveal the meaning of life, make the whole world sing, or any of that.

Young, They want to be sledgehammered over the head with clear issues and no pussyfooting. Kiss, unlike more artistically focused Glam performers, focus on personal reputation, success and fun rather than true musical integrity. They utilize aspects of the genre not necessarily to hide their Pop artist status but rather for overall creative support. Aside from the integrity of their use of glam, Kiss and Alice Cooper differ tremendously with regard to their musical styles.

While Cooper heavily utilizes aspects of metal, classic rock, funk and blues, Kiss structure their songs in a manner that will appeal to fans of every type of music, rather than aiming to target a specific audience, like their Glam predecessors. The prime reason for such a difference is that, as discussed earlier, Kiss is a group of theatrical performers whereas Cooper considers himself a musician, an artist and a performer. Therefore, many music fans, critics, reviewers, and other outsiders to the industry make the mistake of drawing similarities between Alice Cooper, a prime example of a Glam artist, and Kiss, a group A Fine Line - Various - The Sound Of Success performers who hardly consider themselves true musicians.

There lies a fine line between the overall Alice and Kiss experiences, one that separates dark, gothic craft from seemingly aggressive pop that exists solely for the purpose of leisurely fun.

The crime that the press often commits is not neglecting to take Kiss seriously, something the band does not even consider a legitimate opinion, but rather grouping Cooper with Kiss in a list of musical artists that abuse the subgenre. Glam gives a sense of identity to individuals who fail to fit into any A Fine Line - Various - The Sound Of Success social groups, groups that place limit on expression, both personal and creative.

While Kiss avoided the level of outward intensity and inventive passion that Cooper achieved, the band created a feeling of originality that surrounded their band and all for which it stands.

Nonetheless, Glam yearns to spread emotions and deliver messages. To say that only Cooper, however, is an honest artist of the genre A Fine Line - Various - The Sound Of Success not a slight directed at Kiss. Warhol created Glam, in order to give everyone the opportunity to obtain as much fame and as much spotlight as desired and Kiss certainly identify with such a deeply personal motive.

Thus, although Hibernation song - NÓR - NÓR some artists can be considered true glitter giants, all artists can benefit from the study of Glam Rock and the surrounding society.

YouTube, 26 Apr. Cagle, Van M. Hiltbrand, David. People Magazine, 14 Sept. YouTube, 29 Apr. Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage. Sam Dunn and Scot McFadyen. Banger Films, Inc, Swift, Harry. YouTube, 12 July Young, Charles M. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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