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108 - Head Of David - The Saveana Mixes


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Today's lesson is how to make damn near perfect noisy rock. Class will be led by Head of David. Gnarled, thick, twisted bass and pounding, huge, thunderous drums. Blistering, ear-slicing, brain-melting guitar. Forceful, well placed but not over the top vocals. Turn volume up to "fucking loud". Follow these steps and you will achieve damn near perfect 森本在臣* - 箱の中の夢 rock.

The problem is that almost no one does it like this anymore. It is safe to say that Engine Kid are one of my favorite bands and this is arguably my favorite of their 108 - Head Of David - The Saveana Mixes. Baby Hates Me - Danko Jones - Danko Jones are the most interesting of Greg Anderson's bands.

I've had a long relationship with Engine Kid that unfortunately started right after they broke up. I picked up the split album with Iceburn. Being a huge Iceburn fan and never having heard of Engine Kid I wasn't too sure what to expect but their half totally blew me away. I then proceeded to track down everything I could find. Their earlier releases show quite a bit of Slint worship but they quickly morphed into a much heavier and varied band using the "loud-quiet-loud" template to push the loud louder and the quiet quieter while incorporating other textures and sounds to great effect.

It reached its pinnacle with their last album Angel Wings. If you are looking for a place to start with Engine Kid, that album is it. If you are looking for a guide to how that record sounds, this 7" here is like Angel Wings condensed into two tracks. Here we have the first Coil release "How to Destroy Angels". Well, first if you don't count the Zos Kia cassette. 108 - Head Of David - The Saveana Mixes you aren't familiar with Coil, you should be.

Nothing can really be said about Coil that hasn't been said already. They were and remain one of the most singular, forward looking artists to grace this planet with their presence. They left behind a legacy that will forever influence those that come after, both directly and indirectly. This will be a quicky. Youpho is one of JK Broadrick's least I Cant Find Myself - Chairmen Of The Board - In Session projects.

It came at the height of his electronic side projects around ' It's a collaboration with one Oliver Waters who I know nothing about at all. It's definitely one of JKB's best projects. Good drum and bass foundation with some serious low end and some distorted, mangled synths and washy, spacey bits. They released these 3 12"s and that was it. There were rumors of a 4th but it was recently confirmed that it never came out. There's some unreleased stuff as well in the hands of a particular maven of bass.

I really hope it all gets compiled and released someday as Youpho deserves to be heard by more people. The first review award on this here blog goes to the new ep "Coma" by Chuter. I can think of no other release I would rather have given this honor to.

This ep is a tremendous little thing, little only in its length as the breadth, scope 108 - Head Of David - The Saveana Mixesmost importantly, its maturity is massive and it would fit perfectly in Creation Records' catalog, if they were still around that is. Creation 2. Well, 16 inches really if you subtract the 3 inches per side for the labels. What can really be said about Final?

Justin Broadrick's original and continuing project started in and still currently Do Ya Wanna Get Funky With Me - Peter Brown - Do Ya Wanna Get Funky With Me / Dance With Me. By far some of the most solid ambient work available.

It has a "creep factor" of approximately 12, on this author's "music that you fall asleep to and then wake up in the middle of thinking you are being watched by something other than your cat" scale of 1 I would highly recommend picking up the Final album "First Millionth of a Second" if you can find it. Sweet Tooth was active for only a couple years releasing the studio album we have here, a live album on Broadrick's own Headdirt and a split 7" before dissolving. God - Breach Birth. For the first real post we have God's first release, Breach Birth.

God was a behemoth of a band fronted by Kevin Martin currently of The Bug and King Midas Sound and featuring a lineup of anywhere from 8 to 12 people with multiple drummers and bassists. This band, at various points, featured members of Slab!

Most notable though was the inclusion of one Justin K Broadrick who produced the first couple releases before joining the band. He and Martin would go on to collaborate on numerous projects over the next ten years. Sadly, all of God's material is out of print and will most likely stay that way. It can all be found relatively cheap if you are patient and I would recommend getting all of it. Well hello. This is the first post of this blog. Not sure where it'll all end up but music will be involved.

Hopefully I'll turn you on to some new sounds or some old, depending on how you look at it. There may be other stuff as well. I just don't know. I really just don't know. Until next time. Subscribe to: Posts Atom.


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  1. It would fit perfectly as the album closer with it's slower tempo, spacey "verse" section and huge chorus. Really one of the best Head of David tracks. Head of David - Saveana Mixes Enjoy! P.S. - If you are hearing Head of David for the first time here please, I beg of you, avoid their final album. It's called Seed State. Just don't do it.
  2. Head Of David Head Of David was one of several bands that at one time featured Justin Broadrick of Godflesh (here, as a drummer). The group's best-known album, Dustbowl, might be thought of as a more noisy, experimental version of early Godflesh, sometimes a bit .
  3. The second best result is David H Mix age 70s in Alpine, CA in the Alpine neighborhood. They have also lived in El Cajon, CA and Santee, CA. David is related to Kaylee A Harlan and Scott G Harlan as well as 4 additional people. Select this result to view David H Mix's phone number, address, and more.
  4. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Head Of David - The Saveana Mixes at Discogs. Complete your Head Of David collection/5(36).
  5. May 04,  · Head Of David (pictured above with a long Just after "Dustbowl" a 12" of alternate mixes of the album tracks was released "The Saveana Mixes" This contains not vastly different versions of "Bugged" "" & "Adrenicide" from the album and one cut not featured on the album "Bad Times" as i said not vastly different from the album versions but Author: Dave Ballantyne.
  6. Mar 10,  · by Head of David From "The Saveana Mixes", EP recorded in Stephen R. Burroughs - Vocals Eric Jurenovski - Guitars Dave Cochrane - Bass Justin Broadrick - Drums.
  7. Notes. This was recorded before Dustbowl and I think that these mixes were the lost original versions of the songs. Apparently the band found them and released them later.

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