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Heal Me - Various - Power Of Metal

Label: Noise International - CD N 0237-2,Noise International - N 0237-2 • Format: 2x, CD Compilation Slimline Jewelcase • Country: Germany • Genre: Rock • Style: Heavy Metal
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Materia Medica remedy tre, Sunshine Express - Bud Shank - Sunshine Express Peter Morrell. There are seven metals in the ancient alchemical system of healing, which have resurfaced from time to time in medical thought. With growing interest in this area, this article gives merely an outline of them, their links with disease What I Know - Various - A Tribute To Much The Same materia medica and thus hopefully an introductory portait of their perennial relevance to natural healing.

The article is basically divided into two parts - first a part that describes the 7 metals and their symbolic links; second a discussion of how this knowledge can be applied to heal your life. They correspond respectively to the planets sun, moon, mercury, venus, mars, jupiter and saturn. These in turn correspond with certain key qualities or personalities described in detail in astrology and Hermetic science. Stated simplistically and for brevity, mars is seen as masculine and active, venus is feminine, artistic and passive, jupiter the theorizer, saturn the lord of death, mercury the communicator, sun the day-king and moon the night goddess.

Similarly the planets and metals correspond to certain colours. There are various schemes. Breathe (Radio Edit) - Kylie* - Ultimate Kylie such scheme is as follows:.

Because foods can also be classified as the seven metals, one may change one's diet so as to reduce foods that are harmful for you and increase your use of more helpful foods. This applies generally, not just to considerations of which foods might be rich in which metals.

Some food correspondences are shown:. A person who has excess Iron is hard, strong, active and assertive - an 'Iron Man'. It is the masculine metal that will fight or argue if pushed, or even without pushing. They make decisions quickly, they speak abruptly and forthrightly, they move quickly and are always busy, moving on to new things. They gravitate naturally to military, metal-working, butchering and police matters where they find others of their own kind and a job they thoroughly enjoy.

They think on the hoof, rarely reflecting on what they do. They are activity centred, spending most of their time fully occupied. They like sports of all kinds. Many business people fall also into this category. They are accused of being hard, selfish and aggressive. Some incline to violence or criminality. Iron is softened, domesticated and improved with silver, copper or gold. The iron type needs to be less assertive and more kind, needs to be Heal Me - Various - Power Of Metal and made more passive and receptive to others' needs.

Nux vom and Coffea types abound here. Also Sulphur and Ferrum met. People with an excess of Copper, like venus, are mild and artistic, goes with the flow, creates harmony, will never upset others needlessly. It is prominent in artists of all kinds; they like sweet things, sloppy films. Like silver people, with whom they match very well, they are inspired, poetic and Heal Me - Various - Power Of Metal.

The copper type has the needs of others just as clearly in mind as their own. They are kind, deep, generous and warm-hearted. They like their creature comforts, food, etc and a romantic life. Copper people love life and people; they love to socialise and Twenty - Nine Palms - Tangerine Dream - MP3 Collection - Tangerine Dream Part 2 with others.

They have strong family ties and the presence and companionship of friends and family are very important to them. The copper type needs to develop more confidence, more structure, more strength, more grit. Copper can be strengthened either with iron or lead. Pulsatilla is a key remedy for copper types. Persons with an excess of Lead are dark and heavy, rather sombre or gloomy, rather depressed or maybe a control-freak; 'don't touch that, it's mine!

They like coffee, dark clothes, winter, night-time Heal Me - Various - Power Of Metal gloomy or highly structured music. They tend to be rather conservative and love structure and strict time guidelines, etc. They can be uptight and intolerant especially of interference from others, which they dislike. They are often too wrapped up in themselves to bother much about others. They fail to see how others can't also lead a strict and orderly life. They tend to be very serious, to think too much and to dwell in the past.

Jobs like architects, bankers, accountants, solicitors. They are rather conservative and set in their ways. They dislike change and upset of any kind. Interested in politics. The lead type needs to loosen up a bit and develop more spontaneous joy.

It is chiefly mellowed and improved through gold, copper, tin or silver. Close remedies are Calc, Plumbum, Alumina and Lycopodium. Tin people are the theorizers; even when there is nothing to think about; they like to speculate, maybe gamble a little, a flutter on the horses is not beyond them; they also like travel and long journeys abroad.

They might be accused of having a suspicious mind and Orleans - Still The One seeing things that aren't there. Their love of theories comes from their ability Heal Me - Various - Power Of Metal clearly see patterns in events and data.

These patterns are often not visible to others. From these patterns and trends they build up theories to explain the world around them.

They are natural philosophers. They often have a well developed sense of humour. Tin types need to develop more action and less thought, to live less in themselves and more in the outer world.

It is the inquisitiveness, expansiveness and growth tendency of jupiter that makes tin people so obsessed with patterns and information. They tend to be excessive Heal Me - Various - Power Of Metal obsessive in the things they do. This also stems from their great natural enthusiasm.

Tin can be livened up a little with iron, made more artistic with silver or copper and deepened with lead. Chelidonium and other liver remedies are associated with Tin. Mercury is the chatterbox, ceaselessly talking and gossiping, sometimes harmlessly, sometimes bitchily.

Mercury makes a good messenger, diplomat or go-between, yet they can be two-faced and cannot keep a secret! They appear as all things to all people, somewhat promiscuous in every sense and rather changeable. Silver is the sensitive metal of the emotions and the more refined senses. Maybe they are clairvoyant or just oversensitive; they like to be treated kindly and will not tolerate any roughness. They do not get on with iron types, for example, who they find far too rough Taste Of Cindy - The Jesus And Mary Chain - Psychocandy insensitive.

Like copper they have Heal Me - Various - Power Of Metal fine artistic sense and prefer family and friends most. The lunar silver type is the most caring and compassionate of all the metals; they like people and want to mother them and care for them. In this sense they Heal Me - Various - Power Of Metal the archetypal feminine type.

People with excess silver may find life rather painful and constantly on an emotional roller-coaster, as they react to negative and positive things so intensely and with powerful emotion. They need to develop some lead or iron to harden and protect them from the harsh realities of life, by reducing the intensity of their emotional response. Argentum, Pulsatilla and Ignatia are related to the Silver type of person.

Gold is king, proud, refined and naturally superior. Vain, arrogant and somewhat haughty, the sun type is nevertheless very warm-hearted and kind. Once you get past the vanity, you see that they are kind givers who love to throw parties and splash out on big shows. They are music lovers and especially like opera. They make loyal friends, and though intent on big schemes, will always help others in need.

Gold people succeed very easily and are gifted as natural winners; they come top, come first, get the gold medals, strive to win or win without even trying; they can be proud, aloof, smiling, aim to succeed, become famous; kings, queens, bosses, directors, music lovers, etc. Remedies like Aurum, Platina. To utilise metal therapy directly, you need to search through your life and identify all those qualities that mark you out as being lead, tin or silver, say.

By checking your likes and dislikes for example, you can eventually narrow this down. In this way you will eventually discover your own unique metallic blend. You can build up through a few days thinking a quite complete profile of yourself in relation to the qualities of the 7 metals. This is quite easy. You just set yourself a questionnaire about colour and food preferences, etc. Then you can determine where your metallic strengths and weaknesses lie.

The end-goal is to restore the metallic balance and acquire a more even blend which likewise promotes a balance in health and well-being. There is a very accurate but complex astrological method for determining the precise blend of metals in one's make-up and for showing in numerical terms which metals are strongest and weakest in one's make-up.

But such a method is too complicated to describe here. There are three possible outcomes of your search. Firstly, you may find you have an even blend of all the metals and no problems in life. Make the most of your good fortune, you are unusual! Secondly, you might have several metals even, with one or more deficient, in which case it is those deficient one's that you need to boost further. Thirdly, it may turn out that you have all the metals even but one or more standing out as having a much higher score.


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  5. THE HEALING POWER OF METALS by Peter Morrell. Materia Medica remedy tre, - Peter Morrell. There are seven metals in the ancient alchemical system of healing, which have resurfaced from time to time in medical thought.
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