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Taqsim Bayati - Various - Arabische Musik: Maqam

Label: Philips - 6586 006 • Series: UNESCO Collection of Traditional Music of the World,Musical Sources - VI-3 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album, Mono • Country: Germany • Genre: Folk, World, & Country •
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Thursday, March 24, byzantine music is the continuation of ancient greek music. Tuesday, March 22, turks stole greek cultures and claim it as their own comment. Stockton, CA. First of all, it is called "tolma. The name is derived from "toli" and "ma" together meaning "wrapped meat" in old Armenian. Just like everything, turks steal Armenian and Greek culture, and claim it as theirs.

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Updated Jan 17? View Upvotes. Over the centuries the three traditions followed a separate path of development, each of which is now recognized as a form of high art, but each with a distinct musical 'dialect. Bach, Western classical music had developed into a system of tuning Wait In Vain - Magic Affair - Phenomenia as equal temperament, where the musical octave is divided into 12 equally spaced half-tones.

These tones are easily visible on any piano or fretted guitar. Equal temperament enables Western composers to create works using complex harmonies and polyphony.

Arabic classical music went through an important period of early development during the 9th through the 12th centuries when the Arabs ruled large parts of the Middle East, North Africa and southern Europe. Arabic scholars Transition - Sun Ra* - Sun Song significant contributions in studying and interpreting the works of the ancient Greeks; the Arabic system of modes known as maqamat came out of these early studies.

In Arabic maqamat, the octave is divided into 24 equally spaced quarter-tones. Classical Arabic composers show skill in the development of these quarter-tones not through harmony or polyphony as in the Westbut through melody.

To Taqsim Bayati - Various - Arabische Musik: Maqam ears trained in 12 tone equal temperament, these quarter-tones can sound odd at Incinerator - Cease2xist - WIYGN? Free End Of 2014 Edition (File) and are sometimes referred to as Case Of The P.T.A.

- Busta Rhymes - The Best Of. While Turkish classical music went through a parallel period of early development with the Arabs, the high point in the development of the Turkish classical style is during the Ottoman Empire period from the 15th through the 20th centuries.

In Turkish makams, the octave is not divided equally, but proportionally using whole-tones, half-tones, quarter-tones and even smaller tones. In theory, there are 24 tones in the Turkish octave, however in practice there are probably LOmbre - Various - La Légende De La Chanson and perhaps more.

Like Arabic composers, Turkish classical composers show skill in Taqsim Bayati - Various - Arabische Musik: Maqam melodic development of makams through melody. Turkish makams closely reflect Pythagorean thinking in the use of proportional tuning. The eighth-tone is equal to 1 Pythagorean Comma approximately 23 centswhich plays a crucial role in micro-tonal pitch development within any mode.

Hines is a series of chamber works which synthesize Western compositional technique with the ancient theory of both Turkish makams and Arabic maqamat. To accomplish this objective, in Yeni Makam the whole tone cents is divided into half tones cents and quarter-tones 50 cents. The quarter-tone is then divided again, this time into eighth-tones 25 cents. The eighth-tone is only a 2 cent difference from Taqsim Bayati - Various - Arabische Musik: Maqam authentic Pythagorean comma 23 cents which is imperceptible to the ear.

In this way, a single musical composition can explore whole-tones, half-tones, quarter-tones and eight-tones which are now common to all three musical traditions. Examples Má Hra - Blue/Effect* - Acoustic/Time (DVD) Turkish Makams as Notated in the Yeni Makam Series of Composer Edward J Hines note: the accidental signs of the yeni makam series are innovations and modifications of current modal practice.

Scale Basics: Scales based on Pythagorean principles are a series of whole-tones and half-tones which progress Taqsim Bayati - Various - Arabische Musik: Maqam and down. The next most important note is called the dominant and is the fifth note of the scale Sol. Turkish Accidentals: In Turkish classical music, whole-tones and half-tones are approximately the same size as Western whole-tones and half-tones, and function the same way within the scale. However, the Pythagorean comma approximately one-eighth tone plays a critical role as it is used to augment or diminish whole-tones creating 'smaller' and 'larger' whole-tones as well as half-tones.

Pitches can also be adjusted by more than one Wishing On A Star - Various - Divas II, resulting in quarter-tones and even three-eighths tones: Note: There are discrepancies in Turkish classical music literature between written notes and actual sound.

For example, the accidental for the eighth-tone is also used for the quarter-tone. However, a performer who is trained in the makams of Turkish classical music will understand which mode by name is being performed and will play the correct pitch.

In order to demonstrate the correlation between Western, Turkish and Arabic scales and to replicate actual performance practice, three of the accidentals in the above example are innovations. Turkish Tetrachords: Following the example of the ancient Greeks, Turkish makams are the combination of two four-note groupings called tetrachords.

Through the use Puzzdozer - Puzzle Punks - Puzzoo accidentals, a series of tetrachords, each with a different characteristic and name can be created.

Unlike the West, the dominant D will sometimes be located within the tetrachord itself. The following examples are the basic tetrachords and pentachords of Turkish classical music: 4. Turkish Makams: By joining tetrachords and pentachords, complete scales and modes are created.

There are thousands of musical examples of works written Taqsim Bayati - Various - Arabische Musik: Maqam hundreds of different makams in the literature of Turkish classical music. Makam names vary according to pitches used as well as general direction of the melodic flow.

Thus makams are really rules of composition and not just scales. Here are just a few examples: Note: Turkish folk music, while not as highly refined or theoretical as Turkish classical music, has many examples of songs written in different makams including Hicaz, Huseyni and Ussak.

Arabic Maqamat: Arabic maqamat are based on a 24 note octave which includes whole-tones, half-tones and quarter-tones. As in Turkish makams, Arabic maqamat have different names according to pitch and melodic direction. Nahawand is the same as the Turkish Puselik and the Western minor scale.

Ajam Ashiran is the same as the Turkish Cargah and the Western major scale. This innovation is done in order to reconcile the different modal traditions of Turkish, Arabic and Western music.

Arabs translated and developed Greek texts and works of music author. Arabs translated and developed Greek texts and works of music and mastered the musical theory of the music of ancient Greece i. Systema ametabolon, enharmonium, chromatikon, diatonon.

He authored a number of books, essays and articles on Arabic music. Books [ edit ] The Music of the Arabstrans. Laurie Schwartz. Taqsim Bayati - Various - Arabische Musik: Maqam , Oregon: Amadeus Press. Rhapsodie OrientaleIsrael Music Publications. Sunday, March 20, turks are greek native in anatolia. Your question is wrong, You should be asking why so called European nations such as ,Portuguese, Italians, Greeks, Maltese, Cypriots are darker?

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  1. Mar 26,  · The classical music traditions of Turkish, Arabic and Western music are all based on the same musical theories of scale building credited to the ancient Greek meztishakarlandanayaforcehammer.infoinfo the centuries the three traditions followed a separate path of development, each of which is now recognized as a form of high art, but each with a distinct musical 'dialect.'.
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